21 day challenge: day 16 (menswear) + day 19 (wear something on your head)

honestly it’s getting hard to wear what kayla’s telling me to. i’m running out of new ideas and i kinda just feel like wearing what i feel like that day…even though i am making an effort.

yesterday’s challenge was menswear…kinda didn’t know where to go with this one.
my hubby works from home in his gym shorts so a tie was out.
i already wore my pinstripe vest so that wasn’t an option.
screw it…i wanted to wear the new earring i made to go with this coral shirt and i was just gonna roll with that. then i realized that i have a flower clip that matches/goes with this blue/brown/coral color theme so i pulled that off my clip ribbon.

then it dawned on me…there’s a challenge coming up to ‘wear something on your head’! awesome. i will do that challenge now instead and just post it later. but wait…i hadn’t figured out what shirt i was wearing over this tank…since it’s a thin strap and i was going to work. AHA! i have a button up. that’s kinda menswear…even if it is cut and shaped for a woman.

BAM! two challenges in one again and i ain’t one bit guilty. 

see the earrings? they are old buttons from my mom’s collection/stash, hot glued to some clip-on backings i bought at michael’s. perfect and super quick!

this is one of my many flower clips. i wear them in my hair a lot but i also wear them on belts.

only a few more days of this challenge and i’m gonna slow down on the fashion posts for a while. im getting back into my crafty groove now that it’s cooler weather and i can actually be in my garage (where my craft room is). once fall starts and i am wearing some different pieces, i’ll post more about my different outfits. i’m looking forward to tube socks when it cools down.

what fall/winter clothing item(s) are you most excited about?


21 day challenge: day 15 (new hairstyle) + outfit

we’ll start with the hair since that’s what this challenge is about. pretty sure this is how i wear my hair all the time but look…i wore the headband while my hair was down…something i don’t normally do. gave myself some extra curls too.

and the outfit. i tucked in a shirt that i wouldn’t normally tuck and ended up LOVING it. by the way….this shirt used to be long sleeved…but i used them for ruffles. see how i did it here.

made these earring using 2 of my mom’s old buttons to add to the 50’s look i had going. i bought clip earring bases and just hot glued the button to the base after i cut the button thing off the back. swell?

here’s the whole outfit with shoes. 

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21 day challenge: day 10 + 17 (closet orphan + fix-it)

living in the past…skipping ahead…i’m such a rebel. a little out of order but  a couple of things happened here.

i couldn’t wear this orphaned graphic tee (for day 10) until i sewed this skirt, that used to be a shirt (for day 17). but i actually wanted to wear them together and couldn’t wait until wednesday. so i’m taking the hit and combining 2 days into one outfit.

plus, i had an extra special model who got to wear something i finally fixed for him.

me and my little dude ended up wearing double challenge items today! i’m wearing a shirt that i’ve neglected and a skirt that i’ve had in my fix it pile (it was a shirt that i made into a skirt). marshall is also wearing a pair of shorts that used to be pants that have been neglected for being too short (day 10: orphan) and they had been sitting in my mend pile (day 17: fix it).

this shirt. a fave but i bought it in between kids and it just doesn’t fit as well since the second one. it’s tight at the neck and short in the torso. it’s been in and out of my closet for 4 or 5 years now. i keep thinking i’ll wear it or upcycle it into a bag or something. i recently brightened up the color of the graphics with my new fabric pens so there’s a start. i don’t think i’ll wear it again as a shirt tho. =(

my boys tend to grow up…not out. so i’ve been making their pants into shorts for years. 

See ya over at Real Momma, Real StyleNo Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

21 day challenge: day 12 (dress up jeans)

yay, jeans! been wanting to wear my skinnies (that used to be flares) with my tall peep toes. and i rarely wear this vest. but when i do..it’s with a white tee. good thing this tee is my remix piece…yay for wearing it 3 times so far in this challenge! so this is how i jazzed up my jeans. (don’t mind the hair…it was the end of the day).

white tee: kohl’s (my remix piece from day 1)
pinstripe vest: kohl’s
jeans: skinny ankles (converted from flares by me)
peep toe heels: ross’
chain link necklace: made by me

21 day challenge: day 11 (wear a skirt or dress)

dress or skirt…too easy kayla. j/k!

it was nice to not have to think too much about my outfit though. i’ve never worn this combo so at least i’m still mixing it up.

and a little secret…i was a day ahead. i couldn’t do the monochrome challenge  on day 9 and for day 10’s challenge to wear a closet orphan, i just couldn’t decide.  seeing that day 11’s challenge was dress or skirt i figured hey, i’ll do that on wednesday so that on thursday i can wear jeans for day 12’s challenge since i have a client meeting on friday…(again not allowing me to wear jeans for 2 fridays in a row). bummer. so i’m just a little wacky for this week…are you confused yet?

oh and as i was driving to work i noticed the sun was coming up through some beautiful clouds. simply an awesome sight. so of course i pulled into a small parking lot and put my camera on the hood of my car and setup my self timer.  i may have looked silly to the random car that came into the lot…but i didn’t care.

white linen dress: walmart $12 (originally bought to wear when i was pregnant in 2007)
yellow cardi: target
yellow/white striped wedges: payless $11 (got them a few months ago…they might still have some in stock)
belt and necklace: random

21 day challenge: day 8 (fancy + casual)

hey folks and happy monday!

hope you weren’t too bummed with no fashion posts from me this weekend…yeah i kinda barely get dressed on the weekends so i didn’t participate in day s 6 (unconventional) or 7 (layered accessories). sorta glad cause i probably woulda sucked at both of them.

aaaaany-hoo…i’m back on the wagon and am feeling GOOD about today’s challenge and actually this whole week really!

today we’re mixing fancy and casual. not something i typically do. fancy requires all things fancy and casual…well…you know…i have NEVER worn a necklace with a plain tee although i see gals that do and i go…”why the heck don’t i do that?”

so today i’m doing it…stepping out of yet another box and loving it!

casual: plain black tank, jeans, star studded belt, chucks
fancy: shrug, necklace (made by me), side ponytail, fabric button ring (also made by me), pink bracelet

21 day challenge: day 5 (belt it)

i GOT this one. belts i can do. i can rock a belt fo sho. no fear!

i decided on my handmade flower belt (inspired by the one and only Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy). a couple client meetings today prevented me from sporting jeans so i did a cute and casual look with a couple pops of color.


white tee: SO c/o Kohl’s
black dress shorts: gifted by my sis c/o Old Navy
pink snake skin flats: c/o Ross
fabric flower belt: made by me, and clipped to a thin black belt
star bracelet: Joann’s dollar bins
earrings: old navy

21 day challenge: day 4 (color blocking)

yikes again! oh wait, maybe not. i typically wear bold solid colors…oh wait….ahhaa!

hold on now…oh i have the perfect combo. unfortunately i don’t own A. SINGLE. solid color bottom anything. so it’ll be jeans but hopefully the rest will make up for it.

whatcha think?

kinda boring but how about those shoes, huh?




21 day challenge: day 3 (mixing patterns)

did i mention that i was uncomfortable? maybe i didn’t. in case i didn’t, i was soooo nervous about this challenge.

in all my years of dressing myself, successfully i might add, i never imagined that mixing patterns was appropriate. like AT ALL. if you wear a print shirt, you wear solid pants. if you wear a skirt with a print, you wear a solid shirt. i mean duh, how does that not make sense? and how in the world do all these gorgeous pinterest models look so good wearing a striped shirt AND a flower print skirt? how?

so i found myself at kohl’s yesterday (with a $10 off anything coupon). inbetween asking marshall to please stop getting stuck in the racks and trying not to laugh when he would “pretend to lose me” just to get a laugh out of the other shoppers of the lady persuasion (yeah, he’s a ladies man!), i managed to pick up a shirt that was a) on sale and b) a print/style/color that i had been attracted to lately. i had no real plans for it, specifically.

but when i got it into my closet, my eyes went immediately to a pink and cream pinstriped skirt that i love and have had forever. a brown or white solid shirt is my usual go to top with this skirt. but holding it up against my new shirt, i kinda squealed in delight.

could it work? would it match? will i look like a complete idiot wearing stripes and flowers together in the same outfit?

you be the judge?