5 things I still have from high school

hi friends!

do you remember your high school years? i do, and i don’t particularly like going back there in my memory. you couldn’t pay me to do that over again. well, maybe a LARGE amount of money, but probably not even then.

anyhoo – i haven’t done a 5 things list in a while and had thought to myself the other day, ‘oh my goodness, i’ve had this since high school.’

so here are 5 thing i still have in my life that i acquired while in my high school years:

my dual alarm clock //  i need two alarms and i use them both. my current clock is the same one that used to wake me up for school. i might be devastated if it ever dies.

a bath towel // okay, this may sound gross, but i have held onto one bath towel from when i lived at my parent’s house. over the years it has thinned down to practically nothing but it’s perfect for wrapping my hair after a shower. since it’s so thin, it’s not super heavy on my head and it wraps up perfectly.

d’angelo’s brown sugar album on cd // it was the very first cd i purchased for myself to play on my brand new cd player in 1995. wow.

an armoire // my parent’s bought me brand new bedroom furniture when i entered high school and after it’s debut in my room, it’s come along with me to each and every house i’ve lived in since. it’s made an appearance in both of the boys’ rooms, been painted over several times and now serves out it’s time in the garage as storage for many cherished items.

drafting supplies // i spent every single semester of high school in mr. turini’s drafting/architecture classes. it was my favorite elective and i felt so comfortable there with all of my super sharp pencils and t-square and erasers and drafting brush. i have hung on to several tools from that era of my life because i still use them today (and they’re super expensive).


so, what gems from high school are you hangin’ on to?



5 things you may not know about me

one // i had 2 kids with no epidural. and not because i’m some hippie that doesn’t like drugs. it was simply because i was not letting anyone near my spinal cord with a big @$$ needle. ain’t. no. way. so i dealt with 20-30 minutes of excruciating pain and got quite a bundle of joy when it was all over.

two // i read the entire twilight series in 17 days after spending a year swearing to never touch it.

three // i play fantasy football. i’m actually in 3 leagues this year. one of the leagues is an all girl league in which i am commissioner.

four // it will be hard for me to ever give up cheese.

five // i desperately want another tattoo. like from my collarbone to shoulder with lace, music notes and a quote. i may have thought about it once or twice.


5 things // #longhairproblems

hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.  ~shana alexander

many years ago, i had short hair. and for a long time. i chopped my hair from bra-line to a-line-bob when i was 16. and keeping it short was part of who i was. the pixie cut was my best and favorite style of all. mostly, i don’t care much for hair on my neck or in my face, so naturally, i kept it short.

// 2004


// 2008

Jerry cousins and family reunion 025

// 2010

organize pics 254

2010 was about the time i decided to start the grow out process. i had a great stylist who helped me make the most out of each phase of growth.
i knew it would be a long road.
i prepared for irritating stages.
i also knew that when it got to the right length, it would all be worth it.

three and a half years later, we’re there!





as much as i LOVE having the freedom of bangs, no bangs, up, down, half up, vintage styles and experimenting with braids and waves, there are so many things about long hair that i just haven’t had to deal with for the last 17 years.

one // gets caught under my purse straps. annoying.

two // touches the backs of my arms and scares me. eeeek!

three // gets stuck in between my back and my seat when i’m driving, making it pull when i turn my head. rude!

four // blow drying takes the time of a tv show these days. hence the ponytails all the time.

five // it’s everywhere! like seriously….everywhere!

but i’ll be keeping it long. i absolutely love it and look forward to the possibilities.
what about you? long? short? don’t care? i wanna know!

hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~hubert de givenchy, vogue, july 1985

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5 things you may not know about me

‘sup. it’s friday. fridays r.o.c.k.


so how’s about a little fun huh?

here are 5 things you may not know about me:

one // i only get weak with baby fever for baby boys. little baby girls don’t make me want more babies. they make me fearful of drama and inappropriate clothing.

two // i am the only person in my immediate and previously nuclear family who has a tattoo. no one in this house, nor my parents, nor any of my 3 siblings have a tattoo. it’s because i’m a rebel.

three // i have never owned a dog. and i don’t ever plan to. honestly, i’ve cleaned up enough poop for one lifetime.

four // i am usually more likely to buy a dress if it comes with a belt versus a dress that doesn’t. it’s like a bonus. or maybe i’m just too cheap to buy a belt.

five // i played the flute in 3rd and 4th grade. but i hated it and would daydream about playing the drums instead.

and if you’re up for it, do your own 5 things post and throw your link in the comments here. i’d love to learn more about you!

a super happy friday to you!

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5 things // my favorite frontmen

how about a list for this friday, huh?


because music is buried deep in my soul, there are just a few bands and music styles that i enjoy. haha, could you sense the sarcasm there? just a few means like thousands.
seriously, i love music.
not creating it, just enjoying it and sharing it. i only listen to about 10 hours of music a day. too much? 🙂

since writing this post about the music of my life, i’ve been itchin’ for another reason to talk about the sounds i love. soooooo, i made a few lists.

here’s the first one, my list of the top 5 frontmen (and girl) of all time: enjoy!

one // elvis presley

two // dave grohl of foo fighters

three // freddie mercury of queen

four // gwen stefani of no doubt

five // axl rose of guns ‘n’ roses

there are others, of course. like huey lewis, robert plant, jon bon jovi, tom petty, billy joe armstrong, brandon flowers, paul mccartney and darius rucker. but hey, this is my list and there’s only 5 spots.

happy friday and rock on!

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5 things you may not know about me

i don’t like surprises…of any kind. especially when it comes to food and places to go. i kinda need to know what to expect, what to wear, if i’m in the mood for that food, you know? probably drives matt nuts but he sure knows how to get me sometimes.


shower drains give me the creeps. even in my own shower. i mean, really, who knows what’s down there?


i used to have my tragus pierced. no worries, it’s totally g-rated. it’s the little section that projects immediately in front of the ear canal. it was cool back in the day. i also had my nose pierced when i was 18. neither of them lasted too long but i would love to do the tragus again someday.


i spent only 3 weeks in kindergarten before they skipped me to first grade. i wasn’t ready socially but i was bored as all get out in class. i knew everything they were teaching the other kids. the downside was that i was always younger than my classmates and i was always trying to play catch up instead of being advanced. my mom says she would not have skipped me if she realized the other ramifications. but it was the 80s…a totally different time.


icons on my desktop drive me insane. i am forced to keep the obligatory recycle bin and stuff on there but they are tiny and off to a corner…i keep mines clean!

please tell me i’m not the only one who is freaked out by shower drains? lol!

5 things: pinterest projects

i’ve had some room in my brain to take in all the pinspirational eye candy lately. thank goodness too because i was beginning to worry that my craftiness would be difficult to bring back. it’s been on vacation and i was ready for it to come on home.

always a list girl. but never one to keep a certain goal list around for too long. this amazingly creative doodle design called my name. actually, screamed is more like it. i need some serious doodle time.

rotating goal list


now i have a project for the few glass vases i have kept around. hoping this one will be quick and easy.

DIY: Enamel Painted Vases


what i wouldn’t give to have been a 50’s housewife. but since i was not born in the 30’s, i will just have to settle for dressing like one. i have some neutrals and of course the red accessories to try and pull this look off.

holy vintage pinup batman!


with the leftover fabric from my winter decor, i think i’ll make a little bunting in the corner of the family room.

red & turquoise


i have been eyeing this pin FOR.EVER. i picked up some cute teal fabric that hopefully will cover up an old pair of heels. think i’m going to have to save this one for a weekend. want to do it right.

Turn scuffed shoes into something far more  fabulous!


have you been pinspired lately? are you on pinterest? follow me and i’ll follow ya back!

5 things i’m loving right now: february

it’s the weekend and it’s time for a little fun. i’ll be hanging with my girl today and we’re gonna get our music and scrap on while our two train loving boys play and choo-choo their way around our feet. we love ’em tho!

both of my persnickity prints orders came this week which means i have all the pictures to complete 2011 and january 2012. woot! how’s that for awesome-sauce? i’ll be project life’n all through the super bowl too as i holler and hoot and stuff my face with cherry coke, pizza rolls and turkey.

hope everyone out there is planning on some fun of their own. but first, check out my 5 things lately list:


listening to: spotify. specifically my early years playlist. if you’re on spotify, come check out my playlists and i’ll check out yours too!

enjoying: my new flickr pro account. it’s allowing me to store my pics and photos and copy the html code to toss on here so that i’m not uploading for ever to this server and paying a crazy amount of money to keep upgrading my space. a perfect solution and only $25 a year for unlimited space.

eating: spinach & artichoke parmesan dip with parmesan and basil wheat thins. i’m telling you…heat up that dip and it’ll be gone in minutes!

Stonemill Kitchens  Parmesan Artichoke Spinach Dip 30 oz

watching: idol. i know i know. i say i’m not gonna watch it every year but every year it starts and i end up loving it. i’m a music junkie, what can i say?

playing with: my new iPhone. with instagram and picframe and facebook and iBooks and michael’s coupons and wordpress and safari i can barely put it down. plus the case i got for it is super rad.

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what are you enjoying right now?

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5 things i’m loving right now

1] my new iPad. hubby spoiled surprised me with an iPad for christmas!


2] this watch. also from my hubbs for christmas.


3] my new fabric and colors in the family room

Winter decorations are going up.

4] still having fun with gram. she’s “letting nature take it’s course” and now she’s off of her cardiac diet. so of course, she requests champagne on new year’s eve. =) the funny thing about this pic is that we have one from a decade ago at a holiday gathering, just like this, but with a bigger bottle. she’s a hoot!

5] instagram. fun and quirky is right! love how i can snap and upload from my iPad. you can follow me!

Circa 1987

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