december memories 2015 // the completed album

saying goodbye to the year also means saying goodbye to December. it’s always a bit sad to take down the tree and transition decor from Christmas to Winter. especially after all the glee and excitement of putting it all out.
but when it’s time – it’s time.
and i knew that when i completed my December Memories album – i was done with Christmas. it was a fun month! lots of activities and lessons and regular life. complete with magic and the questioning of mr. claus.

during the month, i filmed flip-thru videos as i completed chunks ofย my album. it turned out to be 3 total videos and i have put them all here for easy viewing if you hadn’t come across them already on my youtube channel.

once i have some good light around here – i will take photos of each page and updateย this post.

for now – i sure hope you enjoy seeing my album!

thanks for watching!
andrea xo

december daily // a photo + video walk through of my finished album

UPDATE: detailed photos are now in this post! see below video.

hi and happy new year to you!

i contemplated posting another update of my prepped pages over the last couple of weeks, but i couldn’t get the lighting right. and honestly, i was chugging away with actually completing them so i figured you’d rather see the finished product than some random unfinished pages.

so, since i have been on vacation i’ve been able to really hunker down and get this project finished. and with the right lighting and a quiet house today, i filmed a video of the finished album!

so here it is, hope you like it!



i didn’t get as many “around town” photos as i planned so this page is unfinished.


i added a 6×8 pocket to add christmas cards and then added a little tab to the edge.















another unfinished page. sometimes it’s just not easy to get all the photos on the list!
















if you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or on the video itself. i do my best to respond to each comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

happy new year!

december daily // f-l

hello friends!

i’m back with some more letter pages that are photo ready in my december daily album.ย wanna take a peek?

F will have a couple 6×6 family photos and possibly one about football. and let’s not forget about the best part of A Christmas Story, the fra-gee-lay leg lamp!

IMG_3968 IMG_3901
G is for the grays, game time, homemade granola and gifts.
the little recipe card can be pulled out of the envelope and it reveals the recipe.

i have been using a lot of pop dots to layer and stack embellishments. it’s fun to add some dimension!
H is for hot chocolate, happy, holy, ho ho ho and honey baked ham.

i’ve given myself space for a small photo or some journaling. if i don’t have anything to put there, it still looks cool.

there is hardly any words that start with I so i found a great photo of icicles and i will have it printed as a 6×8.5 and slip it in. done.
the opposite side is J and will be this graphic that i’m giving you for free. just right click on this photo and save image as. you’re welcome!


a full layout for J will include jingle bells, joy, jack frost, jolly and joyful memories.
IMG_3973 IMG_3984 IMG_3982 IMG_3985 IMG_3983

K was also limited on words so i picked kisses and kings.hopefully i can snap a pic of matt and i under the mistletoe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_3974 IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3981
i thought it would be nice to add the story of the 3 kings that came to visit Jesus.

L is for lights and laughter. i plan to print a cool bokeh shot of our tree as 6×6 for that corner. then some fun 3x3s of good times we’ve had so far this month.
IMG_3976 IMG_3977


i have to tell you, i am so super pleased with this structure. it’s half way through the month and i’m almost halfway through the alphabet. woohoo!

much still left to do but i’ve got a christmas vacation coming up that’s gonna be full of scrappiness!

so…how are you holding up with your december daily?

december daily // a new spin and a vintage vibe

december is here and this means the beginning of my most favorite month of the year! the lights, the magic, the cold and the decorations are among the highlights of this season. it also happens to be my birthday month, which is super rad.

and i’m not the only one who feels this way, which is why so many scrapbookers and documenters are embarking on december daily. in case you aren’t familiar with the concept of december daily, check out ali edwards’ blog for more info. she came up with the concept and i’ve been grateful to document december in a more detailed way.

about a month ago, i decided on a vintage and kind of kitschy theme for this years’ album. i wanted to buy a couple collections with paper and embellishments that had a 40’s and 50’s feel. as i browsed, i decided on 3 and they all happened to be by october afternoon. silent night, eggnog and make it merry all have different feels but in my eyes, they were meant to go together! in addition, i snagged deena rutter’s december kit with digi printables for some extra cards and embellishments.

ย Product # PP-1291Product # DC-192


Every Little Bit: Cheers Bundle

since my december daily goes into my regular PL album, most of my pages will be 12×12 but i reserve the right to toss in a few 6×8 pages when i feel like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

as an intro to the december daily part of my album, i made this 6×8 page with some favorite pieces from my self made kit. the opposite side will be a typed opening with words to express the importance of december.

then i made a 12×12 page with all 4×4 pockets for another opening. honestly i was just having too much fun with all my goodies!

but here’s where it gets super fun! thanks to leslie ann harvey, my whole approach to this project changed. i was ready to do what i did last year and just go day by day, like my normal project life, and document chronologically. i would print 2 groups of photos, one mid-december and another after the first of the year. and the plan was to work on the days as I could.

but sunday morning, while scrolling around on facebook, she posted a wonderful idea that inspired her. i have to give credit to her for inspiring me and to her inspiration, which i will do later in this post.

the idea is to do an alphabet style december daily. yes, like A-B-C alphabet. think about it, there are so many “things” we want to document in december and they all start with a letter, right? when i saw a helpful list on lisa moorefield’s blog, (which is the awesome chick who inspired leslie) i knew this was totally do-able. although i must admit, i felt a few twinges on anxiety when i considered this approach. so i settled in with both blog posts and started formulating my own list of items i didn’t want to forget.

i’m happy to share it with you!

A – around town, advent
B – books, baking
C – candy canes, calendar, christmas lists
D – decorating, deck the halls
E – elf, enjoy
F – football, friends, family
G – games, gifts, granola, giving, gibson
H – hot chocolate, honey bakes ham
I – ice skating, instagram
J – jesus, jingle bells, jolly
K – kids, kisses
L – letters to santa, lights, laughter
M – moose, movies, music, matt, marshall
N – neighborhood lights, naughty or nice
O – ornaments, opening presents, oh holy night
P – polar express, peppermint, presents
Q – quiet nights, quilts
R – reading, reindeer, relaxing
S – snow, starbucks, school program, stockings, shopping, santa
T – train, tree, traditions, toys, thankschristmas
U – under the tree, us
V – village, vacation
W – warping, weather, warmth
X – xmas morning/day
Y – you and me
Z – zzzz (kids sleeping or everyone is jammies)

i plan to use a few from each letter if i can snag the photos but i might just use one from the list. it depends and i’m leaving that open.

but i started with A and B so far and am ready to get some photos in those pockets!

IMG_3180 IMG_3183 IMG_3182


what i think i’ll get from this process is more intentional photos instead of just capturing what happens and printing pics that don’t get used. i can take photos out of order and not worry about making sure i know the exact day. maybe another way to think of this style is like a summary of all the wonderful and magical things about december.

no matter how you document, just do it. you don’t need the perfect kit, use your stash. take photos and enjoy the times with loved ones.

i hope to post my progress as i make some. and don’t forget to follow me on instagram where most of my shares end up! see you back here soon!

andrea ๐Ÿ™‚

december daily // project update

hello to you and hello to some serious december daily progress.

i got an early jump on christmas by decorating a week before thanksgiving, because i just couldn’t wait! so i had lots of pics of the house all decorated. my parents also came over on the 30th to celebrate thankschristmas. a holiday i made up because they won’t be in town for christmas. so we cooked them a giant turkey dinner and they brought presents for the boys. we also took family photos out back.

so of course, i was itchin’ to get some pics developed.

i teetered back and forth about how often i would print pictures and after flip-flopping several times, i decided to just print this one batch, then i would have to wait a couple weeks before printing more.

i sure loved being able to scrap something current for a change. (if you’re new here, i’m about 4 months behind in project life.) my favorite part about scrapping in the winter is the cozy socks, christmas music and the cold weather outside. i got all of that this weekend.

anyhoo, back to the pages, right? so as you may remember from my previous december daily post, i am using a plethora of supplies in my album this year. gonna try to link to as much as i can as the album progresses:

on black friday, i didn’t leave the house to shop. but i did snag some amazing online deals to add to my december daily supply stash.
hello december essentials by deena rutter on pixels & co.
holiday essentials – bits & piecesย by deena rutter on pixels & co.

so with that, wanna have a gander at what i got done this weekend?


and this is what i have so far! a pretty good start if i do say so myself.
i also filled up this last week with some amazing photos that i’ll be sharing on instagram before they make it into the album. if you’re not following me there, come on over!

christmas embroidery // a craft + template

when you think of christmas songs, which is your favorite?
mine? hands down, baby it’s cold outside by dean martin

i realize it doesn’t have anything to do with christmas, but it has everything to do with winter weather and a time gone by when people had class and morals with regard to relationships. the back and forth conversation is just fun and amusing.

obviously the title has been used a million times but it doesn’t lose it’s luster for me. i knew i wanted to display the sentiment in the house for this holiday.

with the cooler weather nearing, the thoughts of christmas are heavy. we’ve had a long and warm summer and i’m ready for some cold outside. embroidery came to mind and this project began to take shape.

christmas stitches

i designed the template on my iPad, using the rhonna farrer photo app. i saved it and then printed it the size i wanted by inserting the picture into word and enlarging it. i used the cluster of stars only because i liked the placement, even though i ended up stitching little asterisks to look for like snow. feel free to save the photo for yourself and make your very own!


this was my first time stitching on black fabric. i still used the same technique as i normally do but had to use a white pen to trace onto the fabric. (if you’re new to embroidery, i made a tutorial a while back).

since my colors this year are black/white/gold/red, i opted for an easy two color design. at this point, the white is done and i’m ready for stitches

the gold is done, i’m adding little stars for stitches

i used a small dowel and black embroidery floss to hang it.ย christmas stitches

because i was having so much fun, i also stitched another one. i found this printable on pinterest.

christmas stitches

christmas stitches

thanks for reading!

until the next time we chat, have a great week!


nail + string art // faith

a special friend deserves a special gift for christmas.

a handmade gift, of course.

a super cool, one-in-a-million, knew-she-liked-it-’cause-she-pinned-it, made-for-her gift.

so this is what i made for my best girl. love ya t.


supplies i used:

any size raw wood
light sandpaper
embroidery floss


following the directions on the stain, i only used one coat to get the color i wanted.


i used microsoft word to make the word and cross.


lining up the word where i wanted it on the board, i just nailed the paper right to the wood. i hammered a nail to each corner of each letter.


when all the nails are in place, i simply ripped the paper off carefully.


start at a corner and tie off. then use both hands to wrap around and keep the string taut.

i like the look of 2-3 strings per edge.

when you’ve covered all the edges, tie off your string again. it can be on a different nail than the starting point. when i finished all the letters, i cut the leftover strings pretty short and then used a tiny bit of super glue to seal off the knots.



i took some freedoms and went crazy with the cross. going this way and that, but trying to keep it balanced. i went all around the edges first, tied off and then went for the inside.


i’m so thrilled with how it turned out! my goal was to make her cry (in a good way, of course) when she opened it and i got what i wanted!


i have two more boards and plan to make some more for myself. one like this and another with my three little words.


a woodsy christmas

it all started with one endcap display at target.

this one. right here. what you don’t see in this pic is the craft brown accessories that go along with this theme. this is what made my decision that his years’ christmas theme would be a woodsy and warm one.

i usually do something bright or different. some years it’s red, pink and green. others have been black and white and silver (with a white tree of course).

but we’re going to the back woods this year…and i’m super excited.

so i began scouting out what target had. these berries and branches are delicious. but $12 is kinda expensive. 

are. you. joking right now? sweater covered stars? i have a ton of these stars already, so maybe i just need an old sweater and i can recover mine. because again, $20 is too much for these guys.


same thing here. i love these. the trees are so cute. and look at those white reindeer! eek. but my goodness, i would go broke redecorating my house this year.

so of course, i head to pinterest to see what i can make myself.

these pillows are going to happen!Untitled

i knew i wanted burlap and twine to be dominant in my decor. this gives me and idea….

at michael’s i found a million things i could use to make myself.

styrofoam cones (1 large and 2 small)
a 10 foot roll of burlap (6-inches wide with finished edges)
bunches of pinecones
a roll of twine
some greenery and a bird with holly and some bundled sticks
a bag of holly berries
cardboard 3d star ornaments
pack of kraft paper cardstock

i grabbed this branch from one of my backyard trees.Untitled

and glued a ton of these little berries on. cheaper than $13 and a lot more fun.



i had a huge roll of grey yarn from another project so i wrapped a large tree and a small tree with it. i wrapped the other small tree with twine.


the big one ended up on the ledge.Untitled


and that vase from earlier didn’t get the branch in it. instead, i wrapped it in burlap and it gets to hang out with the leftover berries and a votive candle inside. all 5 of my candlesticks got a little twine tied around them and one of my owls made down to visit.

a large mason jar makes a cute topiary for a little bird and some forest favorites.

a plain branch in a silver vase sits between the jar and my wooden letters.Untitled

here is the ledge from the other side where we hang our stockings. this green star was $2 (50% off so i snatched up two, the other one is on the front door.)Untitled

i made the stocking hangers from frames i spray painted red, burlap glued to the back and a clothespin glued to the front. i used a red fabric marker to hand draw the monograms.Untitled




my gallery wall got a nice little update.


pine cones. a vintage bike. candlestick passed down from my mom years ago. they used to be red. then they were turquoise. they’ve been black for 2 years. i like them black.

as always, the airplane stays.

my coke bottles make excellent vases. and not just at christmas time. i found an old brown frame and hot glued a piece of burlap behind it and hung it up. 

this is a shoebox lid that originally just had the fabric, ribbon and bow last year. i added a strip of burlap underneath.


these mice will always make an appearance during christmas, no matter what my color theme is. they belonged to my grama vera who collected mice while she was alive.Untitled

another strip of burlap added to a fabric wrapped shoebox lid.


wrote JOY on a burlap banner i made. i think the pen didn’t show up enough and that i might grab some red acrylic paint next time i’m at jo-ann’s to make them stand out better.

here’s that wall. sorry for the blur.

i also wrapped a few ornaments in yarn and twine. i ran out of twine or i would have done a lot more. plus, laziness washed over me at some point.Untitled


i found these next two at target for a dollar each.Untitled



my little village




i absolutely adore how warm and cozy this year’s theme feels. normally, i shy away from neutrals and warm tones and am proud of myself for going outside my comfort zone, running with it like crazy and loving it!

do you do a theme for christmas or do you just decorate with everything you have each year? i like making new things and using items i haven’t seen in a while.

hope you have a great week!