Felicity Jane // Spring is Here using Caroline Kit

Hello Friends! Spring is in the air and the Caroline kit from Felicity Jane is perfect for documenting the florals and colors of this season!

Today I’m sharing a page from my personal traveler’s notebook over on the blog which highlights the first outfit I wore when Spring showed its face. The corals, pinks and florals were a perfect match for this outfit.

Come on over and check it out…and if you haven’t picked up your kit this month, now is your chance before they sell out! Grab it here!



I hope you enjoyed this layout! Thanks for stopping by!

fashion friday // colorful confidence




hello my lovlies! i think it’s been some time since we chatted about fashion. too long even.

i’d love to share posts like this more often if you’re interested. 🙂

my goal is to inspire you to shop in your own closet instead of thinking you have to run out and buy new things to make an outfit. of these outfits we’ll talk about today, only 4 items were purchased in the last month. 2 tops, a pair of flats and a necklace.
yep. that’s it.
everything else has been part of my wardrobe for 6 months or longer.

as we stroll through these outfit ideas, make note of items in your closet now that are similar. in style, or color .

be bold.
polka dots, red and bandannas are my go-to items for a quick vintage look. adding a barrel roll puts on another touch of throwback.




pretty pair.
here i’ve mixed yellow and hot pink and added denim for a neutral. also, tucking in your shirt adds a more feminine look. try it!




get trendy.
this hi-lo dress is a piece that is new to my wardrobe. and when i say new, i mean i bought it last summer. it pairs nicely with a light denim button up, tied at the waist.




show some love.
being a cali girl is fun, because now it’s cool to wear a bear on your shirt. also, what i love most about this look is the whole graphic-tee-tucked-into-a-girlie-skirt thing.




shoes can be accessories.
when i buy shoes, i like to find them in colors that can go with many items in my closet. flats like these are perfect with several shades of pinks and teals. find places to pop out colors with jewelry or a belt.




go big or go home. (or stay home).
make a statement with a bold (but not obnoxious) necklace. i wore this with black wide leg trousers and white chucks. bam.



style is everywhere, now go find yours!

🙂 andrea


hello style // color your outfits

hellostyle_header copy

hey friends!

it’s been a while since we talked fashion. some days my outfits just aren’t photo worthy, but over the past few weeks i’ve been playing with colors and thought i’d share.

this outfit came together by complete accident and i loved how it worked:
i call it ketchup and mustard

mustard cardi: target
cherry coke tank: kohl’s (several summers ago)
levi’s 518 jeans: kohl’s
red flats: ross (several years ago)
red necklace: charlotte russe
gold ring: charlotte russe

IMG_5844 IMG_5846 IMG_5845 IMG_5843

two different outfits here but with the same pink sweater.
the first one is accompanied by these rad flower skinnies (target) and gray flats (target). it’s hard to see the flower pattern but it’s got some different shades of pink and olive greens.

IMG_5354 IMG_5355

the same sweater (although the editing makes it look a bit darker in the pictures above). it also goes perfectly with these floral flats (payless) and these adorable earrings (old navy). since i was playing with gold, i added this long gold necklace (charlotte russe). the key to a successful wardrobe is buying colors that go with items you already have.

IMG_5942 IMG_5944 IMG_5943

color combos are so in these days and navy and green is one of my favorites! mixing patterns is also fun so I wore both stripes and polka dots. it’s totally acceptable!

polka dot headband: hot topic
navy necklace: target
navy/white striped tank: unsure
green cardi: kohl’s
not pictured: levi’s 518 jeans (kohl’s) and navy blue flats (payless)


yes, i adore this mustard cardi and pretty much wear it with anything. like one of my favorite beatles tees, a hat and a big chunky braid. not pictured are jeans and black chucks!


navy and red is my favorite combos because it’s got that super rockabilly vibe.
navy and white polka dot blouse: kohl’s
navy trousers: old navy
red flats: ross
red belt: unsure


colors are a wonderful way to perk up your outfits. so go on, mix up some shades and shine bright like a diamond!


helloSTYLE // fear not

hellostyle_4x4 copy

this weeks’ outfits are brought to you by the word FEAR.

style fear

i don’t know about you, but my wardrobe can scare me at times. i grow comfortable with certain pieces that naturally go together and shy away from mixing up pieces that seem like they would never be friends.

the nerves set in when i get around certain types of clothing that i don’t know how to wear.

today we’re gonna talk about banishing those fears in your clothing selections and being okay with being brave.

one // blouses

blouse / target
coral skinnies / old navy
drop necklace / veryjane.com
sandals / target

blouses are a type of clothing that kinda scare me. it’s not a tank i can layer and they can be flowy and unmanageable. with so many different cuts and styles, i never know what would look right on me. but lately, they are the pieces that keep catching my eye. so i got brave and picked up a couple at target. here’s one.


conclusion: it’s comfortable, it hides some tummy flaws, it doesn’t cling anywhere and the pattern is adorable. WIN!

two // mixing pieces

dress / target (clearance)
denim shirt / kohl’s (last fall)
navy flip flops / old navy

this dress and i fell in love in an instant. my favorite part is that it’s short in the front and longer in the back. it’s an empire cut and has pockets too!

but it’s a thin strap and i wanted to wear it to work. being too hot for a navy cardigan, i scoured my closet for another option. when my eye caught this light denim chambray shirt, i immediately thought that the colors matched but wasn’t exactly sure if it was “allowed”. could i really wear this denim over a geo pattern dress? i ran to my best source for style, pinterest! when i searched for the combo, i saw a ton of different options and eventually decided on tying it in the front to show off the shape and pattern as much as possible.

(sorry for the blurry pics ahead, my settings were obviously wrong.)


conclusion: i felt amazing in this all day. WIN!

three // gold

layering tanks, cardi, skirt, necklace and earrings / target
gold flip flops / old navy (3 seasons ago)

playing with bright colors is so much fun. and adding sparkly accessories to classic pieces adds playfulness. but gold has not been a metal i have enjoyed since i was a teen. something about my skin tone, silver just felt more “right” on me. but when i spotted this necklace on clearance at target, i thought that with the combination of bright pinks and yellows, i could make it work. not only did i get crazy with the necklace, i bought two pairs of large round studs, one solid and one glitter…of course!



an outfit like this can easily transition for an evening out by removing the sweater and going for a high pony.


conclusion: gold isn’t half bad, not sure what i was avoiding all these years. WIN!

what outfits or pieces are you afraid of? do you think you could face one of your fashion fears this week? i think you can…so go do it!

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hellostyle_4x4 copy

a few more outfits to share from last week. the theme apparently was tucking it in.

one // 

top is old
jeans are from kohl’s
necklace is from veryjane.com
belt is unknown
flats are from dsw.com


two //

plaid top from old navy
belt is super old
shoes are from payless


all items are from my own closet, nothing new here. just trying to wear things in different ways. what can you find in your closet that you can wear differently?

wear it and feel good about it. don’t forget to smile when you look in the mirror. 🙂

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hellostyle_4x4 copy

okay, so i am still trying to figure out the best time and place to take good pictures of my outfits in this new house. here’s the reality: my hair, makeup and clothes look best first thing in the morning, but the lighting isn’t all that great during those minutes before i’m rushing to make breakfast and get out the door at ten ’til seven. the light is best when i get home, but most days i just wanna jump into something comfy the minute i walk through the door.

so please forgive some of the less-than-stellar quality pics here and in the future, i’m either going to go back to using my good camera and tripod or enlist the help of one of my trusty household photographers.

but until then, here are five outfits that i wore this week, using mostly pieces that have been purchased at least a year ago. if it’s a new-ish item, i’ll tell ya. but my goal is to utilize what i have. continuing to shop in my closet can be challenging, but the reward is creating an outfit that you’ve never worn before.

one // i love mixing retro colors with modern pieces. it’s hard to see my hair style, but i’ve got some faux victory rolls goin’ on. 

black skinnies: kohl’s
striped tee: old navy
yellow cardi: target
red flats: marshall’s

other details // red button earrings, made by me and red necklace


two // trying to play with colors today, keeping it simple, and making a weird face.

teal top.
skinny jeans: kohl’s
coral pendant earrings: old navy

three // finally! getting this shot has been a dream of mine since i brought my gram’s piano home last year. but it sat in my garage until april when we moved to a place where it could live inside. i had a little solo photo shoot, and LOVE how these turned out.

my favorite dress in the entire world. found at kohl’s.
red belt that came with a skirt many years ago.



four // it’s friday and i want to wear houndstooth.

graphic tee: target
skinny jeans: kohl’s
houndstooth shoes: tilly’s
houndstooth hair clip: gift from tawnya

five // pulling in all the colors from the tank, teal, coral and yellow are a modern and neutral (for me) combo.

teal 3/4 sleeve.
floral tank: target
coral wedges: walmart
yellow drop necklace: very jane

what did you wear this week? i bet you looked amazing.
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pleated poppy

5 things // #longhairproblems

hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.  ~shana alexander

many years ago, i had short hair. and for a long time. i chopped my hair from bra-line to a-line-bob when i was 16. and keeping it short was part of who i was. the pixie cut was my best and favorite style of all. mostly, i don’t care much for hair on my neck or in my face, so naturally, i kept it short.

// 2004


// 2008

Jerry cousins and family reunion 025

// 2010

organize pics 254

2010 was about the time i decided to start the grow out process. i had a great stylist who helped me make the most out of each phase of growth.
i knew it would be a long road.
i prepared for irritating stages.
i also knew that when it got to the right length, it would all be worth it.

three and a half years later, we’re there!





as much as i LOVE having the freedom of bangs, no bangs, up, down, half up, vintage styles and experimenting with braids and waves, there are so many things about long hair that i just haven’t had to deal with for the last 17 years.

one // gets caught under my purse straps. annoying.

two // touches the backs of my arms and scares me. eeeek!

three // gets stuck in between my back and my seat when i’m driving, making it pull when i turn my head. rude!

four // blow drying takes the time of a tv show these days. hence the ponytails all the time.

five // it’s everywhere! like seriously….everywhere!

but i’ll be keeping it long. i absolutely love it and look forward to the possibilities.
what about you? long? short? don’t care? i wanna know!

hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~hubert de givenchy, vogue, july 1985

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retrohipmama style // new shoes are a girls’ best friend



whoever said diamonds were a girls’ best friend, must never had a new pair of shoes.

shoes can do….um….everything for your outfit and your attitude.

this outfit:
floral/ruffle top from kohl’s
skinny jeans
coral wedges from walmart

yup, i said it, walmart. you’ll be amazed at the treasures you can find if you look.




and a simple blow dry for some waves and we’ve got something i can leave the house in.




what’s better than a new pair of shoes? a new dress to go with them!

pardon the sour face…it was 100 degrees out.

this outfit:
dress from target
sandals from target



i fell in love with the back. look at all the lace, but it still covers straps and keeps it modest.



how about these little arrows huh? cute and delicate and out of my normal comfort colors. trying to tone it down these days.



these shoes. cute and simple sandals that will go with sooooo much in my closet.




how do new shoes make you feel? like a new woman? or does that feeling come from something else? new earrings or a great pair of jeans? whatever it is, i sure hope it makes you feel amazing!

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our new digs // my closet

seven years.
my clothes spent seven years in a closet the size of a matchbox. a matchbox that i split 75/25 with my dear husband.

but those days are over.

because now, i have a closet that’s about 25% larger and i don’t have to share it. in fact, matt’s closet is the same size and he doesn’t have to compete with skirts or ruffles. lucky him.

but seriously, let’s get back to my closet. it has mirrored doors, did i mention that?

here is the left half…
tops, organized by color. and shoes.


and here is the right half…
the green to blue tops, then dresses, then skirts, then pants. and yes, more shoes. these need to be weeded through. it’s something i just couldn’t do before the move.


a colorful little bunting adds the right funkiness to my accessory area, don’tcha think?


it’s made from fabric scraps and simple sewn together at the top. no hems, no bindings, just raw edges and push pins to hang them up.


a peg board holds earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belts.

two ribbons, attached to the wall at top and bottom, hold my hair clips and fabric flowers.


over the last few years, i have made so much of my own jewelry. but my tastes are changing and i have decided to toss or reuse some of the items i am not wearing anymore. only a select few made the cut and got to remain on the board.

this peg board has been magical. seriously. i need to see my stuff, or it will never get worn. i can easily select the right accessories and they have a permanent home. plus, it’s pretty, and that’s half the battle. 🙂


rings, stud earrings and chunkier bracelets live on my dresser. this is a clear plastic organizer that i bought at target. i think it’s meant for a drawer but it’s perfect for this.





do you struggle with a small space? how do you organize your closet? by sleeve length or by color? i’d love to know!

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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 18+19+20

weekly wrapup_4x4

week 18

monday | april 29:

eeeeek, it’s day 3 in the house and i have a list a mile long of to-do now stuff and things that are going to have to wait. the things that will have to wait unfortunately have a dollar sign next to them.


time for gibson to get that mop cut. so they play pool at the barber shop while we wait.


tuesday | april 30:

today we sent the boys off to school and spent only one hour at the old house, cleaning up. an hour. that’s all i was willing to give this hell hole. on our way out to drop the keys off, i snapped this picture of the trees that caused so much irritation. it’s kinda fitting that a nice patch of grey clouds lingered overhead. peace out frankwood. done with you.


then me and this guy went browsing for fabric after school. i took pics of some things i liked but didn’t find that perfect pattern. i will know it when i see it and i know what i want.


wednesday | may 1:

it’s my first day getting ready for work in the new house. this is weird. kinda throwing me off. things aren’t where they’ve been. the process is different. which slows me down. i’m like a machine sometimes and stuff like this makes me anxious. i’ll get over it. this house rocks. do you see the size of this mirror?


ahhhhh, hanging on the back patio with my little dude and my new chair.


oh, and i scored this new cup from walmart for $5. woot.


fresh flowers are brightening up the house, but it’s not like it needs it.


friday | may 3:

hey, how about i get back into the rhythm of #fmsphotoaday? yeah, now that things are settling in around here, i think i can have fun with it again. today, #morningroutine.


and sometimes, a little stones is all a girl needs.


my hair is getting so long, just wanted to document it.


saturday | may 4:

spent the day at my parent’s house, hanging with my sis and nieces. i wore this new bracelet my mama made. i told her i loved the navy and mint combo…i love this!


my fabric flowers went perfectly and it felt good to wear stuff i haven’t worn in a while.


they’ve grown up together, as much as cousins can who live in different cities . 8 months apart and so alike.



“look mom, i have a front pack AAAAAAND a back pack.”


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, they’re out.


i’m not going 105 through town, but my spedometer says i am. according to my car, 60mph is the new idle.


sunday | may 5:

me and this gal have a date with a new duvet cover and a bed skirt.



ooooo, so happy about this!


and while we’re at it, here’s some snapshots from around the house.



“mommy, listen to my beautiful song!”


text messages from my papi are the best.


week 19:

monday | may 6:

these are my closet doors. they are ginormous. i will use them to take good pictures of my outfits. finally!!!



this necklace is the cat's meow. #michaels

tuesday | may 7:

marshall is dancing to gangnam style in the back seat. this kid cracks me up.


dropping gibson off at bible study. we are so blessed to have such a great church in our community.


the clouds and sunset were amazing tonight.


thursday | may 9:

an outfit out of pinsperation. i love when outfits come together like magic!

what I wore // white skinnies, denim button up, grey cami and silver flip-flops // found it on #pinterest #ootd #yestergram

kinda hate to brag, but gibson has been bringing home some incredibly good grades.

I sure hate to brag....buuuuuut, my kid brings home some darn good grades. #proudmama #hejustwantsminecrafttime #pictapgo_app

friday | may 10:

my view tonight (and for the last 3 nights) has been an elementary school play of the wizard of oz.


saturday | may 11:

the boys spent the night with their aunt and uncle and cousin and so what do we do with a kidless morning? sams and winco. that’s how we roll. but then we saw iron man 3 in 3D IMAX and redeemed ourselves. it was soooooo good.

when the kids are away, the adults.....go shopping. yay for not having to tell anyone to 'stop hanging on the cart' or 'no you can't get those cookies'.

it’s gonna be tough to get him to come home with me.


they had a blast, but marshall still wouldn’t get in the pool. we’ll get him there.


and this is what a 5 year old looks like who has been up late playing and up early and swimming and playing and has gone to the carnival and swam some more. this was exactly 3 minutes after we left their house. there was some serious drool happening too.


sunday | may 12:

it’s mother’s day and i get to be a mommy to these awesome kids.


with a month of fast food and eating like garbage, i have got to start fresh.


so after morning snuggles, i ran 2 miles. it’s been awhile, so i was winded. but it felt amazing!


and the boys were so sweet to take a mother’s day picture with me. the boys were sweet today and also agreed to a picture. that's really all I need. #momofboys #pictapgo_app

he’s sweet as pie.


week 20

monday | may 13:

i found this dress, all alone, during a mommy’s day shopping trip to old navy. i’m in love.

#ootd // dress from #oldnavy, navy cardi, turquoise belt and navy flats. nails to match, of course. #ilovebeingagirl

gibson got his grade back for his science project sci-fi story for which he and matt made a short film (which you can watch here). A+ !!!!!! Damn straight y’all. this kid (and everyone else) worked their tails off to make this movie and anything less than a perfect score would have been ridiculous. 🙂

way to go @minifantic , hard work does pay off! congrats on an a+ on your movie! shall we celebrate with ice cream?

#fmsphotoaday sunset. #fmsphotoaday // may 13: #sunset #nofilter #pictapgo_app

tuesday | may 14:

my new favorite snack // dipping cucumber into salsa instead of chips. it is SO good, a must try.

new favorite snack // cucumber (instead of chips) + salsa

new coral skinnies and earrings on today’s outfit. thankfully i have been working the muted colors into my wardrobe little by little that i finally have something to wear them with.

#ootd // coral skinnies from #oldnavy, floral ruffle top, cream lace cami, navy flats and coral earrings from #oldnavy #summerwardrobe

ikea is a big store and someone needs a break.


wednesday | may 15:

favorite salad lately // baby greens, fuji apple, crumbled turkey bacon, chicken, feta and raspberry vinaigrette. the. best. salad. ever.


another new top from old navy. been wanting the right striped shirt to come along. i have so many outfits planned with you already!

#ootd // black pencil skirt, b+w striped tee #oldnavy, tan belt, black flip-flops, black headband. I have been dying to wear this color combo! #ABeautifulMess

a whole week of disgustingly amazing weather and mother nature throws rain our way. thumbs down. oh yeah, the app is a beautiful mess by elsie + emma. you can download it for .99!

seriously thursday? rain? its been gorgeous for weeks and now its gonna rain? ugh. apparently may heat waves bring random rain showers. #stillgonnawearflipflops #abeautifulmess

thursday | may 16:

matt snapped this and set it to me while marshall ate lunch after school. he’s adorable.


friday | may 17:

sometimes, fluffy-dog needs to eat too.

sometimes fluffy-dog has to eat too.

saturday | may 18:

a morning run with a new playlist is the perfect way to start my crafty day with my mama.

a morning run with awesome tunes and sunshine! ☀ #rundrearun #latergram

marshall earned some time on his ds so he plugged it in and sat right down to play. and he was chilly so he grabbed his robe.

marshall in his sponge bob robe, playing DS in front of the window. enjoying some game time on a sunday morning. #thiskidknowshowtokickit #ABeautifulMess

i found it!!!!! at a quilt shop, of course. this is the fabric for my kitchen and dining room windows.

found the fabric I was looking for! these delicious threads will be for the kitchen/dining windows. #redismysignaturecolor #knewitwhenisawit #pictapgo_app

and after mom and i worked on project life and shopped for fabric and played with the boys, she left for home and i indulged.


sunday | may 19:

my parents treated my family and my sister’s family to a day at the ballpark. this is our local AAA team who feeds players to the A’s. my gram was an A’s fan! anyway, here’s how our day went!












gibson caught a ball in between innings!

gibson caught a ball between innings! #rivercatsbaseball #raleyfield





a fun day in the sun and we were all wiped out when we got home!

i hope you’re still awake, i know that was a lot. but hey, we’re all caught up now! that feels good!

have a super week!

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