flashback friday // a week in the life

oh how i adore looking back at this project.
such an enjoyable feat it was.
the design.
the words.
the editing.

this week, 2 years ago, i embarked on a week-long photo project that captured the bits and details of our everyday life.

with the time it took to shoot, edit and design this project, i just couldn’t do it the following year. but today, as i reminisce about how much i LOVED this project, i am feeling like it’s almost time to take it on again.

hopefully by september, which is when the next week in the life is locked in for, my camera and my creative eye will be ready.

but until then, let’s take a look back to 2011:


1-FRIDAY_morning_main 2-FRIDAY_morning_colage 3-FRIDAY_afternoon_main 4-FRIDAYafternoon_collage 5-FRIDAY_night_end 6-SATURDAYmorning_main 7-SATURDAYmorningafternoon_collage 8-SATURDAYevening_collage 9-SATURDAYnight_end 10-SUNDAY_morning_main 11-SUNDAY_morning_collage 12-SUNDAY_afternoon__collage 13-SUNDAY_evening_main 14-SUNDAYevening_collage 15-MONDAY_morning_main 16-MONDAY_morning_collage 17-MONDAY_afternoon_main 18-MONDAY_afternoon_collage 19-TUESDAY_morning_main 20-TUESDAY_morning_collage




24-WEDNESDAY_morning_collage26-WEDNESDAY_evening_main 27-WEDNESDAY_night_collage28-THURSDAY_morning_main







interested in capturing a week of your life? join us in september. we’ll be the crazy kids with cameras covering half of our faces.

andrea_signature copy

flashback friday: things ain’t like they used to be

taking a step back in time today…just a quick stroll down a road that some of us never walked on, but only dreamed of.

can you imagine applying your mascara with a brush like this? thankfully there’s an instruction manual because i wouldn’t even know where to start!

Vintage. Before there was “automatic” (i.e. tube) mascara, there was cake mascara. My mother would spit on the brush, and then rub the brush across the mascara...used until it was gone years later.


back then, nurses wore fitted dresses and caps. today, it’s baggy scrubs and crocs. i’ll take the fitted dress, please.

1960 - when nurses looked like nurses ~ starched white cap and professional white uniforms.  Can't imagine the hard, long days, then home to wash and starch and iron, as well as polish the shoes.


there is something magical about an old gas pump. is it the idea of the open road? is it the wonder of all the mechanics inside of it that make the numbers roll and rotate? whatever it is, i get all worm inside…and now you think i’m officially weird.

vintage gas pump


us women are not the only trendy dressers. check out this illustration of men’s fashion fashion from the 1900’s. i would love to see it updated with the 90’s, 00’s and now. my faves are the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s. but are we really surprised about that?

fashion men


again, with the gas stations? i know, i told you…soft spot. the arrows going around, the fonts, the rounded corners, the rust. i love it all.


happy friday (of 2012), just in case you got stuck in the past.


flashback friday: fashion flashback + fashion forward

woohoo, it’s friday! which means it’s also FLASHBACK FRIDAY! i love stepping back in time, whether 2 days ago, 2 decades ago or just one year ago.

today, we’re going back a year.
one year ago, i was in the middle of a fashion challenge with frecklesinapril. 21 days of different styles like mixing patterns, tucking it in and color blocking. that challenge certainly taught me so much about what i CAN wear…..aaaaand that some things just don’t work.

since the challenge ended, i still continue to post outfits that i love in hopes of inspiring people to shop in their own closets and try new things.

here’s where the big news comes in y’all……..

…………….you ready for it?

i have officially joined the fancy little things team as their new fashion and beauty author! i’m still kinda shaking about it! kinda freaking A W E S O M E, right?

when aimee posted on facebook that they were looking for a fashion author, i raced to shoot an email out to her. little did i know that she had already had her eye on me. we’re gonna make a great team and i’m also excited to get to know all my new fancy little friends.

my goal is to inspire and encourage women to look and feel their best. for themselves, for their husbands and for god. we will talk about modesty in fashion, using what you have, and playing with style. it’s gonna be a trip! and maybe we’ll get a linky party going sometime in the future. 😉

i am so honored to be a part of this genuinely uplifting community of ladies, and i think you will love the other authors too! at FLT, we blog about faith, diy projects, books, marriage and house stuff.

look for my posts on mondays….the perfect way to start your week!

so in honor of fashion and busting into your closet…i present you with a post from this time last year.

enjoy your friday and i hope to see you in something cute!



hey folks and happy monday!

hope you weren’t too bummed with no fashion posts from me this weekend…yeah i kinda barely get dressed on the weekends so i didn’t participate in day s 6 (unconventional) or 7 (layered accessories). sorta glad cause i probably woulda sucked at both of them.

aaaaany-hoo…i’m back on the wagon and am feeling GOOD about today’s challenge and actually this whole week really!

today we’re mixing fancy and casual. not something i typically do. fancy requires all things fancy and casual…well…you know…i have NEVER worn a necklace with a plain tee although i see gals that do and i go…”why the heck don’t i do that?”

so today i’m doing it…stepping out of yet another box and loving it!

casual: plain black tank, jeans, star studded belt, chucks
fancy: shrug, necklace (made by me), side ponytail, fabric button ring (also made by me), pink bracelet

flashback friday: things my kids won’t experience like i did

haha times have changed


times have changed, we all know that.
the pendulum has swung so far left that we can’t see the destruction it’s done to our kids.
i’ve been wondering lately, how these losses effect how my kids are growing up.
what are they missing out on?
what skills won’t they pick up because technology does it for them?
what does society say isn’t acceptable for kids anymore?

it’s a small list, but it’s enough to make me think twice about some things i let my kids do. i want them to experience things so they know. and knowing…is half the battle.

fairs and carnivals: we remember the delight. the colors. the excitement. but my eyes only see carnies and dirt and fried foods and mass amounts of people. are they missing out? on what? we used to roam the fairs alone until it was time to meet back up with the folks. i can’t even imagine doing that.

driving alone with a friend who just got their license: maybe this is for the better but i can remember the freedom and responsibility of this turning point among my friends and i. we didn’t abuse it, but the liberation was unmatched.

the order of songs on an album: i still know the track listing of foo fighters the color and the shape and the beastie boys license to ill. because we had to listen to the tape, (and then thankfully) the CD from front to back. these kids have EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. available to them and really don’t need to listen to the whole album. maybe they never will. it’s kinda sad to see that part of music making not getting the recognition it once had.

and on that note…

going to the record store: there is much to be said for having a list of music you want to buy and only having enough for a few CDs and flipping through the endless rows of new and old music and that feeling of ripping off that plastic and tape strip to pop that little disc into your car stereo. so much. when i close my eyes, i can still smell and feel it.

waiting until a show airs on tv to watch it: don’t get me wrong, DVRs make my life sooooo easy! but long gone are the days when shows were only on at certain times and if your parent’s took too long dilly-dallying at the grocery store and you missed the first 20 minutes of 90210, boy…you had to wait until the next day of school to find out what happened. you couldn’t just play it, you couldn’t look it up on youtube and you couldn’t call your friend…it was too late. 😉

sharing a room: i never shared a room with my siblings. but i always wanted to. i know, i’m weird and should have been grateful for the solitude. my brothers always shared a room and for their bond, i was always jealous. my kids are too far apart for it to make sense but in some ways, i wish they knew that nighttime chit-chat and bantering and that sense of comradery.

learning how to navigate social situations without a keyboard: my foot and my mouth were best buds when i was in school. many times i had girls wanting to “talk to me after school” because i said something stupid or someone took something i said in the wrong way. i learned how to swim around in that big sea and when it was over, it was over. it wasn’t on someone’s facebook wall or saved in a text. friends were real and you played with them.

what are some things your kids are missing out on because of the times we live in?


flashback friday: one year ago

i’m imagining, that with the subject matter of my latest posts, you’ve got to be sick of my pictures.
so this post is going to be a little variation from my typical flashback friday.

we’re going back. one year ago. to the blog post that i published on this day in 2011.

wait for it……


the embroidered vintage camera (from the crafty cpa) that kicked off my newfound love for the craft. since this time last year, i’ve stitched a coke bottle, a spider web, a bel-air and even a cool case to hold my current projects. i’ve stitched so many other things for other people too. just check out my embroidery category here.

and the greatest thing…i still love it. i currently have 2 hoops going that i haven’t worked on in a while but they sit where i can see them and every few days, they call my name.

embroidery is cool like that. i can just walk away when i need to and i don’t even have to hit save. or back it up. or lock its screen. when i’m ready to pick it back up, it’s exactly where i left off. quite a bit different than everyday life where everything moves so fast that you can’t even figure out how 4 people can produce 5 loads of laundry every other day.

coming back to this post reminds me of summer evenings on the hammock. swinging and stitching. watching the boys play. listening to feel good music. making something tangible.

with all the insta-everything on the iPhone…i’ve not felt much like crafting (outside of project life). and i miss that part of me. it’s what makes me me and what started this whole blog thing to begin with. i feel like i’m not inspiring people anymore. well, maybe with my pictures and outfits but i miss the feeling of sending off a post and feeling like, ‘someone else can totally do that too!!!!’

well, maybe this weekend will change that. maybe this weekend i will take some clues from my zillion pinterest boards and make something.

i didn’t intend for this post to end up becoming what it did. i wasn’t sure what i was going to find when i searched for JUNE 8, 2011 in my blog list. i was just gonna roll with it, baby. (hi-five if you sang that like a steve winwood groupie!) but my mind is clear tonight and that allowed me to realize what i’ve been missing since i gained penelope (iPad) and phineas (iPhone). as convenient and fun as they are, i’m cluttering my mind with most of their nonsense. i’m just scrolling. not thinking or creating or doing. not much, at least.

so i’m dedicated to turn my maybe into do it.
it may be a bike ride or a book.
it may be an embroidery project which i’m suddenly jonzin’ for.
or it may be making some new pieces for my long forgotten etsy shop. (notice how i’m not linking you there? it’s a whole lotta nuttin’.)

either way, something’s getting made. i must create.

have you thought about what you’re missing in your life? hmmmm, wonder what might be holding you back? it may not be your iStuff….but it may be something right in front of you. ?


flashback friday: ten years ago

kinda wish i was following along with 30daysoflists this time around….but i’ve really got too much else going on. maybe i’ll pick up the journal i started (and only got through day 6 of) last september and doodle a list or two when i’m inspired.

kinda like how i was inspired by my friend dawn’s list today. flashback fridays are a fun feature for me…i love looking back. and i thought a super flashback was perfect for this friday. so here’s a little jump back in time to the year 2002.
gibson was only 8 months old.

we were planning a move from our hometown to a city an hour away. i was most scared and sad about leaving my parents.
From: Vacaville, CA To: Rancho Cordova, CA

i had no clue about blogging. what’s a web…log?

i was listening to eminem, audioslave, foo, avril, hot hot heat and frou frou
The Eminem ShowAudioslaveOne By OneLet GoMake Up The BreakdownDetails

i had been scrapbooking for 4 years already.
Copy of MVC-653F

my pics were taken on a digital camera that used floppy discs for storage. each disc held about 30 pictures. imagine how many i’d have to bring with me for a trip to the park.

i drove a ’92 accord with blue flames on the dashboard and a lightning bolt on the gas door.

after taking a job downtown with an awful commute for a month while i waited for my dream job to get back to me…..i got that call and quit on the spot. i worked my dream job as a graphics and marketing girl for the next 6.5 years until i was laid off.

matt bought a video editing program to make a video for gibson’s first birthday and that program helped us start our film and video company.
i cut my hair into a pixie style. to this day it has always been the very favorite hair style i’ve worn.

i hope that your friday is a magical start to your weekend. make it great!


flashback friday: christmas cards through the years

ahhh the obligatory christmas card. i have always liked making my own. obviously i’m a designer so it’s an excuse to make something cute. also, the store bought ones just ain’t muh thang.

some years we’ve been broke and we didn’t send cards. last year i only emailed my digital card and posted it to facebook. the year before, i actually addressed envelopes and adhered stamps and snail-mailed those bad boys.

regardless, i always seem to make one. and i spend hours of my “free time” getting inspired. but once i make my decision on what i want…i do it.

so check out the last few years of cards:


i picked a design from samsclub’s online photo center, imported a couple pics and had them printed. they come with the envelopes as you know, but hand addressing them was NOT fun.


saw this picture idea somewhere and it took me some practice shots before i pulled the family in for the shot. i edited the color a bit to add vibrance and i added my own sentiment all within photoshop.


i am patting myself on the back for this one. i found a free digital add-on kit at twopeas and knew at first sight, that i’d use it for this years’ card. the pic was taken at thanksgiving and i edited it to add contrast and glow.

lots of awesome colors and fonts make this one my favorite of ALL TIME. makes ya sing the song, right?

how do you say MERRY CHRISTMAS to your friends and family?

flashback friday: school boy

this post is in honor of my crazy grown up 10 year old gibson. he aced his math test this week!

now it’s not like i’m surprised. he’s excellent in math. his spelling is always commendable and he gets science. so i’m not surprised he did well. i’m just glad he’s done it. glad he’s worked hard. glad we’ve kept him focused on school. glad that he took pride in the “100% A+” at the top of the page. glad that he’s getting a mcflurry today after school to celebrate!

he can do it. he can do anything. he knows this.

but i can’t forget where we started. the most wonderful and loving christian kindergarten that gave him a foundation to learn from. this pic was taken 5 years ago during homework time and although the work was simple and took 30 minutes, i would still rather help gibson learn about physics and integers for 2 hours, just so i can see his mind growing.

he’s growing up. and now i’m in need of a tissue.

happy friday!

flashback friday: not so skinny stick figure

i will never get over the cuteness of this drawing gibson made for me. it was taped to the front door, waiting for me when i got home from work. he was 6 and i was pregnant with marshall.

not exactly sure what made him want to draw this but here are some of my favorite details:
he gave himself spiky hair. such a rockstar.
he put marshall in my tummy and from what i can tell, gave me the biggest belly. adorable.
he gave matt no hair because he actually shaves his head and has none. ohmigawd.
incase you aren’t sure what it says, it reads: mommy i {heart} you and daddy. then he’s written our names under us and used nice thick lines to separate them so i knew he wasn’t writing gibsonmom. hilarious.
ending it with i {heart} you guys just melts my heart.

a cherished keepsake no doubt. just had to share.

have a blessed and awesome day.