hello monday

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hello june. i have so many plans for you.

hello dirt. i have a new freshly plowed bed of dirt out front just waiting to give some gorgeous flowers a new home.

hello lake. this weekend the boys and i will be camping overnight with my parents at our favorite summer spot. then i leave the boys with them and matt and i will be childless all week!

hello guest posting. i’ve been selected to do a guest post at the pocket source during the month of june. not sure of the date yet, but i’ll link it here when it goes live. (psssst…there’s a process video and a challenge involved!)

hello mailbox. this is the week in which i begin to stalk my mailbox for incoming scrapbook supplies. studio calico usually comes next week but i track that baby every step of the way until it says delivered! and i’m now a proud subscriber of the take ten kits by colie kumar. hot dang are they rad…and only $10!

so glad to be back to my hello monday posts, i sure missed them!
and what about you? what are you saying hello to this week?



hello monday

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hello, monday. (said in the voice of jerry seinfeld when he’s greets newman.)
i’m not sure how we keep meeting but i would love if you would stop showing up.
someday, my life will be a perpetual saturday and then i’ll show you.

but until then, here’s what i’ll be saying hello to:

hello rain and sunshine // the first half of the week will be rainy and then thursday will bring abundant sunshine and temps in the high seventies. bring it!

hello hard work // gibson serves at church three times this week to ear money for his mission trip. kid’s gonna SWEAT!

hello april // today marks the last day of march, which is kinda scary to think that we’re in the 2nd quarter of 2014 already.

hello pictures and supplies // i have some delicious march pictures from persnicketyprints.com and new simple stories supplies arriving from scrapbook.com. so ready for some more project life this weekend.

hello april release // at sweet stamp shop, we’re releasing a ton of cute new stamps on wednesday. you’ve got to join the facebook event to get hooked up with some sweet discounts!


happy monday everyone!



hello monday

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hello monday // you’ll bring new challenges at work. so yeah, bring it.

hello lists // i’m having so much fun doing 30 days of lists! knowing i can’t be creative and make a fun list each day during the week, i’ve pre-made a few of the lists for the next few days. also, a friend saw that i was featured on the 30 days blog this weekend….whaaaaat?? here’s the link if you want to check out mine and the other books that are featured!

hello rain // the rain was so nice during the end of last week and through the weekend. another storm is headed our way and i’m happy to finally have some winter weather.

hello gibson // with this one being restricted from electronics, we sure have seen more of him. i like that and i like him. he’s even decided to go on a mission trip with his church group and i couldn’t be happier. now let’s see if he can continue to earn the trip with grades, follow through and responsibility!

hello track // the right one that is. and by that i mean i’m getting back on it. basically, i cannot be trusted during the weekends. there’s too much idle time to snack and be lazy. i work hard all week to workout and eat right and then i jack it all up with goldfish and cold stone. what the heck man?

hello special birthday // mi papi turns another year older on sunday. which means i can call him and sing his favorite birthday song. but i’ll be nice and wait until after 7am to call him, unlike he does to me. 😉 but he could call me at any hour and i’d likely pick up.

hello one little word // i finally signed up for ali’s one little word class and i’m ready to enjoy some non-project life creativity. ready to find new ways to make my word visible.

it’s monday, what are you saying hello to?


hello monday

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hello monday, you’re here again and it seems like you creep up so darn fast these days.
i think you’ll be a fine week, but don’t be offended when i’m glad that you’re behind me.

but since we’re here, let’s say hello to a few others:

hello shorty // this weekend i followed through on my desire to cut my hair short. i’ve grown it out over the last 6 years and it was just getting to be too much to deal with. 8 inches…gone.

IMG_7334 IMG_7333

hello independence // he’s been buckling himself in for so long now, i can’t even remember the last time i had to help him. but this is just one of the many things he’s doing all on his own now. i get a lot of “ya know, i can do it myself mom” these days.


hello boredom // poor grades don’t result in a ton of privileges and gibson is realizing that right about now. he’s been distracted by electronics since christmas break and we’ve let him try to fly on his own when it comes to homework. but he missed assignments, didn’t follow thru and was generally lazy about homework. so, no electronics. and even though he might be complaining, i’m not. he is much more engaged with us and that’s always a good thing.


hello new friend // my old paper trimmer broke (it had been broken but was still going strong), but i ordered a new one and am so happy. i love a brand new trimmer, makes cropping and cutting so much easier!



so tell me, what are you saying hello to?


you say goodbye, i say hello monday

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good bye weekend, hello monday off // i love monday’s that do not include work. thanks to our presidents, i get a 3-day weekend and i am enjoying every moment.

goodbye 2013, hello 2014 // this weekend, i completed my 2013 project life album. it’s a little odd being just 7 weeks behind. but i’m not complaining as i begin my 2014 title page and the first few weeks of the year.

goodbye long hair, hello haircut // the decision has been made. i will be cutting my hair short again. i will be saying goodbye to clogged drains, 30 minute blow-outs, heavy ponytails and frustrating days where it gets caught in everything. and saying hello to a simple bob cut that will allow for soooo many styles; modern, everyday and vintage.
check out this video that solidified that this was the style for me:

goodbye office, hello road trip // this week, the boss man and i take a trip down to monterey to see a client and we get to stop in san jose along the way to have coffee with a former client who we both just adore and miss working with.

goodbye second trimester, hello final leg of the school year // gibson’s 2nd trimester ends this friday, which means he’s got just a few more months of school left, which is kinda crazy to think about.

anything you’re saying hello or goodbye to?


hello monday

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hello monday, you’re looking swell today!
i’m only being nice to you so that you’ll be nice to me. a little selfish, i know. but i see you every week and i just have to have a good attitude about you or i will be miserable.

so hi! let’s enjoy today, and your four other weekday friends. 🙂

hello happy mail // i have two really awesome stamp-y items en route to me this week. one is a super rad universal calendar from basic grey that i have been eyeing for ages! the other is unknown…..which is making me crazy!

hello design team // i made the announcement on my facebook page on friday and will have more details later but i’m excited to have joined a fun team that i can show off in my project life pages!

hello workouts // i think i’m on to something here because i totally HEART working out! i am seeing changes in my body and i want more positive results!

hello empty weekend // another weekend at home with no plans is exactly my kind of weekend.

what are you saying hello to? do you write about it? if so, comment with a link to your hello anything post!


hello monday



hello monday.

recently, i’ve had a difficult time saying hello to you and saying it with affection.
you get in the way of my personal time.
you stifle my creativity.
you end my family time.
these things are true and you know it. and i believe i’m not alone. nobody really likes you.

but so you don’t go sulking into the corner…you do have one redeeming quality: you provide a fresh start.
you allow for a fresh set of goals, a new desire to change and a chance to be better.
you’re like a mini new year’s each week.
and i am grateful for this.
so, thanks.

i have to brag for one second because my weekends usually come with laziness when it comes to moving and eating but not this weekend. since last week was full of dreadful decisions in the food department and almost completely lacking in the moving department, i needed a redemption weekend! and i gave myself one by working out with a chilly run on saturday morning and a pilates session on sunday afternoon. these actions created good thoughts and helped me make good food decisions (minus a few treats).

so today, i am seeing monday as a continuation of making a better change in myself and keeping up the good habits.

and here’s what else i’m saying hello to:

hello workouts that count // half-ass workouts are a waste of time. my time is precious and i’m very selfish with it, so if i’m going to commit to 30 minutes of anything, i plan on making it worth the sacrifice. on the schedule is a weight session, a shred and a full body pilates workout.

hello to 13 years of marriage // this weekend, matt and i can mark another year off in the marital record books. we have no plans for this specific weekend, but you can bet there will be the normal playful and hilarious tone in the house. we are truly blessed.

hello style // if you can believe it, we just might see a style post this week. i haven’t shared any outfits here in such along time. but if you follow me on instagram, you’re totally up to speed!

how about you? what does monday bring for you? whatever it is, make it great!





hello monday


hello monday!

hello sunshine // we still have no rain here, and even though it’s pretty cold, i’m enjoying the sunshine as i have a feeling a downpour is coming!

hello moving more and eating well // the path is paved for a week of eating well and completing my 3 scheduled workouts.

hello embroidery // i have my heart set on a new design and am excited to get started after work

hello instagram // i’m a bit of an instagram junkie and post there frequestly. are we following each other? if not, i love to follow new people. there’s a link to my profile on the sidebar, and a link right here. 🙂

hello panera // just scheduled a lunch date with a super sweet girlfriend! she used to work in my building and has since left and i miss her smiles and laughs.

hello room re-arranging // the boys will be switching beds which means marshall gets the bunk bed (he’s mostly excited about being on the top and building a fun fort underneath) and gibson moves back into a traditional bed. both of their rooms will require some major rearranging and i plan on getting a start on it throughout the week. 🙂

is there anything special you’re saying hello to this week?

i hope your monday treats you well!


hello monday


hello monday.
i’m not very fond of you today. you symbolize having to get out of my warm bed and leave my family for a full day of using my brain and having to interact with people who i’m not related to.
you pretty much suck right now.
but because i am a person who is true to my word and follows through on my commitments, i did come back to work after a very enjoyable 2 week vacation at home.
so to welcome the very first monday of 2014, here are some other things i am saying hello to this week:

hello work // may you bring less stress and pressure than the last 4 months. thank you.

hello schedules and routines // may you bring me back to a focused mind so things get done and i don’t fall off track.

hello food // may you provide me with the protein, nutrients and energy my body needs. and satisfy me enough to ward off the insane junk food cravings this week will bring.

hello workouts // may you be a focus this week and not feel like a burden. you’re only on the calendar for tuesday, thursday and saturday. it’s not much, but needs to be a priority.

hello copper mountain // may you bring a world of inspiration to me this weekend. i have a big full week of project life to complete and i’m looking to you to provide a bunch of cool new products to use! (copper mountain is the january kit from studio calico.)

hello jumpstart // may you continue to remind and inspire me to check into class each day for the move more, eat well class as i start back to work. i need the daily kick to keep myself in check.

will you join me and my friend breanna on our hello monday journeys?