breakfast bake // a recipe

inspired by this pin, i made my own version:

English muffin halves with sliced hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, and mozzarella, then broil until toasted- Sunday breakfast


you’ll need:

1 english muffin
2 eggs
a few spinach leaves (chopped)
one slice of deli ham (chopped)
2 slices of tomato
parmesan cheese

pre-heat oven to 350*
scramble the eggs with the spinach and ham. season with pepper.
lightly toast the english muffin.
on a cookie sheet, place the scrambled eggs onto the english muffin. place tomatoe slice on top of the eggs, and sprinkle with parm and more pepper.

bake until the edges of the muffin are brown and the cheese is melted, about 8 minutes.

enjoy, it’s mostly good for you!


one little word in action // san francisco

since i’m a bit of a rebel, instead of just picking ‘one little word‘ this year, i picked ‘three little words‘. ‘one little phrase‘ even.


i picked action words so that i get off my rear-end and do something. go somewhere. be happy.

my goal for the year is to do more, starting with a family day in san francisco.

i began documenting our journey by checking the weather the night before…..

dear san francisco, if i forget to tell you later, you’re going to be gorgeous tomorrow.San Francisco, if I forget to tell you later, you're gonna be gorgeous tomorrow.

we’re on our way…

i kinda have a thing for smoke stacks…

the obligatory transactionIMG_0494

i have a thing for bridges too…IMG_0497

I have thing for bridges.

…and tunnels…IMG_0491



what a view0P1010679



he’s my cool ray of sunshine.




our a+ student earned himself a trip to shrimp heaven.


my name’s forrest, forrest guuuump.P1010701

the view from our table.


do not mistake his expression for nerves. he plans to attack this like a boss.Untitled






working together.

i love my guy!

marshall just needed a hug…

such concentration…


this crazy clan makes me happyP1010731


that face, my god that face!

i swear, i can never just get a normal picture. but i’m gonna take what i can get because they’re adorable.

he likes weapons…but don’t be afraid…he’s still sweet. 

this kid is ready for the carousel.P1010744






i don’t know about you, but i like the pigeons.

just me, leaning against a wall. pretty exciting.

just taking a closer look at alcatraz.



somehow, for some reason, the crowds just parted and there he was, walking in front of us, all grown up like.

there are no words. i adore this shot.P1010783

he’s my sweet babboo.

and my silly pie.


i couldn’t help myself…

this happened.P1010796

coolest. story. ever.

picture it: we’re waiting for the parking garage elevator to take us back up to the level that we parked on. when one of the doors opens, it’s filled with 8 or so young adults. one of them was holding this gigantic sonic the hedgehog (a character that marshall is obsessed with). as matt and i are trying to assess whether the four of us will fit, marshall notices the sonic and the guy holding the sonic notices marshall’s sonic hoodie and holds the elevator door open and hands the doll to marshall. we notice what’s happened and profusely disagree with him giving it to marshall. the young man smiles and profusely refuses to take it back, saying he just won it and that marshall could use it more than he could. we thanked them profusely until the elevator door closed and felt blessed for the kindness of those youngsters. there really are still good people out there. people who make this kid the happiest kid around. 🙂



such a handsome dude.

so…….i like to take pictures of the weird things and ways i ‘see’ the city. here’s just a few things i snapped on our way off of the embarcadero.






and then they slept.

that was our day. a time to be together. a time to kick butt at forrest gump trivia. a time to  be in the crowds of the pier just long enough to know we don’t like to be there for very long. a time to drive and talk and get away from screens and neighbors and laundry.

we went. we did. we were.



week 45 wrap up

what’s up y’all? we’ve been living life over here, come see what we’ve been up to!

sunday | november 4:

a sweet note from marshall to my parents.

yay, football! this is why god created sundays.#fmsphotoaday day 4: tv. football is on all day, and I can watch my packers thanks to #nflsundayticket

monday | november 5:

a new blog series…to embrace the manic mondays.

homework help, everyday around 5 o’clock.
#fmsphotoaday day 5: 5 o'clock. helping the boy with homework and makeup work. #amomsdayisneverdone

tuesday | november 6:

my favorite shoes.

time to vote.

it’s no secret who i voted for. 

making sure we get our propositions right.

thumbs up for the freedom we have.

marshall and gibson’s order for dinner. love when he plays make-believe.

so tense about the voting results that we played some candyland.

well, i have to say i’m bummed. here’s what i posted to facebook shortly after the election was called.

wednesday | november 7:

honestly, how cute is this? i swear i didn’t make this happy face…it was just there when i went to brush my teeth. i totally needed to see this after the night we had.
tonight, marshall’s homework was to write things he’s thankful for on a yellow construction paper feather. he wrote it all by himself…

but i wrote out the list for him so he could see the words for himself.

gibson has more homework, and some makeup work.

after everyone was done with their work, the boys decided to play monopoly. which meant that marshall was learning on the job. they had so much fun and he really understood it.#30daysofthanks // thankful for how wonderful this 'alone time' is while Matt and Gibson teach Marshall how to play Monopoly in the other room.

this morning, the sun shone brightly in my mirror and i had to snap. #fmsphotoaday day 7: reflection.

thursday | november 8:

so much of this lately.

out with my mama tonight and saw the prettiest sunset behind the rain clouds.Untitled

we ate dinner at our favorite joint. the chips were the saltiest, the guac was the creamiest and the tacos were the tastiest.Yay for time with my mama! Chipotle and then scrapbook shopping!

love my mama!


our next stop was my local scrapbook store which, sadly, is closing their store and moving to an online outfit. i am so bummed because this is the only store within and worthy of the 25 minute drive. i will miss you green tangerines and the happiness you bring when i walk in to see all the shelves full of new lines and colors.

btw, that’s our receipt…what can i say…it was a mad sale!

#30daysofthanks // thankful for special time with my mom before her and daddy take off for 5 months. we ate at our fave place then cleaned out our local scrapbook store before they close their doors. and yes, that's our receipt!

some sweet pics with my mom and the boys before her and daddy take off again for southern cali for the winter. 


friday | november 9:

WOOHOO!!!! this is me doing my happy dance for mini quiches! so my office building provides a free buffet breakfast on fridays and for the last year, the quiches have been m.i.a.

but this week, they were back!!! and now my life is complete.


saturday | november 10:

first off, happy birthday to my sweet and lovely sister. MWAH! xoxo (little known fact: her and i are only 35 days apart. any guesses on how that happened?)
the sweetest thing went down this morning while the boys and i hung out in bed.

7:30 am run with my big dude. he’s a great running partner and keeps me moving when i just want to walk.Untitled

#fmsphotoaday can’t live without. my list is long, but here are a few things.#fmsphotoaday day 10: (just a few of many things) I can't  live without. it was cold, but my new running partner kept it fun!

sunday | november 11:

normally i do 12 on 12 or take12 on the 12th day of the month, but i have found that workdays are difficult to snap hour after hour. so, being the rebel that i am, i decided to do 11 on 11. sundays are the best days and i think today’s theme of laziness was certainly captured.


and there you have it! another week closer to thanksgiving and christmas. i am sooooo ready for this next couple of weeks!

lazy ‘lladas: a recipe + product review

easy meals are essential in my house. i have a small kitchen and don’t want to spend a lot of time in it. plus i work and need to cook fast with enough for lunch leftovers.

which makes my investment of the pampered chef deep covered baker a wise purchase, even if it was $45. it has paid off in so many ways. i chose the 9″ round baker for two reasons: 1) my microwave is kinda small and 2) the larger one was $85 and i couldn’t afford that. i have zero regrets about getting this size.

it was my bestie, tawnya (pampered chef consultant and vegan blogger), who peaked my interest. she used their products religiously but had just recently started selling it herself. during her debut party, she demonstrated an easy mexican style dish that BLEW MY MIND! since tawnya has been a vegetarian for a couple years and just recently made the move to full on vegan, her recipe didn’t have any meat in it. it’s versatile this way and is amazing with or without any meat.

below is my version of her original dish, lazy ‘lladas. this is a recipe for 2 larger servings. my hubby and kids don’t eat this dish so if your family would, just double the recipe.


9″ round deep covered baker by pampered chef
2-3 small corn tortillas
3/4 – 1lb of either ground turkey or chicken (it’s amazing with either)
1/2 can of black beans
1/2 can of seasoned diced tomatoes (i like the mexican one or the garlic and green chili)
1/4 can of corn niblets
shredded cheddar cheese
seasonings like: minced onions, emeril’s essence, garlic salt, pepper, chipotle or chili seasoning or even taco seasoning)


brown and season your meat. i used ground turkey so i could use the other portion for another meal.


these are the seasonings i used but get creative and do whatever you want.


layer the baker with a tort.


then pour in the tomatoes, beans and corn.


layer on half the meat and a good sprinkle of cheese. feel free to season here again as well since the seasoning from the meat can’t really get everywhere, don’t be afraid of flavor.


duplicate that layering again. sometimes i only do one layer depending on how many leftovers i want.


put on the lid and put in the microwave for 6 minutes. that’s not a typo…you read that right. check it, and if you doubled the recipe or added a layer, consider adding a couple minutes. i had to add one minute to mine.


this is the yummiest and quickest meal that’s packed full of protein. top it with diced avocado and it’s even healthier!


if you’re looking for a super piece of cookware that will make cooking and cleanup a breeze…consider the deep covered baker from the pampered chef. you can order online anytime! oh and did you know you can make a meatloaf in this thing in 20 minutes? uh…yeah. you can.


have a swell day!


week 22 wrap up

OHMIGOOODNESS i love the warm weather. mainly so the boys can play in the water and i can relax out in the back with them.

so here’s how we spent last week:

monday | may 28:

mostly shirtless boys.


a kid who found this empty corona box and used it all week to carry around his “supplies”.


tuesday | may 29:

STOP! hammock time! (lol, i crack myself up!)
STOP! ...... Hammock Time!

my april prints came! yeah!

April photos are here!!!! Love me some #persnicketyprints !!!!

i’m such a super hero nerd that i grabbed this tumbler at home goods with not one ounce of shame. POW!


marshall wouldn’t go in the pool unless i “dipped my toes in too.” it felt so good!


then he was cool with going it alone. in his undies of course.



wednesday | may 30:

#photoadayMAY for today is your personality. i took this picture the prior week for my style post and added text using the phonto app. it’s kinda perfect.

may 30: my personality

this old martha stewart recipe is still one of my faves. i can’t seem to find the recipe online but it’s super easy and fun for summer picnics.

personal watermelon (seedless)
english cucumber (seedless and peeled)
lime juice (3-4 tbsp)
salt and pepper to taste

chill in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight. or heck, just eat it right then and there. but if you let it sit overnight, all the juices co-mingle and soak into the melon and cuke. enjoy!


picking up strawberries for homemade jam. i used my last jar this week.


gibson’s 5th grade promotion ceremony was today. he’s officially a middle school dude!

school's...out...for summer!

thursday | may 31:

squashin’ berries. this is kinda my favorite part of the process.Making strawberry jam takes some effort but is soooo worth it!

and the result is a dozen pints of freezer jam.


gibson’s last day of school and of course, grade came home. never been concerned about this box down near the bottom, but today it has so much significance. and just to brag a bit, because he worked really hard, he pulled in the following grades which earned him his ps3 and tv back into his room and friend privileges:

math: A+
reading: B
science: B+
social studies: B
spelling: A
writing: B-


friday | june 1:

it’s a new month of photoaday pics from fatmumslim.

having to be at work at 7am, the road is usually pretty bare.
june 1: morning (love that most mornings my 5 minute commute doesn't include a lot of other cars. #photoadayjune #photoaday #phonto #camera+

my dear hubby posted this picture to my facebook timeline. we have a date people! time to request the day off…


marshall’s making faces at himself as we wait for gibson to finish up comedy class.


saturday | june 2:

marshall has been reading green eggs and ham on the iPad. it’s interactive, of course, with words you can touch and a read to me feature. he’s been reading it for a couple weeks now and today he picked up his actual book and ready it out loud…word for word! i was amazed. not that i should be, he’s almost 5 and he’s pretty smart. but i just hadn’t heard him read the whole entire thing! i usually ask him to say the last lines of sentences when we read. it’s just another sign that he’s ready for school!


my friend kristy at kristymakes started an instagram tag called #lunchis where we can post our daily lunches. this was my first post. my cold chicken pasta and the recipe is here.

#lunchis cold chicken pasta (rotini, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, parm, evoo, lemon juice, pepper and garlic salt

after lunch i hung out with marsh in the pool while gibson hung out at a friend’s house. i literally just dipped my toes in and it was perfect.


he likes to splash.


and tell me funny secrets.


#photoadayjune for today is empty. i had been thinking about it during the day but it wasn’t until the evening that i knew the picture i wanted to take. gibson ended up sleeping over at his buddy’s so his bed was empty for the night. 😦   but he had a blast with his friend who is moving across the country at the end of the summer. more sad faces.

june 2: empty (missing the eldest while he's at a buddy's house) #photoaday #photoadayjune #phonto

so i didn’t tell you that some of that smashed strawberry from the jam didn’t quite make it in the batch. so of course, saving it was the only option. and this my friends is my version of cold stone’s strawberry blonde. slow churned vanilla bean ice cream (1/2 the fat or something like that), a couple spoonfuls of smashed strawberries (no sugar added), and crumbled graham crackers. it’s literally heaven in a bowl. heaven i tell you.


and that was my week. full of fun and food. two things i need to live and smile.

hope you had an equally awesome week! 🙂


meal planning made easy

when i had my dumb flip phone, i thought i’d never need a smart phone.
when i got my blackberry i was in love. head over heals. stuck like chuck.
but the iphone. the iphone changed my life.

easier access to emails and internet and pictures and apps and organization and convenience and texts. if you have an iphone…this is no secret to you.

the same is true for my ipad. only less on-the-go.

but my ipad is good for so much else. i regularly use it in the kitchen when making something from a recipe. which got me thinking. maybe there’s an app for planning my meals. i just bought a ton of food and wanted to make sure it all gets used. after i downloaded a couple free apps that didn’t really do what i wanted, it hit me…THE CALENDAR. i mean, we eat dinner at the same time every night. why couldn’t i schedule dinner and what’s on the menu?


i’m loving how this is working…come one…check out how i did it!

i created a new calendar in the cloud called menu and labeled it purple.

i added a new event and named it the dinner title. gave it a start and end time, a and a reminder for an hour before. scrolling down…i categorized it under meals. and wait…here’s the best part. i added the web address to the recipe for the night. i won’t have to search for it 10 minutes before dinner and i know i already have the ingredients. GENIUS!

now my dinners for the week are here, in one spot. actually not one spot. since i’m in the cloud…the menu and reminders are on my iphone too!

so today, as i left the office at 4, i got the reminder that tonight we were having sandwiches and roasted cauliflower. and look…there’s the recipe for the cauliflower.

i don’t think i will ever write a menu down on a paper calendar again. as i try to eliminate paper and junk and piles from my life…this just seems right. this works.

so what works for you? do you have a phone or tablet that has a calendar feature? would you switch to a digital  menu planner?

let me know what you do and how it works!

mini breakfast quiches: a recipe

Homemade mini quiches. Part of a complete breakfast.

i require quick breakfasts on weekdays.

i start work at 7am which means some days i’m leaving before the boys are awake. kinda rare since my kids wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. i swear, if they see the slightest bit of light peaking through their windows (which have super dark curtains and get shoved up underneath the blinds to ensure the light stays out) they are up and ready to take on the day. i enjoy their enthusiasm. i’m the same way…don’t want to miss anything.


i typically don’t make breakfast at home because if they’re sleeping, cooking is too loud in our tiny house. and if they are up, i’ve spent every free moment making sure they are snuggled and hugged. soo, i usually stop for a bagel 1x a week and the other times i bring granola and a banana or some ham slices and an apple.

but i’m a protein girl. i need my protein and i love eggs in the morning. enter pinterest. duh.

i wanted to see if others used the refrigerated pie crusts like my mini apple pies and if it would work and how long to cook them and all that. yup…i was good to go. here’s how i make mine but you can add anything you like to yours. that’s how cool these are!

6 eggs (you’re using about half and egg per quiche)
sea salt, pepper, emeril’s essence and garlic salt
chopped deli meats ( i use honey ham and sun dried tomato turkey)
cheese of your choice (i use cheddar and mozzarella)
Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts (or any other brand)

1) scramble your eggs in a bowl and add the seasonings

2) chop up your meats into small pieces

3) grate your cheeses

4) using a mason jar ring, cut circles out of the unrolled dough.

5) place your cupcake pan on the lid of the dishwasher and spray with PAM. (yes, the dishwasher lid. so that you don’t get the spray all over your counters or sink or stove. the dishwasher lid is either already dirty or it will be soon when it runs next.)

6) press each circle of dough into each hole by pressing gently in the center, then sliding the sides down to be flush with the pan. you’re making a little hammock for your egggy goodness.

7) pour in the egg mixture until about 2/3 full.

8) sprinkle in the meats, then the cheeses. you can separate them or mix and match them or add veggies or whatever. get creative.

9) pop them in a 400 degree oven for 14-15 minutes. i knew mine were done when the toothpick didn’t come out runny anymore.

10) when you pull them out, let them cool a bit. then use a spoon to gently turn them and they should pop right out.


11) i placed them in ziploc sandwich bags x2. then put all the pairs into one big freezer ziploc bag and put them in the freezer. each morning, i grab a 2-pack and hit the road. at work, i haven’t mastered the toaster oven which is what i would recommend. the microwave is fine but they get dry and the crust isn’t crisp. only microwave for 1 minute or 1:20.

and there you have it…a quick and easy weekday (or heck, even the weekend) breakfast! enjoy my peeps!

spaghetti sliders: a recipe

behold: a plain old spaghetti dinner turned awesome!

i was making spaghetti, like i normally do. you know, brown the meat, boil the noodles, simmer the sauce. i began to boil the whole wheat rotini, then i remembered that for me, the whole wheat pasta just made me too full last time so i contemplated what else i could do for dinner.

AHA! we still had half a bag of whole wheat brown n’ serve rolls that hadn’t been browned yet. JACKPOT! tossed those suckers in the oven and when they were nice and warmed with a slight crisp on the top, i filled them with all the spaghetti fixins and spaghetti sliders were born!


jennie-o brand italian ground turkey: 3% fat/97%lean ( i guess this is how it’s labeled)
whole wheat (enriched) brown and serve rolls
prego garlic and parmesan spaghetti sauce
shredded parmesan

pile the meat into a nice structure.


smother it with sauce.


sprinkle with cheese.


top it off.



i made 3 + a small ceasar salad and was full but not overly stuffed.


if you end up making this…let me know how it turns out!

happy eating!

EPIC thanksgiving festivities

i think we laughed most of the day. our dear friend (and darn near our brother) came to enjoy grub and football and we just love to bring up old movies and tv shows and music and crack each other up! we stuffed ourselves, then we had dinner. the giddy food coma was in full effect as we listened to cat sing christmas carols and watched gibson roll around on the ground like a crazy person.  loved having mike with us. this thanksgiving was EPIC.

but let me back up a bit. the day prior to thanksgiving was filled with baking and prepping the food.

i made my first apple pies. they were so delicious thanks to little bit funky’s mini apple pie recipe. super cheap and quick. oh and don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!

salami and cream cheese rollups are a standard appetizer in our house. originally made by matt’s late mother for my first baby shower, it was love at first bite. all you need is a package of salami and a tub of whipped cream cheese.  spread a knife of cream cheese onto one slice of salami and roll into thirds.

don’t they look yummy? just keep them refrigerated until it’s time to place them on the table.

we also had ruffles and onion dip (way yummy) but i didn’t feel it warranted a picture.

there hasn’t been cookies baked in this house in months. a little sad but we’ve all appreciated the lack of addicting sugary snacks. but today i had an excuse. so i whipped up 5 dozen soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. and of course the boys enjoyed licking the beaters. i mean who doesn’t really? i know you do!

such a beautiful mountain of baked goodness. if you want to make your own, i use a martha stewart recipe that’s been my go-to cookie recipe for years. only the best and she does it right! oh, i added some oats to the last couple batches.

the camera was MIA from the cookies until after dinner. you’ve seen thanksgiving fixin’s a hundred times so i figured i’d spare you from having to see my gorgeous herb roasted turkey and garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes. your welcome. gibson took off to play games, marshall sitting very prim and proper while playing a train track game on matt’s phone. matt and mike were told to act natural but i got a scold and a smirk instead. hehe

seriously with the leg crossed? are we sure he doesn’t need a glass of white wine and some loafers?

he did help clean up afterwards. and yep, he’s sportin’ the sweeper slippers.

after dinner, gibson decided he would tackle the turkey leg. was he man enough?

in the battle between boy and leg, LEG WON. after like 4 bites he decided he couldn’t finish it. but he tried so big.

truly and honestly, this crew is what i’m most thankful for. everyday. they make me crazy and they make me laugh. god i love my boys. and hello christmas card photo!

i’m super excited about my upcoming posts! i’m showing you my christmas decorations!

get your jingle bells on, we’re going to a sleigh ride!

homemade granola {repost}

now that the weather is cooling off, it’s a perfect time to make a big ol’ batch of homemade granola. i posted this back in april but think it deserves a repost. i’m grabbing all the ingredients today and am making my house smell like fall.

enjoy! and hey, if you make some or do something different…let me know, m’kay?


Since I was a little girl, my mom’s homemade granola has been a favorite breakfast treat. I still even have the tiny ceramic Strawberry Shortcake bowl that I HAD to eat it in.
Charmed with raisins, sprinkled with sugar and caressed with cold milk, this family recipe has continued to be a favorite in my house.

*Just a little note…you’ll need your oven for at least a few hours so in the summer, I wait until the evening to bake but during the cold months, anytime is a good time to fill the house with the sweet cinnamon smell.

*This is the full recipe. Most times, I cut the amounts in half since it’s only my hubby and I who enjoy it.

Nonni’s Granola

Heat oven to 250 degrees

9 cups of quaker oats
7oz of flaked coconut
2 cups of wheat germ
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cups of sunflower seeds
1 package of sliced almonds
1 tbsp of salt
1 1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

2/3 cups water
1 1/2 cups oil
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Stir well and set aside.
Combine all wet ingredients in a glass measuring cup. Stir well and set aside.

Pour water/oil/vanilla mixture onto the dry ingredients. Mix well with a noodle spoon (not sure what else to call it but it helps stir into clumps). You can mix it with your hands too and squueze little pieces together as you go.

Bake in a metal baking pan at 250. For the first 45 minutes, let it bake. Then stir it every half hour or so until it’s all golden and none of it looks wet anymore.

Serve with a sprinkle of sugar, some raisins and milk and it’s a filling and healthy breakfast (or nighttime snack).

Store in an airtight container and it lasts up to a month.


I’m all linked up:

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