breakfast bake // a recipe

inspired by this pin, i made my own version: you'll need: 1 english muffin 2 eggs a few spinach leaves (chopped) one slice of deli ham (chopped) 2 slices of tomato parmesan cheese pre-heat oven to 350* scramble the eggs with the spinach and ham. season with pepper. lightly toast the english muffin. on a… Continue reading breakfast bake // a recipe

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one little word in action // san francisco

since i'm a bit of a rebel, instead of just picking 'one little word' this year, i picked 'three little words'. 'one little phrase' even. i picked action words so that i get off my rear-end and do something. go somewhere. be happy. my goal for the year is to do more, starting with a… Continue reading one little word in action // san francisco