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christmas embroidery // a craft + template

when you think of christmas songs, which is your favorite? mine? hands down, baby it's cold outside by dean martin i realize it doesn't have anything to do with christmas, but it has everything to do with winter weather and a time gone by when people had class and morals with regard to relationships. the… Continue reading christmas embroidery // a craft + template

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easter twenty-twelve in words + photos

hiding. creepin'. treats. loot. treasure. the gibber. me and the gibber. awwwww who's ready? marshall is! and so is his cousin caleb! low low low low gibson got the golden egg siblings and nephew. gorgeous family. sister-in-law and baby rubi. grandparents and grandsons. the grays. thumbs up. after all the eggs and grass and candy… Continue reading easter twenty-twelve in words + photos

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thumb bunny loves you // easter card idea + FREEBIE

In December, I attempted to send Christmas cards. FAIL. I figured I'd just do them for New Year's to wish everyone a happy twenty11. FAIL. A shirtless photo shoot of my two whipper-snappers would be SO cute for a Valentines Day card! FAIL. Then I ran across kristy.makes and her fabulous thumbprint bunnies...and BAM! SUCCESS.… Continue reading thumb bunny loves you // easter card idea + FREEBIE

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I’m grateful for… [days 15-16]

Tuesday 11/16: alone time with Marshall. Matt and Gibson went to Varsity practice tonight so me and the Marsh-Man ran errands. He held my hand when we walked without pulling or fighting me and he stayed dry in his Thomas "underwears' the whole time. Monday 11/15: Family Circle Magazine's super awesome subscription deal. Not sure… Continue reading I’m grateful for… [days 15-16]