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week 37 + 38 wrap up

monday | september 10: it's gonna be a busy week. this is my to do list...for today. by mid week, i added another entire page. today's #fmsphotoaday is black & white. loving my new sweater. i am at my best when..... tuesday | september 11: look what i found in my laptop when i got… Continue reading week 37 + 38 wrap up

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run a mile in my shoes | ENJOYing it

when i decided to start a small running goal (#runamileinmyshoes), i didn't anticipate the results. i had never taken on this kind of challenge. okay, so not never. i've always said i want to enjoy working out, i just never really did. i'd get on the treadmill after work but i was never satisfied. i was… Continue reading run a mile in my shoes | ENJOYing it

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enJOYing the rewards

Without labor nothing prospers.  ~Sophocles we praise hard work in this family. and what's gonna work? teamwork! which leads me to this atrocity that we call a backyard. the winter always wreaks havoc on our unmaintainable (is that even a word?) yard and it's a mess to clean up. i had no plans to lay a patio this weekend.… Continue reading enJOYing the rewards