drea lately // with intentions


listening to: pretty much only christmas music when i’m at home. i have a giant playlist here! recently i discovered a singer named lucy woodward. she’s got this jazzy italian swing style that i adore. check out her newest album, hooked!!

inention // i want to discover new music. i want to enjoy some new stuff by new artists.

watching: just finished up the voice and by far it’s the best singing competition show around. the sing-off is back and i’m LOVING it! i’m so behind on new girl, biggest loser and S.H.I.E.L.D. but we’ve got time. 🙂 i also am trying to finish killing kennedy, the bonnie & clyde mini-series and white christmas. i just discovered that i can connect my laptop to the tv through HDMI and can rent or buy movies from iTunes and watch them on the big screen. SCORE!!

intention // to introduce gibson to a few of our favorite movies. field of dreams, BIG and the princess bride. revenge of the nerds and spaceballs might be on that list but we’ll have to be sure about it first.

playing: with my new studio calico project life kits! i’m a new subscriber and so far have received two kits. i love the variety and all the goodies! it’s totally worth the $20/month.

intention // to keep up the creative streak i’ve had for the past few months. i have a big vacation coming up, 13 days off work and i plan to catch up. by the end of my vacay i should be done with september and december, with only october and november ready to be printed. being 6 months behind isn’t ideal, but 2-3 is just right.

looking forward to: christmas! we’ve got 5 more days. 5 sleeps people, 5 sleeps!! the kids have no idea what’s in any of those boxes and we’ve giddy for them to rip and tear. i want christmas morning to last all day.

intnetion // i simply want to enjoy the moments.

eating: like complete crap. this is a rough time at work, and this year especially with health care reform, and all the carriers and vendors bring in goodies and boxes of toffee and chocolate. we’ve had so many client meetings which means lunch out and i am so off track. i can see it in my face and i HATE it.

intention // i won’t wait until jan 1 to get myself back on the right path. i’m starting right after christmas. this way i will have plenty of time (during my vacation) to workout and build up the good habits. once i get back to work on the 6th, the habits of working out and eating well will be easier to keep up with. this will happen people!

drinking: peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks. period. hense the previous item.

intention // cut the treat drinks down to special occasions and

wearing: new birthday clothes! levis, chucks, sweaters, gloves and tube socks. i’m a wuss in the cold.

intention // i bought some sweater tights and toghts with cute designs in order to wear my summer dresses and skirts this winter. my goal is still to shop in my own closet to find new ways to wear what i have.

noticing: marshall is so good at remembering things and is doing so well with reading. gibson is growing a mustache and is taller than me now. 

intention // getting marshall some new books that will keep him interested in the story and getting gibson a razor. jk 😉

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately. what have you been ______ lately?


back to school

my kiddos went back to school today!

kindergarten for the marsh-man and seventh grade for the gibber.

here’s how the obligatory photo shoot went this morning.

marshall is his cute self, as per usual.

love being able to document his stats at the beginning of each year. gibson says he wants one for him now too.  🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

if they could both just look at me at the same time, that’d be great.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ah, there we go! love this shot!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

gibson was nice enough to snap some pics with me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

i absolutely adore this photo. marshall was hiding from the camera and gibson was watching along. this is one i will cherish forever.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

he is sooooo ready.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


….and you’ll never guess who is in marshall’s class again this year…the lovely alexis (aka, marshall’s girlfriend). they were both absolutely elated to see each other, showed off their backpacks and chatted until it was time to go in!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and now, my very favorite school song…enjoy.

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hellostyle_4x4 copy

okay, so i am still trying to figure out the best time and place to take good pictures of my outfits in this new house. here’s the reality: my hair, makeup and clothes look best first thing in the morning, but the lighting isn’t all that great during those minutes before i’m rushing to make breakfast and get out the door at ten ’til seven. the light is best when i get home, but most days i just wanna jump into something comfy the minute i walk through the door.

so please forgive some of the less-than-stellar quality pics here and in the future, i’m either going to go back to using my good camera and tripod or enlist the help of one of my trusty household photographers.

but until then, here are five outfits that i wore this week, using mostly pieces that have been purchased at least a year ago. if it’s a new-ish item, i’ll tell ya. but my goal is to utilize what i have. continuing to shop in my closet can be challenging, but the reward is creating an outfit that you’ve never worn before.

one // i love mixing retro colors with modern pieces. it’s hard to see my hair style, but i’ve got some faux victory rolls goin’ on. 

black skinnies: kohl’s
striped tee: old navy
yellow cardi: target
red flats: marshall’s

other details // red button earrings, made by me and red necklace


two // trying to play with colors today, keeping it simple, and making a weird face.

teal top.
skinny jeans: kohl’s
coral pendant earrings: old navy

three // finally! getting this shot has been a dream of mine since i brought my gram’s piano home last year. but it sat in my garage until april when we moved to a place where it could live inside. i had a little solo photo shoot, and LOVE how these turned out.

my favorite dress in the entire world. found at kohl’s.
red belt that came with a skirt many years ago.



four // it’s friday and i want to wear houndstooth.

graphic tee: target
skinny jeans: kohl’s
houndstooth shoes: tilly’s
houndstooth hair clip: gift from tawnya

five // pulling in all the colors from the tank, teal, coral and yellow are a modern and neutral (for me) combo.

teal 3/4 sleeve.
floral tank: target
coral wedges: walmart
yellow drop necklace: very jane

what did you wear this week? i bet you looked amazing.
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drea lately


lately, i’ve been coming back to this quote. it’s quite profound and needs little explanation. feeling blessed to be me in this life God has blessed me with.


now….on to the fun stuff!

listening to: i just updated my feel good playlist on spotify, it makes me feel good. old school r&b like the commodores and the delfonics. you can find that playlist here. the great gatsby soundtrack. omg, i cannot get enough of this whole album. song i can’t get enough of are: down the road by c2c, pusher love girl by jt, i love it by icona pop, ways to go by grouplove, and let’s go by matt & kim

watching: summer tv is the best. don’t get me wrong, i miss my fall shows, but the summer brings fun and mindless shows for me to indulge in. falling skies. big brother. a new show called under the dome. sytycd. masterchef.

playing: wheel of fortune on the iPad. as a kid, i would watch wheel of fortune on tv every night and loved solving the puzzles before the contestants. now marshall and i play and he loves spinning the wheel and tries so hard to figure out the words. what i love most is that he’s seeing words come together and it’s also teaching him math when we get multiple letters.

looking forward to: seeing huey lewis in concert next weekend. taking a trip to a beach somewhere before the summer ends. having friends over for summer bbqs. that marshall finally wants to see a movie in the theater. he wants to see turbo and it will be our very first family movie together. seeing the new wolverine movie.

eating: lots of proteins. lots of veggies. tons of fresh fruit. peaches, kiwi, strawberries. anything to keep away the junk food cravings. yesterday i made a delicious shrimp and avocado salad. i might throw the recipe up here next week. Untitled

drinking: cucumber ice water and plain ol’ ice water. nothing better in the summertime. other than a rum & coke.

wearing: summer dresses. ponytails. skirts. shorts and tanks. keeping it cool when it’s blazing hot out.

working on: some pinterest projects. working out regularly. laundry. a new wooden sign for the bedroom.

noticing: marshall is making a lot of forts. he’s phasing out of trains. gibson is getting calls from girls and he’s totally confused my the tween girl line of questioning.

app-loving: the new rhonnadesigns app is AMAZING!!! it’s $2 and i can’t even see how it will ever get old. there is so much stuff that i run into new things each time.

i made this little nugget using her app and am using it for my lock screen. if you like it, feel free to save it for yourself. Untitled

also, momento just happened into my life a couple weeks ago and you can see my review here.

reading: blogs on bloglovin’. really loving having my magazines on my iPad too but i would really love a new book to read. any suggestions? i prefer time period reads versus stories that are set in modern times.

loving: how much i dig our new house. it’s clean and subtle walls and open spaces make me happy. loving that i still love it.

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately. what have you been ______ lately?

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5 things // #longhairproblems

hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.  ~shana alexander

many years ago, i had short hair. and for a long time. i chopped my hair from bra-line to a-line-bob when i was 16. and keeping it short was part of who i was. the pixie cut was my best and favorite style of all. mostly, i don’t care much for hair on my neck or in my face, so naturally, i kept it short.

// 2004


// 2008

Jerry cousins and family reunion 025

// 2010

organize pics 254

2010 was about the time i decided to start the grow out process. i had a great stylist who helped me make the most out of each phase of growth.
i knew it would be a long road.
i prepared for irritating stages.
i also knew that when it got to the right length, it would all be worth it.

three and a half years later, we’re there!





as much as i LOVE having the freedom of bangs, no bangs, up, down, half up, vintage styles and experimenting with braids and waves, there are so many things about long hair that i just haven’t had to deal with for the last 17 years.

one // gets caught under my purse straps. annoying.

two // touches the backs of my arms and scares me. eeeek!

three // gets stuck in between my back and my seat when i’m driving, making it pull when i turn my head. rude!

four // blow drying takes the time of a tv show these days. hence the ponytails all the time.

five // it’s everywhere! like seriously….everywhere!

but i’ll be keeping it long. i absolutely love it and look forward to the possibilities.
what about you? long? short? don’t care? i wanna know!

hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.  ~hubert de givenchy, vogue, july 1985

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drea lately



listening to: old indie rock from the mid 2000’s. lots of hot hot heat, queeens of the stone age, modest mouse and the fratellis. also old school r&b like hall & oates, steve winwood, the isley brothers, commodores, george michael and prince. the new warmer temps prompted a sounds of summer playlist too. all of these new spotify playlists are linked here and i can’t get enough!

watching: idol with gibson. i wasn’t going to watch but ended up getting sucked in, as i do every year. i just like the music, i can’t help it. the bible is a new mini-series on the history channel that we’re excited to start. still loving new-girl and our other sit-coms!

playing: just dance 4 on the wii, with the boys of course. i mean, pppfff, you won’t find me just dancing to jailhouse rock all by myself…oh no. not me. never. (can you sense my sarcasm? good. ’cause i freaking love dancing.) marshall has also discovered the game guess who? so we’re playing that too.

looking forward to: spring. my parents coming home. so you think you can dance. hammock time. another karaoke night with my girls. a family day sometime in march.

eating: peanut butter balls. i can’t get enough, but i keep it to only 2 at a time because even though they look like “better than junk food”, they still have a lot of fattening things in them. they’re still a yummy treat!

drinking: mango iced tea. ice water. nothing else really does it for me like tea and water.

wearing: flip-flops. finally. although short-lived, i’m taking advantage while i can. jamberry nail wraps. the nail art possibilities are endless. my hair down. now that my lovely stylist eliminated my gray hair for approximately 6 weeks, i don’t have to cover up my roots.

working on: the family room updates. keeping my closet desk tidy and organized. making a new logo and biz cards for gff. getting licensed. project life.

avoiding: sugar. well, cookies, brownies and chocolate specifically. i’m struggling. lord give me strength!

noticing: the boys and their current girl obsessions. these kids are 5 and 11. wth? marshall is crushing on a girl in his jr. k class who is equally as infatuated. gibson’s got a friend who is a girl who he says is “cute + awesome” because she hangs out with him and isn’t all “girlie + weird”. smh.

app-loving: picsplaypro has so many filters and tons of editing options that it’s my go-to photo editor now. cuptakes updates their gallery of girlie wallpapers each month and the app is only $.99! 

reading: almost done with the chaperone by laura moriarty. i’ve only been reading it for like 6 months. going to start the grapes of wrath next or a book about the real downton abbey. cannot wait!

hating: any and all errands that involve public stores. society has become so rude that i can barely stand going out anymore.

loving: some of the struggles gibson has to endure in middle school. i know we all have to go through different situations to come out stronger on the other side, but i hate seeing him hurt. i just know that every situation he brings home can be turned into a teachable moment.

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately.

what have you been ______ lately?

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hello gorgeous food // you know you’ve packed a good lunch and snacks when everything goes in the fridge, and nothing goes in the drawer.

hello old music // this week i want to explore older stuff. and not just the same ole stuff i listen to on a daily. i want some older country, some older bluegrass, some older jazz and some older rock ‘n’ roll.

hello office clean up // my fellow office mates and I are preparing to do a bit of early spring cleaning on friday afternoon. i gotta tell ya, i’m super excited about it. 🙂

hello new outfits // this week my goal is to wear things in ways i haven’t yet. an old top with a new pair of pants or that new top that i haven’t tried with anything yet. this is that week. wish me luck.

hello limited screen time // i’m not going on a full-on social sabbatical again, but i am going to save my fun screen time for later in the evening and after the boys are in bed. i want to see them. i want to be with them.

hello sun // the weather this week looks like we’ll see some sun and that makes this girl happy. we’ve had a bit of the cabin fever lately and it’s nice for the boys to get out and play.

hello anniversary weekend // matt and i will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. we have plans to see a play that our dear friend is in and hopefully eat some yummy food, sans children. we’ve never gotten “away” for our anniversary so we’re thinking that we can plan that for next month. maybe. just maybe. 😉

hoping you have a fabulous week!



drea lately

listening to: rockabilly, old and new country, the judds, bob dylan, mumford & sons, the bee gees, the asteroids galaxy tour (the golden age), and church music. you can find all my playlists on spotify if you wanna listen along with me!

watching: downton abbey. [best era show ever. can’t believe it’s already 1920.] parenthood. [i’m new to this show so i have 3+ seasons to catch up on. but it will be worth it! i can relate to soooo much.] pan am. [still working on the last 4 episodes. i just don’t want it to end. sad face.] new girl. [hilarious.] the voice. [better than idol.] two and a half men, mike & molly, big bang, two broke girls. [always.] football. [the season is half over and i been having too much fun watching all the games and rooting for my fantasy players!]

looking forward to: the new james bond movie, skyfall. daniel craig…yum. thanksgiving dinner + football + laziness. prepping crafty things for christmas. breaking dawn part 2 on friday with my girls. sooooo excited! a trip to the snow. a day veture up to apple hill. working on project life this weekend. all the new changes happening at my second bloggy home fancylittlethings.com

eating: peanut clusters. sprouted grain bread. kashi pumpkin spice granola bars. candy corn. strawberries + blackberries. not jalapeno bagels…i think i’m having withdrawls. brown rice, asian chicken + asparagus medley.

drinking: ice water [always, everyday.] iced tea. [every single morning.] when i’m cold and need a warm up, hot chocolate with a splash of french vanilla creamer.

wearing: tube socks + chucks. skinnies + boots. sweaters + belts. pj bottoms + hoodies.

working on: helping to direct gibson into a more school-focused mentality. he is struggling and matt and i are doing everything we can to keep him on track. i worry about him, for several reasons, so i take extra care to be sure he takes care of business, while not doing it for him. i want so much for him and he is so smart. i want us all to be confident and prepared when he is ready to fly on his own.

avoiding: coke. halloween candy. cheddar + saltines.

noticing: marshall being more curious and asking real questions instead of just ‘why’ questions. he’s really thinking about how things work. that i’m happy. people’s gifts. i need

app-loving: yahoo fantasy football: i can update rosters, check standings, watch matchups and research players. spotify: on my iPad and iPhone, i can listen to all my playlists no matter where i am. focus on the family: access to daily broadcasts. letterschool: teaches kids the proper way to write each letter. netflix: love being able to watch tv shows that i’m trying to catch up on. lenslight: a new photo editing app that adds light filters and textures. my insta-friend @reginawhitefoto told me about it. youversion: the best bible app around. i like being able to look up a verse in church with just 3 clicks.

reading: a new blog i found called figuring out 40, #shereadstruth bible study of galatians via youversion.com and still working on the chaperone by laura moriarty.

missing: my parents. they travel a lot now. like, for months at a time. and i miss crafty time with my mama and face to face chats with my papi. i’m learning that part of cultivating a good life is understanding and accepting that people around me are in different stages of their lives.
also missing babies. oh good lord i see babies everywhere! i want to coo and cuddle and snuggle and call them george. but i do not want to keep them for my very own. so i’m applying to volunteer in the nursery at my church. i think i could handle this, and get in my baby fix.

hating: the political outcome. presidential, propositions, period. sad face.

loving: cooler weather. my political and religious freedoms. snuggles from marshall. when gibson wants to chat. conversations with matt that only include movie and song quotes. saturday night service. that gibson loves bible study and middle school ministries. that gibson and matt are teaching marshall how to play monopoly. when marshall says “aww snap.” that gibson rolls his eyes at me when i talk in “his” language. (like when i say preesh, totes and welks.)

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately.

what have you been lately?


oh fall…i’m falling in love with you


“i’m a summer girl!” “i would love to live in arizona.” “the heat is my friend!” said by me more than 6 years ago.

“i can’t wait for the summer sun.”

{enter year 27 when baby number 2 was born. born in october and literally during the OAK /SD game i forced the nursing staff to keep on the tv while i pushed.

that’s when i fell in love with fall.


what is it about this time of year? is it that naturally, we as earthlings in the northern hemisphere, are just trained to expect cooler weather and earlier nights? or as humans and americans who move forward faster than ever, are never satisfied with what is and are constantly seeking out what we don’t have?

regardless, i’m looking forward to fall. and clearly, so is everyone else, evident by the halloween crafts and apple cupcakes flooding my pinterest feed.

it’s still in the 90’s here, but the mornings are cool and the evenings are darker earlier. sometimes we have some cloud cover which gives the illusion that summer is fading away.


i will miss you summer. i really will. but i will not miss your gifts of sweat, ants and soccer craziness at my running park.

fall is near and the mini pumpkin pies, leggings + boots are in my future. so hurry up already!


5 things you may not know about me

i don’t like surprises…of any kind. especially when it comes to food and places to go. i kinda need to know what to expect, what to wear, if i’m in the mood for that food, you know? probably drives matt nuts but he sure knows how to get me sometimes.


shower drains give me the creeps. even in my own shower. i mean, really, who knows what’s down there?


i used to have my tragus pierced. no worries, it’s totally g-rated. it’s the little section that projects immediately in front of the ear canal. it was cool back in the day. i also had my nose pierced when i was 18. neither of them lasted too long but i would love to do the tragus again someday.


i spent only 3 weeks in kindergarten before they skipped me to first grade. i wasn’t ready socially but i was bored as all get out in class. i knew everything they were teaching the other kids. the downside was that i was always younger than my classmates and i was always trying to play catch up instead of being advanced. my mom says she would not have skipped me if she realized the other ramifications. but it was the 80s…a totally different time.


icons on my desktop drive me insane. i am forced to keep the obligatory recycle bin and stuff on there but they are tiny and off to a corner…i keep mines clean!

please tell me i’m not the only one who is freaked out by shower drains? lol!