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because listers just gotta list

hey crafty babes! want to see a flip-thru of one of my listing albums? i've decided to keep an ongoing list album for all the different listing projects that i participate in and i'd love to walk you through the one i started this year! here is how you can start listing too! listersgottalist by… Continue reading because listers just gotta list

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weekend pinterest projects

this weekend held so much potential, on monday. on tuesday, it was a distant dream. wednesday began my excitement for a friends' kiddo's birthday party at the pool and a sunday full of football. then thursday showed up and brought swollen glands, a scratchy throat and severe sinus pressure. curse you, thursday. friday didn't make… Continue reading weekend pinterest projects

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project life // recalling memories

i do not have the memory of an elephant. i cannot recall some major and minor details of life. but who can keep them all straight, really, when you're a working mommy/wife with a creative mind that also needs to remember class projects and insurance rules and friend's birthdays and who said what when, and when… Continue reading project life // recalling memories