saying hello to bullet journaling

if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i’m kinda into lists. you can see some of my listing projects here.

and lists are how i keep my to-dos from being forgotten. i learned as a young student that i would be more likely to remember stuff if i wrote it down. so making lists has become a very normal thing for me – both in my work life and my home life.

and i think we all know about the planner craze that has swept over us crafty babes. i promised myself that i wouldn’t get into that. my own personal reason is because i have a tendency to over-plan and then under-do because i’ve worn myself out during the planning process. so i ignore the planner stuff and grab my composition book to jot down tasks and goals and doodles.

still in need of something better than post-it notes and different list formats, pinterest introduced me to what is called bullet journaling. it’s basically an analog version of planning but in a super stripped down, handwritten, listing kind of way. it. was. enlightening. so i quickly pinned everything i could possibly find – you can follow my planner-ish pinterest board here.

my first thought was just to use what i had – i’m always down for NOT spending money. i had an old spiral graph notebook that i pulled from a dusty shelf. i also figured that i needed something that could fit in my purse so i knew i wasn’t going to use the spiral notebook. so i grabbed my heidi swapp journal planner that was already gutted for another attempt at some kind of planner situation. (i found this beauty half-off at michael’s but it’s still available on amazon)


my first page setup was essentially how i would continue with my template but i added some flair when i was sure this was what i wanted to do.

i cut some graph paper to the size of the planner tabbed dividers and toted that around for a week. i realized that i was sort of ignoring it. so i picked up a couple graph composition books and liked the larger size but there was no place for my ruler or pens. so after a week with that format, i decided to go back to the binder format so that i could keep things together and could have loose pages that would allow me to move things around and have different pages for different lists/goals.

and this is what i settled on:

i will stick with this template and those things will be in black, allowing me to add color for the items that will change each week.

i created a dashboard with simple items like post-its, and some colorful flags. i mounted them with double sided foam tape. this is all on a cardboard type page that is paper-clipped to the monthly divider tab. this way i can move it to the next month when that time comes.
i have placed a 6-in ruler, my two pens and an extra paperclip in the tiered pockets of the binder cover.

my bullet journal template includes the month, year, week number along with the days of the week and the weather.
i will add a different quote each week too.
my tasks are broken into 3 sections: home + family, blog + brand and design team.
i also am keeping track of my health habits. i will either put a check mark or a dash in the columns for lifting weights, cardio, eating clean and will draw a face for my overall feeling for the day. i will also be listing my food to be prepped/bought for a week of clean eating.
and that’s it, friends!
oh! i did a video about it too that you can watch right here.

here are the basic supplies i am using:
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner:
Sharpie Fine marker – black:
Tab punch:

happy listing!
xo andrea

5 things I still have from high school

hi friends!

do you remember your high school years? i do, and i don’t particularly like going back there in my memory. you couldn’t pay me to do that over again. well, maybe a LARGE amount of money, but probably not even then.

anyhoo – i haven’t done a 5 things list in a while and had thought to myself the other day, ‘oh my goodness, i’ve had this since high school.’

so here are 5 thing i still have in my life that i acquired while in my high school years:

my dual alarm clock //  i need two alarms and i use them both. my current clock is the same one that used to wake me up for school. i might be devastated if it ever dies.

a bath towel // okay, this may sound gross, but i have held onto one bath towel from when i lived at my parent’s house. over the years it has thinned down to practically nothing but it’s perfect for wrapping my hair after a shower. since it’s so thin, it’s not super heavy on my head and it wraps up perfectly.

d’angelo’s brown sugar album on cd // it was the very first cd i purchased for myself to play on my brand new cd player in 1995. wow.

an armoire // my parent’s bought me brand new bedroom furniture when i entered high school and after it’s debut in my room, it’s come along with me to each and every house i’ve lived in since. it’s made an appearance in both of the boys’ rooms, been painted over several times and now serves out it’s time in the garage as storage for many cherished items.

drafting supplies // i spent every single semester of high school in mr. turini’s drafting/architecture classes. it was my favorite elective and i felt so comfortable there with all of my super sharp pencils and t-square and erasers and drafting brush. i have hung on to several tools from that era of my life because i still use them today (and they’re super expensive).


so, what gems from high school are you hangin’ on to?



30 days of lists march 2014 // album base


hey guys! welcome to my march 2014 30 days of lists project!

in previous years, i have done my lists in a composition notebook or loose leaf and here are some examples.


i have always enjoyed the sketchy design of theses lists. the freedom to just draw something with my hands was the best feeling. but i wasn’t always inspired by the prompts and i never did complete an entire book of 30 lists. while i enjoyed each one i did, and even gained a giant boost in blog views by this sketch going viral on pinterest, i never completed any of the challenges to the end.

so this year, i wanted to use the project life system to create this album. the main reason for this is so that i could premake the layout. i wanted to invite my supplies to the party, not just my sketches.

the album i’m using was originally purchased to do a small project about my childhood, but after sorting through pictures and making a sort-of timeline for ages 0-21, i got a bit overwhelmed.

then 30 days of lists reared it adorable head and i am determined to complete this project. i registered early so that i could see the prompts ahead of time. i will end up completing as many lists as i can at a time so that i can share them on the appropriate days. and if i decide that i want to use the album for another project in the future, i have the option of taking the pages out of this book and adding them to my main project 2014 life album.

since i cannot share any lists i’ve already made, i made this little video of the base i pre-made.

supplies used:
6×8 faux leather album (raspberry): michaels
6×8 page protectors in designs 2 and 4: michaels
cards are from various vendors: kiwi core kit, peppermint creative, we r memory keepers, maggie holmes core kit, DCWV, blush core kit, and scrap orchard.

so, are you listing this march? sign up to join the fun of #30lists!


weekend pinterest projects


this weekend held so much potential, on monday.
on tuesday, it was a distant dream.
wednesday began my excitement for a friends’ kiddo’s birthday party at the pool and a sunday full of football.
then thursday showed up and brought swollen glands, a scratchy throat and severe sinus pressure. curse you, thursday.
friday didn’t make it go away. no amount of doughnut consumption could take away the sniffles or the sneezes or the aches. getting through work was rough but when i made it home, the couch and my fleece packers blanket beckoned me into their clutches. with a box of tissue, vapo-rub and pre-season football on tv, i hardly moved. dreading a wasted saturday on the couch, i popped a couple tylenol in hopes of a morning of recovery.

and here we are at saturday. i woke up refreshed, but with sinus pain and pressure that makes my face feel like it could explode and a back ache. since my brain says “it’s the weekend, let’s make something!”, i power up the iPad and head straight for pinterest. (specifically my projects to do board).

since i won’t be gracing any craft store with my presence, or my money, i’m looking for projects that use stuff i already have (see repurposing) and that takes minimal effort (see sick and lazy).

and of course, i found a few perfect projects:

// felt chevron hair clips by nattybratty on etsy. looks like they’re sold out, but i’m gonna make them for myself anyways.


// star-stamped tee shirt found on

i don’t have a large star stamp but i do have some cute arrows and letters i could use to make a cute pattern. looking forward to making something fun.


// back to school interviews with the boys by

this will be a great addition to project life and i just might have the boys write them in themselves.


// wooden pepsi sign found on pinterest

no one FREAK OUT! this is for gibson, the pepsi lover. i have some spare wood left over from this project, and i figured gibson would love to hang this in his room.


so that’s my plan, man. if i end up getting none of these completed, i’m okay with that. just can’t sit around here doin’ nothing all weekend. although marshall’s room needs to be cleaned and gibson needs to get prepped for school. i plan to take it easy for the next couple days.

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weekend pinterest projects

with this kind of weather upon us, there’s not going to be much reason for us to leave the house this weekend.


and since i am all out of pictures to scrap, the plan is to keep busy while the outside world sweats.

// alter a t-shirt by dollars sense and more

// make some shorts by made by roo

// apple art by modern parents messy kids

// be active, inside of course (sorry about the language, but it gets the point across)

// let my kid fly by doodle craft

// get wet by icandy handmade

// paint my nails a bright color like this by supppshell

do you have any weekend projects planned?

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project life // recalling memories

i do not have the memory of an elephant.

i cannot recall some major and minor details of life. but who can keep them all straight, really, when you’re a working mommy/wife with a creative mind that also needs to remember class projects and insurance rules and friend’s birthdays and who said what when, and when matt will be on a shoot? there’s just no more real estate sometimes.

which poses a giant issue beings that my main and favorite hobby is documenting life through scrapbooking. which kinda requires remembering what happens in our daily lives.

problem #1: as we just learned, i’m forgetful.

problem #2: as you know from my numerous project life posts, i’m about 6 months behind.

thankfully i have facebook, which is what i use to recall the funny things the boys say and do, and to remember which pictures were taken when. like a journal, facebook is a great way for me (because i am pretty active) to record everyday life.

problem #3: facebook’s timeline is clunky. i’m not even going to go into the details about how many steps it takes to get to a month of a certain year. now, once you’re there, it’s great. i can see, in order, all my posts and pictures and check-ins. this is what i refer to each time i scrap.

and as an iphone user, i always wondered why apple never made it an option to add a note to pictures taken. THIS would be an amazing upgrade for us memory keepers. or geez, i dunno, maybe show the stinkin’ date in the photo options, something other than just on the file itself when you plug in.

okay, done with my rant. love the iphone, it changed my life, but i was constantly searching for how i would keep track of the pictures and memories all together. eventually, i figured out my own system, which you can read about here. it works, but again, clunky and a lot of steps.

fast forward to this past weekend. being on a stay at home vacation allowed me to spend an enormous amount of time finishing up 2012 (which can be found here and here). and as i stalked pinterest on my ipad for inspiration i came across something that made my heart jump out of my chest. immediately, and i mean like i put down my glue stick and clicked through the links until i found the name of this glorious app, immediately. as i searched and skimmed, i was praying that it wouldn’t be a dud. would it be useful? could it really do what i needed it to do?

holy freaking yes sir it can!

solution: may i introduce you to…….MOMENTO.


this free (for now, so hurry and grab it here!) app feeds your social media posts and pics to one calendar based platform.


your stuff can be viewed in a list format and can be sorted by earliest first or latest first. i like latest first, personally.


or you can see a month at a time and the blue dots mean there was activity on that day.


when you go to a single day, it shows everything from that day. whatever you have feeding to momento, it will show up on the calendar.


not only can it feed from facebook, twitter, instagram and many others, you can add a moment and attach a photo to it from your camera roll, or even take a new picture directly from the app. i mean seriously, this is my dream app!



momento is now installed on both of my devices so i can scroll and view moments on my ipad when i’m scrapping or make a quick note while i’m out with my iphone in hand.

i’m officially hooked! and i have not been paid to write this post, all opinions are my own. when i find an app or product that works for me, i want to share it with you! if you struggle with keeping your memories recorded, momento might be the thing for you. 🙂

happy documenting!

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no one likes mondays, and i’m right there with ya. helloMONDAY is a place where i toss around positive thoughts for the coming week. take a look at what’s coming up in my life and prepare myself for the good and bad and the crazy that lies ahead.

wanna join in? write your helloMONDAY post today and share your link in the comments. 🙂

let’s get started shall we?

hello heavy eyes // sunday night crept up on me and i didn’t close my eyes until 11. which made my 5am alarm clock turn into a 45-minute snoozefest and ended with a ponytail. but it’s all good as long as i have snuggles from my boys before i leave and iced tea and good music to keep me going.

hello short week // our office closes for good friday so that’s got me stoked and stressed at the same time. i already have so much to do each week, now i’ve got to cram it into 4 days. but i can totally do this!

hello 4-day weekend // on top of having friday off, i took monday off too since it’s the last day of the boys’ spring vacation. looking forward to a family day together.

hello play date of dancing and gabbing // made plans for marsh and i to hang out with a special friend and her daughter on friday. they love to plan wii together so my girlfriend and i will enjoy the time to catch up and laugh and be silly.

hello possible new digs // some news came about yesterday morning that has set our sights on a new place to live. nothing is settled yet but the process has begun and it looks like the seas have parted and god has paved the way for us to this house. prayers welcome. 😉

hello holy week // is doing an 8-day bible study centered around the week between palm sunday and easter. it’s available on the youversion bible app or their website. i started late but the good thing about these bible plans is that you can start anytime and read at your own pace. happy devotions!

okay, monday


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5 things // my favorite frontmen

how about a list for this friday, huh?


because music is buried deep in my soul, there are just a few bands and music styles that i enjoy. haha, could you sense the sarcasm there? just a few means like thousands.
seriously, i love music.
not creating it, just enjoying it and sharing it. i only listen to about 10 hours of music a day. too much? 🙂

since writing this post about the music of my life, i’ve been itchin’ for another reason to talk about the sounds i love. soooooo, i made a few lists.

here’s the first one, my list of the top 5 frontmen (and girl) of all time: enjoy!

one // elvis presley

two // dave grohl of foo fighters

three // freddie mercury of queen

four // gwen stefani of no doubt

five // axl rose of guns ‘n’ roses

there are others, of course. like huey lewis, robert plant, jon bon jovi, tom petty, billy joe armstrong, brandon flowers, paul mccartney and darius rucker. but hey, this is my list and there’s only 5 spots.

happy friday and rock on!

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