project life update 2014 // weeks 28-33

let’s not count the weeks since i’ve shared my pages with you on this almost forgotten space. let’s just enjoy the 6 weeks i’m sharing with you today!, shall we? according to my project life album, the kids are back in school!

as i’ve mentioned before, i will share the supplies i use below. some are affiliate links to and if you buy using my link, i get a little kick back. so, if you choose to, thank you.

now, on to the goods!


we are in the thick of summer. my nails are bright, the sun is hot and there’s still a lot of trampoline time.
IMG_1571 IMG_1572


WEEK 28 (weekend)
celebrating my nephew’s 6th birthday at a local pool!IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1575


family night at the movies, sunsets and everyday happenings.

IMG_1576 IMG_1577 IMG_1578


my last week at work before vacation. planning for busy summer schedules. weekend chill time at home with marshall is always on the menu.

IMG_1579 IMG_1580 IMG_1581

matt’s 20 year high school reunion was one of the funnest nights out in a long time. lots of friends and lots of alcohol.


WEEK 31 -32
lazy sunday after the reunion. movies at church for the middle schoolers and birthday preparations for gibson.


gibson’s birthday happened. he turned thirteen and it was epic.


WEEK 32 (continued)
letters to the boys, tucked into mini envelopes. 8th grade schedule pickup and fun new shoes.
IMG_1432 IMG_1433


getting ready for school to start. i go back to work. friends come back from vacation. we lost a comedic legend.




first day of school!



first day of school ice cream. cupcake wars at church. gibson gets his bike serviced.


school supplies. matt’s team faces my team for pre-season thursday night football.



the summer ended and only the calendar says it’s fall.
i’ve been trying new styles and techniques and still love everything this process brings.

my hope is that you’ve been inspired to create and document your own memories.

as always, happy scrapping!
andrea =)


August Rush Digital Kit

project life update 2014 // week 25 – 27 (includes a video)

hello there scrappy friends! today i have a few weeks worth of project life pages to share. i also have a fun process video for the last page so be sure to check it out at the end!

we are in the thick of summer in these pages and i’m enjoying using a bunch of random products that aren’t really meant to go together. i d hope you enjoy!

week 25 (lots of fun at home, just loving being together)
IMG_4815 IMG_4816
week 26 (lots of summer activities and sunshine)
IMG_4818 IMG_4819



week 27 (although the weekly title card says 26. gotta make sure i fix that)






weekend of week 27 (check out the process video below)

i hope you were able to spend some crafty time yourself or maybe you’ve got a project you’re working on. let me know what you’ve got going on this week!

happy scrapping!

on cherry street // reflections kit release // a kit by sweet stamp shop

good morning!

in case you don’t follow me on instagram, which, you totally should be, i announced that i would be designing for Sweet Stamp Shop once again. but only for a special release kit by On Cherry Street. and I’m super excited to show you what this kit can become.


this gorgeousness is called reflections and it’s a complete kit with PL sized cards, embellishments and character beyond words.

check out this quick reveal of all the kit contents.

and check out the process video i did for the first two pages.

recently, i began to expand my 6×8 ME album (which already includes my take on the march 2014 30 days of lists) to include stuff from my childhood, and different items that don’t really belong in our family album. one of the topics i want to document is the plethora of roles i play in this amazing life. my idea is for this to be something future generations can see and know exactly how much i loved all the peaks and valleys of my time here.

the reflections kit is a perfect way to capture some of these sentiments. and here’s how i used as much of the kit as humanly possible:

and introduction of sorts, to my kids, to tell them hello. to tell them that i may not always act as joyous as this photo reflects during our daily goings-on, but i want them to know how truly joyful my life is with them in it.

IMG_5324 IMG_5333 IMG_5298


there are dreams i’ve had that i hold back. these dreams are always in the very front of my heart and mind. documenting them makes the reality of them coming true even clearer. this kit brings out all of my hopes for making a plan, having clarity on not getting too far into the clouds and being confident in a new path.IMG_5325 IMG_5334 IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5337 IMG_5306


13 years is a long time to dedicate your life to others. especially when those others have peed on you, thrown up in your hand, pooped everywhere and made messes on your walls and furniture. but there is something profound about seeing a life grow in front of your eyes and then experiencing the fruits of your labor – literally and figuratively – when those little people act like responsible and mature human beings.
IMG_5326 IMG_5335


so what’s your story? what can reflect on? what physical legacy do you want to leave behind?

try this kit and make a fun project out of documenting yourself! get your’s here! but if i haven’t convinced you, check out the sweet stamp shop blog to see how others used this kit!

happy scrapping!



pocket scrapbooking tips // all the right tools

happy almost weekend! are you planning on gettin’ yo’ craft on this weekend? i certainly am!

and as i was preparing a page the other day, it occurred to me that i have never done a post or video about my tools. and lately i have been getting several questions about this very topic.

so, as marshall was enjoying himself in the bathtub (you can hear him in the video, sorry!) and matt was editing and gibson was at a swim party, i sat in front of the camera and talked about my essential and very normal scrapbooking tools. nothing too fancy here, i keep it simple.




scrapbooking should be easy and inexpensive. you don’t need fancy punches or magical adhesive. if you’ve got these basics and some paper and embellishments, you can get straight to it! GO DOCUMENT YOUR MEMORIES! 🙂


i’ve also linked all of the tools i could find so you can grab them for yourself if you need to.


happy scrapping!

project life update 2014 // week 19

week nineteen is an incredibly full week. it’s a total of 4 spreads! 3 i will show you here and the 4th i’ve already shown you and it’s here if you want to check it out again, or for the first time.

the layouts were actually done backwards for this week. the sunday layout, which i did for stephanie adams designs, was done first to coordinate with the release of hello summer.

then, i planned to do my day in the life spread with 4×4 page protectors, so i had to figure out what photos would come before it and which would come after it because they had to be able to work within the 4×4 format.

once i figured that out, i was able to get it all coordinated and had a blast with this week.

you ready to take a peek? oh, before i forget, i am now an affiliate with so i have linked up the supplies i use at the end of the post and if you follow the link, i get a little kick back. this is more of a convenience for you than it is a profit for me. i just want to be able to give you guys access to the supplies i use. and if i get a little cash in return, well that’s certainly cool too!

okay, let’s get started, shall we?


for some reason, the beginning of the week had no photos so i made this spread just for the photos i had, which all just happened to be friday. so, some might freak out over this, but as i always say, in 40 years, no one will care about the order of things when they look at these books, but this layout comes before thursday in my book. i’m just all kinds of rebellious over here!



all that’s added to this card is the alpha stickers.



this card cracks me up! the “this is my jam” stamp is from a  music lovers collection. but since it actually IS my jam in the sandwich, i thought the stamp was perfect!



IMG_2685 IMG_2686


sometimes, my favorite cards are the ones i don’t have to do anything to.



since the other side of this layout is my day in the life spread, and i had no more photos, i challenged myself with a photoless layout. it was suuuuuper fun! just a bunch of color matching and rearranging and BAM!



thursday’s day in the life. i used the phonto app to add the times to all my photos and then cropped them all to 4×4.

IMG_2690 IMG_2691


i used my silhouette to make the title here.

IMG_2693 IMG_2694 IMG_2692 IMG_2695 IMG_2696


skipping straight to saturday… i finally got to use my new kit from simple stories called GOOD DAY SUNSHINE and i am IN LOVE with it. the colors are right up my alley and i love the woodgrain and vintage look. making the small amount of photos work with the 4×4 layout was such a fun change from my normal 4×6 cards. 

IMG_2674 IMG_2697 IMG_2698 IMG_2699 IMG_2700


i remember looking at the boys on sunday evening and realizing they both had on jeans and white tee shirts. so basically i bribed them into taking a few photos for me. and i got to use another new kit i picked up by lori whitlock for echo park called THAT’S MY BOY.

IMG_2680 IMG_2702


i hope you’ve found something you like here and are now super motivated and inspired to go create your own memories or document the ones you’ve already made.

happy scrapping!
andrea 🙂




Hello Summer Digital Kit Only HELLO, HELLO Project Life® Kit 2014-05-27 09.01.51

sweet stamp shop // may release #2

guuuuyyyysss, this is my last release post for sweet stamp shop! 😦  my 3 month term is over at the end of may and i’m kinda sad. as much as i would have loved to stay on, this summer is going to be super crazy-insane busy in the gray household so i need to put all of my extra energy into making sure this ship runs smoothly. so with that, i give you my final release post (and my second to last post). you can bet i will still be featuring and promoting sweet stamp shop, because seriously, they keep cranking out superb designs. like for reals.

this bonus release includes two pretty simple sets, but boy will they be useful for soooo many layouts! introducing balloons and happy birthday!!

balloons happybirthday


the release of these was perfect timing because i was just at the point in my project life where we celebrated my mother in law’s birthday. so inspiration wasn’t hard to come by. here is the full spread i made for the day. IMG_0704

the title card was so much fun. for the balloons, i stamped onto scraps of patterned paper and then cut around them. i used pop dots on the back of the yellow and green ones to give them some dimension. then i just stamped the strings directly on the paper. the happy and birthday are stamped directly on a trimmed 3×4 card. easy as pie…or cake!


my mother in law is a beach lover. she loves tropical places and decorates her house with palm trees and lush colors that remind her of the places she loves. so when it came to making a card for this layout, i wanted to represent and celebrate her.

now let’s get one thing out there, i am no painter. i have never found a deep love for this particular medium. my mom however, she’s a fabulous painter! and when she told me she was taking a watercolor class i was so excited because my interest in watercolors had been sparked recently. she and i had a crafty day last weekend and i wanted her to help me practice and show me some techniques after some failed attempts to mix stamps and watercolors during the previous week.

we are seriously the best team. whatever project we do, we always take on our respective roles. i come up with the design and she helps execute it. i knew i wanted a beach scene with a happy birthday sentiment in the sky and i had the color samples i wanted. so she helped me mix colors and showed me techniques to get the results you see here. i did one, loved how it turned out so i did another! gorgeous isn’t it? any chance i can be teleported here? IMG_0706

and as a special bonus, i filmed the process of me making the second one and i’d love to share it with you.

BUT WAIT! there’s more! how would you love a giveaway? head over to the sweet stamp shop blog to enter to win some oldie but goodie sets!

i sure hope you have some crafty weekend plans!

happy scrapping!


project life update // end of week 13 featuring stephanie adams design


have i mentioned that the lovely stephanie adams invited me to be on her design team? uh, yeah – super exciting, right!?
this means i get to work with and show off some very cute hybrid pocket scrapbooking stuff, from 4×6 and 3×4 cards, washi, and embellishments. they are all digital (if you’re into that type of scrapping) or you can print them and cut them with your silhouette (if you prefer to work with physical products).

either way you like to play, stephanie adams design has a super cute and trendy style!

her may kit, MOTHER MAY I, is on sale now and it is so much fun! wanna check out what i created for the end of my week 13?

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0692 IMG_0695  IMG_0697 IMG_0698

i may not have used this kit for mother’s day, but honestly, it has more versatility than just a theme. the sentiments and doilies and colors make it perfect for any event, day or week! and it definitely plays well with others.

mother may i


happy scrapping!


project life organization // prepping photos

projectlife_header copy


hi friends!

since things are going the way of youtube these days, i figured i’d put together a new video for a process that i’ve posted about in photo form. honestly, video tutorials are soooo much easier!

so here is my process for organizing my photos after they come back from the printer:

hope you enjoyed and have some crafty organization planned for yourself! and don’t forget to check out some more of my project life videos on my youtube channel!


sweet stamp shop // may release #1



hey crafty friends! the sweet stamp shop is back with another adorable set of new releases! how cute are these? omg, that skunk!!!


handcrafted dad'stoolbox stinkyskunk


as a design team member, i love getting these stamps to play with so i can show you just how versitile and fun they are for your pocket layouts.

today i am showing off handcrafted. and i know what you might be thinking: ‘andrea, this set is for card makers. it’s just so they can put something fun on the backs of their cards to make people think twice about tossing it.’ 🙂 while part of that is true, it’s not JUST for cards at all!

let me show you how i made this set work for my pocket layouts:
we crafters know how important our supplies are, so why not document your space and try out this paper glue and me too stamp:



and we’ve all made something ourselves, right? document the things in your life that are handmade or handcrafted. maybe it’s not even something you made, but something made FOR you.



this includes people too. i used a combination of stamps from sweet stamp shop as well as a stamp from another vendor to say what i wanted to say. handcrafted by god are all stamps from sweet stamp shop and they go perfectly with the you are and triangle from studio calico.


how can you use this set to document the handmade things in your life? today only, you can use COUPON CODE: MR110 to receive 10% off your order for any of these new releases, and then show me what you make with it!!

and don’t forget to check out the sweet stamp shop blog to see how the other design team members used their sets!

hope you have a super crafty day…and with national scrapbooking day coming up this weekend, i hope you enjoy some pocket scrapbooking!