my scrap space // a little tour

hello again!

the beginning of the year brought so many things that are making me happy right now:
>>> new supplies
>>> a desire to purge some old/unused items
>>> a continued love for project life

organizing and making do with what i have has always been a priority in my life.
if i need something, my first thought is “can i make it myself?” or “do i have something that i could make work instead of buying it?”
most of the time, the answer is yes. and in the case of my scrap desk, it’s a hodge podge of well loved items that have had many other functions.

for part one of a series of videos i’m making, i take you through a general tour around my desk. i’m mainly focusing on supplies and how i have made storage solutions from items i already own. scrapbooking and documenting life does not have to be an expensive hobby. you don’t really need the latest or greatest storage solution or gadget or dispenser. for example, one item i don’t mention in the video is my washi tape. (honestly, i ran out of time and didn’t want the video over 10 minutes so i’ll touch on it next time) i store them on a small ikea shelf that i have had for years. i could have bought trays and baskets and such, but i used what i had and it works for me. they are on display so i can see them and they are up and out of the way.
in a small space, storage is key. but as a visual person, if i don’t see it, i don’t use it.

the video below is my first walk through video and it was kinda fun to make! i talk through what’s on my desk and hopefully it doesn’t bore you into hitting the pause button. and please be kind as i also had to edit it using imovie for the first time ever and it’s not as clean as i had hoped for. with a husband as a video editor, my standard are high, so next time i’ll be doing things a bit differently.

but until then, welcome to my scrap space!

thanks for watching, i sure hope you found something that has inspired you! 🙂


weekend pinterest projects


this weekend held so much potential, on monday.
on tuesday, it was a distant dream.
wednesday began my excitement for a friends’ kiddo’s birthday party at the pool and a sunday full of football.
then thursday showed up and brought swollen glands, a scratchy throat and severe sinus pressure. curse you, thursday.
friday didn’t make it go away. no amount of doughnut consumption could take away the sniffles or the sneezes or the aches. getting through work was rough but when i made it home, the couch and my fleece packers blanket beckoned me into their clutches. with a box of tissue, vapo-rub and pre-season football on tv, i hardly moved. dreading a wasted saturday on the couch, i popped a couple tylenol in hopes of a morning of recovery.

and here we are at saturday. i woke up refreshed, but with sinus pain and pressure that makes my face feel like it could explode and a back ache. since my brain says “it’s the weekend, let’s make something!”, i power up the iPad and head straight for pinterest. (specifically my projects to do board).

since i won’t be gracing any craft store with my presence, or my money, i’m looking for projects that use stuff i already have (see repurposing) and that takes minimal effort (see sick and lazy).

and of course, i found a few perfect projects:

// felt chevron hair clips by nattybratty on etsy. looks like they’re sold out, but i’m gonna make them for myself anyways.


// star-stamped tee shirt found on

i don’t have a large star stamp but i do have some cute arrows and letters i could use to make a cute pattern. looking forward to making something fun.


// back to school interviews with the boys by

this will be a great addition to project life and i just might have the boys write them in themselves.


// wooden pepsi sign found on pinterest

no one FREAK OUT! this is for gibson, the pepsi lover. i have some spare wood left over from this project, and i figured gibson would love to hang this in his room.


so that’s my plan, man. if i end up getting none of these completed, i’m okay with that. just can’t sit around here doin’ nothing all weekend. although marshall’s room needs to be cleaned and gibson needs to get prepped for school. i plan to take it easy for the next couple days.

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our new digs // the main rooms

welcome to our new digs!

to see how we got here, check out this post.

since moving in, there are some rooms that got decorated right away. well, honestly, almost everything got decorated right away because i had so many ideas and decisions were easy to make.

some rooms and walls and closets are going on the back burner because obviously i can’t do everything right away. but i’m ready and super excited to share what’s been done so far.

we’ll start with the back side of the family room…

the piano:

the story of this piano is short and sweet.
it’s my gram’s. well, it was. when she passed last february, she left it to me.
what’s special about it is that most of my memories of her were playing it.
mostly hymnals. and christmas music.
she was a music teacher and music was her passion until she passed.
having her piano is like having a piece of her here.
unfortunately, at the old house, i had no room for it inside.
my only option was to keep it in the garage.
but now, she has a home. and it makes my heart filled with joy.

i knew i wanted to put my alpha wall above the piano. and i knew i wanted it to ascend up the wall and wrap around to the adjoining wall. it’s kinda metaphoric now that i type it out.

here’s how i planned it out:

i arranged and rearranged until it was perfect. i snapped a picture and threw it up on my laptop to reference by eye as i hung each piece one at a time.


and here is how it turned out. i changed some things between the picture and getting it on the walls. sometimes you just have to go with what feels right. 🙂


i figured this was a perfect place for all my records.


i found this cute doily candle holder at IKEA for $4.50.


hello gorgeous.



my crafty space:

at the old house, i had a huge space i created in the garage. it kept ALL of my crafty stuff. sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry stuff, misc projects and overall craftiness.

i also had a desk in the hall closet that i used for mail, office type stuff and a place to put everything that didn’t have a home.

basically i had a ton of stuff. so before we moved, i purged like crazy. because i knew i wanted to condense everything to fit in one place.


tall cabinet: IKEA / aneboda wardrobe. yep, it’s a piece of my bedroom furniture that i bought almost 10 years ago. we were using it as our kitchen pantry at the old house. i covered the front panel with white contact paper and added some circle corks on the side.

desk: IKEA / malm desk with sliding side piece. it’s new and perfect. that piece against the wall is actually on casters and can tuck in under the main part. but because i keep my project life stuff out, i’m keeping it out too.

chair: IKEA / it’s old, but they still sell them. just got a black one for gibson’s room.

rugs: IKEA / yep, i said rugs, plural. there are two red shag rugs that i placed together. each rug was $10. SCORE!


some details:

set of 3 cork hot plates: IKEA / $3
i strung white yarn along the wall and pinned some cute scraps up with those tiny clothespins.
the lamp is a paper lantern i’ve had for years, also from IKEA.







the dining room/side kitchen:

another wall that i’ve had in my head for ever.
say hello to my vintage kitchen stuff:


i have my gram’s sifter, standing mixer, cheese grater, recipe books from the 50’s, hand mixer, pizza cutter, soup ladle and melon baller.
other items are my mom’s marble rolling pin, a gas lamp from my uncle and an old oil bottle. i bought the white and silver strainer at ikea for $4 and the smaller red strainer at raley’s for $5.



the side kitchen:

what else do you call a place like this? it’s not the kitchen-kitchen. (that’s another post in itself.) it’s technically in the dining room, but it’s so much a part of the kitchen. so we labeled it the side kitchen but i knew that i really wanted it to function as the launching pad.

it houses our family calendar, important docs we get to and file away, keys, general officy things. so far, i’ve been able to keep it clean and tidy.

there’s also a perfect little cranny for my gram’s grren kitchen stool. i plan to upgrade the stool next. all the metal will get a clean chrome finish and i will recover the seat and back with a bright yellow fabric.


but this is what makes me the most happy. ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got room for trains.


so that’s that!

questions? comments?

next up is the family room, master bedroom/bath, the boys rooms and the kitchen.

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retrohipmama style // all washed up

last weekend, i shared this picture on instagram. and now i’m sharing the details of my new necklace.


i was completely inspired by this tutorial from pinterest and the diy piece had been lingering on my to-do list for several weeks.

so i busted out my supplies and got to work.

and speaking of supplies, this project is super cheap. the washers were under $2, the chain (not shown here) was under $2 and i already had the jump rings and nail polish. you can use spray paint too (which i did for the next one i’m making).


the original piece i fell in love with on pinterest was just one color, but i really wanted to try two colors. if i had a third blue that looked good with these i would have done an ombre kind of thing. but hey, you gotta work with what’cha got.
and i added a little stray washer up top for some asymmetrical fun!
oh, and i made mine longer because i love that look versus the shorter styles.


i paired it with gray and red and wore it to the theatre on sunday afternoon.


errrr. not sure what kind of face this is, but we’re going with it.


a little closer view.


okay so my overall happiness with how this turned out is through the roof, for sure. but what happens with the rings and washers is it turns into a more curved shape when it hangs from the two top washers, versus when it’s being assembled, it takes on more of a V shape, which is what i really liked about it.

i have red washers already painted and ready to assemble another piece so i might try eliminating two of the center washers and seeing if the weight distribution changes at all.

either way, i am madly in love with my new necklace! oh and the other bonus….it’s not heavy at all. i mean sure, it has some weight, but it’s not uncomfortable and i could easily wear it to for a full day.


weekly wrap-up 2013 // week 7

it feels like the exit of winter around here lately.
and you know what that means?
i feel like cleaning. and crafting. and being outside.

sunday | february 10:

started out the day by cleaning out the game closet. i should have taken a before picture but i was already sorting puzzle pieces and game cards when i thought of it. but it pretty much looked like toys ‘r’ us threw up in there.


part of the day was helping marshall organize his room too. he was happy to get a few toys from under his bed. it also came to my attention that under the bed is where the carpet is the cleanest. kinda makes me want to have picnics under here (if we could fit), knowing how the rest of my rental brown carpets look these days. yuk.


monday | february 11:

over the weekend i finished this fun string + nail art. it’s okay if you missed it, you can find it here.


monday also started off the week with a junk food dinner. oh chick-fil-a, you send my soul right to heaven. but you are the devil sometimes, taunting me with your delicious ways. i must.stay…a.way.


the sun was bright and the rays were warm. thus, hula-hooping commenced.


and this, my friends, is a stank-face because these cheap hula hoops have no weight and i can’t keep it up. attractive, i know. 😉


tuesday | february 12:

the boys and i did a little front yard cleanup and i let marshall help me drive the car back up into the driveway. pretty soon, i’ll be in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life, while gibson gets behind the wheel.


wednesday | february 13:

the lights of my little town glow on just the one side of the freeway. i love that.


there was no way marsh was going to write his name on all 32 valentines or we’d be giving them out for christmas. he did about 6 and i whipped through the rest. i do love how he wanted to do his best.


thursday | february 14:

he’s not completely awake yet, but he was nice enough to smile for me anyways.


from my boys!


we did the classy and romantic thing for valentine’s day and took the boys to incredible john’s. it’s an upscale chuck e. cheese’s. but when i say upscale, i really mean just a half step better. basically because of the fact that they have a roller coaster, bumper cars and a twister ride INSIDE. 🙂

someone is excited. someone else is less so.














friday | february 15:

the warm day meant flip-flips were a necessity. this is truly where my toes belong. i am complete.


saturday | february 16:

i realized this was a hearty list when i wrote it. and maybe my motivation was bigger than my weekend. but i did get 8 things done in my 3 days!


gonna take advantage of these sunny days before the rain comes back.


we needed 2 carts to shop at sam’s today but the check was a spacial expert and fit it all into one cart for us! $250 later!



texted this to my daddy because we always eat sardines together and we have a date to eat these when my folks get back from their travels. yum.



this made saturday morning errands bearable.



he’s just now getting interested in army men and he’s having fun setting up his battles.




the battle lines have been drawn. literally.



hubby brought home yellow tulips so my lemonade bottle felt useful.

#fmsphotoaday // feb16: a lemonade bottle is the #perfect place for new flowers.


he wanted to wear his mario hat and asked if i could drawn on his mustache too. this is my attempt to wash it off and all his silly faces.



sunday | february 17:

a little preview of the new family room setup. a full detailed post will be up in a couple weeks after i complete the arrangements of the shelves and add some flair!


matt took the boys to the park for some fun while i stayed home to work on the bookshelves.



awwwwwwwww. some of my favorite dudes right there.



he’s all tuckered out.



his hair. how he wears his hat. how much he enjoys his iPod touch. i love him. right now.



this afternoon, matt and gibson and i went to see a play called “children’s Letters to God”. outside of the theater was this lovely lady sitting on a bench. matt was trying to spit game, but she wouldn’t hear of it.




happy week to you!


family room update // winter 2013 // part one

it was time to do away with the woodsy winter and bring some bright color back into the room. so of course it was red + turquoise. 

and of course it’s cuter with my little marshall in the shot.P1010889

oh hey…what’s that there? is that a new nail + string art project? why yes it is. i’ve got a new blog post about it tomorrow so come back and check it out.P1010893


my coke bottles are good for so much!P1010897

and since i was in the organizational mood all weekend, i tackled this little monster as well. something about this space just never works. it’s meant to be a space for me to corral all the papers the boys bring home, have some office-y type things handy and provide some inspiration for creativity. but it always becomes a catch-all for stuff that ends up on the family room floor and i just can’t keep it clean.

i’m hoping that what i’ve done will help me keep it clean and tidy (and keep to-do items in view so i don’t forget about school activities and deadlines.

here is the 3/4 of the closet that i utilize. the left 1/4 does hang jackets and houses a large bin of my bags and purses.

the curtain allows easy coverup and a clean and crisp addition when it’s closed.


i installed the ikea shelves last year when i really upgraded the space but i had them loaded with things that i couldn’t get to easily and i was afraid of the weight capacity since these are a floating shelf setup.

to help with stability, i added a thin piece of wood on the desk and placed my magazine file on it and it fit snug under the small shelf on the right, which has a small mason jar on top of it, helping to secure the larger shelf.

the cookie sheet turned magnet board got moved from near the front door (like 3 feet away from this closet) in here so i can keep important reminders at eye level. the file keeper was hung up on the wall, right under the shelf which left it hard to see when standing and kinda tough to get things in and out of. i thought it would be good on the wall to save desk space but if it’s not working, it needs to change. so it’s down on the desk.


some items that were on the shelf got moved up to the very top shelf. items that are pretty but that i don’t need to get to and can be out of the way to make room for the more pressing stuff.


i love inspiration boards and this is as close as i got with the space i have. there’s a women’s retreat from church that i put up, a couple of cool cards from a coca-cola deck that i found (while i cleaned and organized our game closet also this weekend), the current series we’re talking about at church, a favorite fabric swatch, a craft paper star and a little canvas that reminds me to remember the important things, and a heart that marshall made.




here are just a few more details…P1010912




i keep my embroidery box, kit and current projects in my monogram tote.P1010919

my next dream for the family room is to move the tall bookshelves we’ve used in the garage to store our dvds, books and some cds into this room. i would love to find an old short dresser, paint it turquoise, put in under the main shelf, put the tv and components on it and anchor it with the two bookshelves. but finding a piece will be the hard part. i think i’ll make my rounds to the thrift stores this weekend to have a look around.

my dream may be a long shot but can be doable with a little effort and some strong hubby persuasion. (he doesn’t always agree with my whimsical ideas at first.) 🙂 cross your fingers for me!


project life: how i organize my stash

we all have the same problem…how to keep our scrap stash organized. you know you do! especially us project lifers who keep scraps and are using our own stash along with the core kit supplies.

i was getting tired of one box for my becky higgins stuff, another box for my tall stickers sheets, sifting though my crate o’ cardstock for half sheets and sticker sheets and half cut-out pages. oh and then there were all the small scraps and the full pages of other alpha stickers.

yeah…it got crazy.


and now…it’s amazing!


so i started thinking…how would i want my stuff organized if i could have it all in one spot? i’d want it open and accessible and condensed. of course, i browsed pinterest and found this:

organization by I am JuJu


i immediately ran out to the garage, knowing i’d have a flat box of some sort from the warehouse store we frequent. you know how they give you boxes to put in your trunk so your stuff doesn’t roll around? well in our case, we happened to have a bbq sauce box since i clearly wasn’t going to have a cool drawer like this.


i started stacking my stuff in, figuring out what should go where and how much room i needed for what i had on hand.

i happened to still have the cardboard backing from becky higgins’ cardstock pack and just started measuring, cutting and taping the dividers together. i simply placed and taped both sides together for strength and stability, until i had small sections.




smaller pieces of stash needed shorter dividers so that i could still see them and maneuver them around.


i just placed them where they were needed.



since i didn’t plan much of this out…i made the outside last. i measured the height of the box and cut two strips of cardstock. glued them together and then to the box. i secured the ends that wrapped partly around the sides with masking tape…cause that’s cool and totally acceptable.


then i used random embellishments to decorate the front. that ‘enjoy’ is another custom silhouette cut from kristy at kristymakes.


and there it is.




a closer look shows all the smash pads and becky higgins product on the left. in the next column is all the 4×6 cards from becky and from myself. (i pre-cut several 4×6 pieces of cardstock that i use often). in front of that are smaller remnants that aren’t 4×6 or 3×4 but can be used for strips or whatever else. then i have a small mason jar filled with teeny tiny embellishments. most of them are from kristy. she super hooked me up when she got her silhouette!


next over, in the very back are the 6×6 cardstock packs and in front of them are two columns with 3×4 cards on the left and taller items on the right. the embellishments get smaller in the front obviously. =)


on the very right are bigger items and the famous lilybee stickers that make so many appearances in my pages. i think i need to reinforce the back of this far right column since most of the items back there are tall and will eventually start to fall backward. if i do this, i think i will be able to put ALL my tall letter sheets here which would eliminate yet another box. yay!


pretty cool right? i used it all weekend and has been the easiest process for seeing all my products and having them easy to get to.


so next time i will show you how i organize my tapes, pens, stamps and glue. see ya!


  I'm Topsy Turvy

spring in a bottle

if you read my latest lately list (say that 5 times fast) then you’d remember that i’ve been crushin’ on this lemonade. i mean, the bottle itself screams goodness but when you twist that top, joy pops out! i found them at raley’s on an end cap if you care to know…and you should!

and with two flavors i die for, strawberry lemonade and raspberry lemonade, i get that same winky wink as the cute little lemon.


and throwing them away just wasn’t an option. so a $7 bunch of tulips found a new home…


right on my kitchen table.




see what this weather does to me? feeling like i’m getting my groove back.


accessories get organized

another area in my home that doesn’t work: my dresser and the 3-drawer organizer i keep my jewelry and accessories in. now that i’m using more accessories in my daily wardrobe (and have more of them) this clutter caused nothing but a tangled mess.

enter the trusty peg board. not sure what room i had this one in originally but it was already painted the blue that matches my room and was pretty much the. perfect. size.

i also still has A TON of the hooks leftover from the 2 other pegboards I have hanging in my garage and gibson’s room.

so yeah, you see how crazy this is? how can anyone live like this? er….oh…wait…

i started by hanging the necklaces and basically just fit them all together like a puzzle.

i figured i didn’t need to show you step by step so this is how it turned out. now i’ll take you through the rest.

thought it would be a fun little treat to show you a little part of my crazy. i organize my clothes by color.

i’m totally excited about this little treasure i came up with. i’ve made a bunch of flower clips and didn’t know how to store them.

i simply screwed a long piece of ribbon vertically and clipped them on.

tossed my fabric button rings in a mason jar.

hung my headbands in a metal canister.

so there it is. i kinda smile big when i see it. =D

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another striped shirt skirt…but embellished

Did you see this post I did a while back? I took a ladies XXL tank and made it into a skirt.

Well I’ve done it again and this time it was blue and I added some embellishment.

I removed the ruffled neckline with my seam ripper.

i laid it out and pinned it down. then i stitched it on with a zig-zag and there you have it.

pretty huh? and suuuuuper comfy.

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