Felicity Jane // SRSLY. I Love Food.

Hey friends, today I am on the Felicity Jane blog to share a traveler’s notebook page about something that is deeply important to me! FOOD!

This quote and photo come across my instagram feed and knew I had to use it in my notebook! But when the Caroline kit for April arrived I couldn’t believe how perfectly the colors coordinated with the lady’s blouse and apron!

SRSLY. I Love Food | Andrea Gray @FelicityJane


I matted the photo on a piece of solid paper from the kit to separate it from the white page and then tucked the top part of a tag behind it for color and dimension. And I basically want to use that teeny floral patterned paper on EVERYTHING! Isn’t is darling?

SRSLY. I Love Food | Andrea Gray @FelicityJane


The alphas this month are GORGEOUS and so striking so I used a slang spelling for the word SERIOUSLY for 2 reasons: 1) I like to document current trends and kids and memes are all about making up shorter versions of words and 2) I couldn’t actually fit the whole entire word across the page so it was a perfect solution!

SRSLY. I Love Food | Andrea Gray @FelicityJane


To balance out the title, I used a label of the same color from the die cut pack and wrote in my “subtitle”. Instead of drawing a heart or writing out the word LOVE, I decided to use one of the tiny rubber hearts to add dimension and color! Isn’t it the cutest!?!?

SRSLY. I Love Food | Andrea Gray @FelicityJane


Overall I think I having fun in your memory keeping is top priority and there are no rules as to how sarcastic or humorous you can be. So I say “Go for it!” and be silly and funny even though we are very serious about our love of delicious paper products!

Until next month, Friends!

Shop the Caroline Collection: Caroline Collection

Elle’s Studio // Traveler’s Notebook with Live Laugh Love Collection


Hello Friends! I couldn’t be more excited to share this project with you which shows off the brand new Live Laugh Collection!

In a nutshell, I used the papers to build my own traveler’s notebook for documenting my day at PlannerCon2017 and I wanted to really show more than just the final product. So along the way, I snapped photos of how I put it together. Each photo below is a set of process photos and I’ll talk about each part but then I also have a video look inside so you can see the end result up close and personal.

These photos will go from left to right so you can follow along:

  1. I selected 12×12 papers and 6×6 papers that I would match my photos.
  2. I cut the larger papers down to TN size (approx:  XXXX)
  3. I then arranged them in an order that would put coordinating papers next to each other.
  4. Same as step above.

5. I laid out photos and die cuts I wanted to use.
6. Once the pages were arranged how I wanted, I gave them a slight fold so I had a guide for the stitch.
7. I ran the whole book right through my sewing machine. One tip, make the stitch a healthy length. If you make it too short then the pages will perforate. Trust me on that! HAHA!
8. Now you have a book!

9.   Here’s a quick peek inside so you can see how some pages look when opened.
10. I narrowed down the supplies I wanted to use and stored them in a flat tray to keep them handy while I worked on the book.
11. Here’s a closeup of the embellishments I used.
12. And the cover – all finished!

This is probably a great time to share the video with you so you can see how it all came together. Then you’ll have some more detailed photos to follow!

Check out some more details of the book using the Live Laugh Love Collection! It’s available in the shop now!

Thanks so much for hanging out and watching!

See you soon,


Felicity Jane // Spring is Here using Caroline Kit

Hello Friends! Spring is in the air and the Caroline kit from Felicity Jane is perfect for documenting the florals and colors of this season!

Today I’m sharing a page from my personal traveler’s notebook over on the blog which highlights the first outfit I wore when Spring showed its face. The corals, pinks and florals were a perfect match for this outfit.

Come on over and check it out…and if you haven’t picked up your kit this month, now is your chance before they sell out! Grab it here!



I hope you enjoyed this layout! Thanks for stopping by!

Jane says // a notebook layout

When I work on entries in my personal traveler’s notebook – they tend to include everything from quotes, humor and a bit of sass.

And the look on Jane’s face was perfect for this quote I’ve wanted to add to my notebook. She has a rebellious side!

Today on the Felicity Jane blog – I dive into how this layout came to be. Click here to head to the post directly. wait-what-by-andrea-gray-felicity-jane-photo-1 wait-what-by-andrea-gray-felicity-jane-photo-2 wait-what-by-andrea-gray-felicity-jane-photo-3 wait-what-by-andrea-gray-felicity-jane-photo-7

Have you picked up the Jane kit yet? It’s gorgeous and full of pretty greens and florals! Here is where you can get it too!

Thanks for checking it out – happy scrapping!

Felicity Jane // Outfit of the Day // Notebook Layout

Hello again sweet friends, last week I was on the Felicity Jane Blog with a quick and fun traveler’s notebook spread using the gorgeous stamp set and papers from the LONDON kit!

OOTD by Andrea Gray | @FelicityJane

When working on my personal notebook, I often just grab a photo that’s inspiring or has a story – but this time I specifically chose this photo because I was desperate to use the Outfit of the Day stamp! Let’s be honest, it’s perfect and it’s going to get a lot of use!

The other stamp I was itchin’ to use is the gorgeous flower. Its clean sketch look caught my eye right away!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at my layout and take a few minutes to hop over to see more about this project! Until next time, friends! Thanks for hanging out with me!





Felicity Jane // She’s Got Personality

Hiya Crafty Babes!

My very first project as a Felicity Jane Team Member is up on their blog today! <<< that’s a link – click it to go directly to the FJ blog!!! =)

I cannot even tell you how fun it is to use and play with the LONDON kit!

Head on over to the blog to see more about this snarky little layout and how it relates to personality types!




Questions? Always feel free to leave a comment! xo


Hello Crafty Babes! I have some exciting to share! I recently joined the Felicity Jane Design Team and am so excited to share lots of projects with you over the next 6 months!


This group of ladies is crazy talented and I’m so honored to have been asked to join the team!!
Check out some of the projects I’ve done with the FJ kits already – from before I was on the DT! I clearly fell in love right away!

photo-jan-25-3-17-02-pm    photo-jan-22-9-50-53-am

photo-jan-15-10-55-47-am    photo-jan-14-11-31-08-am

The London Kit is what I’ll be working with for February – isn’t it ADORABLE!?!?

I hope you’re all having a great day and that you get to pick up LONDON for yourself and enjoy all the goodies!
Happy scrapping,

A journal to my boys // traveler’s notebook style

A lot of wordy words are hard for me. Which is kind of ironic based on the length of this post. 😉

As an I/ESTJ, it’s hard for me to convey my feelings and emotions outwardly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t FEEL all the feelings – I do and I’m super emotional and sentimental. So I tend to choose short & concise statements or sentiments along with photos to convey emotion for me in my memory keeping. And while my large albums of memories are fine, in my heart I’ve always wanted to write letters to my kids and tell them all the things that need to be said. But again – wordy words.

Rewind to the other day when I nearly lost my mind and texted my best girl that I was downsizing my weekly family pocket album to 6×8. She supported and questioned and suggested – as any good friend would. And I thought and planned and tried to convince myself I could fit up to 10 photos a week into hopefully 2 small albums. Well, it ended up that there’s just no way I could escape 12×12. So my normal format shall remain – BUT…here’s where it gets fun.

Within our several texty exchanges during this 12 hour period – one thing she brought up was the possibility of doing the “family stories” in 6×8 and then kid specific stories for each boy in a Traveler’s Notebook (because in case you don’t follow me on Instagram – I’m slightly obsessed with traveler’s notebooks).
It was a true lightbulb moment that kinda morphed as the day went on as I determined if I could do all my memory keeping in smaller formats.

I got home from work to really sit down and analyze my first 2 weeks of printed photos for 2017. Could I put them in different piles based on the story I wanted to tell? Could I separate the photos from their weeks and put them in different albums? It took me about 20 minutes to realize that the answer was OH-GOOD-LORD-NO!


BUT … stick with me here … she was onto something with the separate notebooks for the boys. I’ve got 2. One is 9 and one is 15. I have typically rejected doing separate photo albums for them. I don’t have the time and they’ll just have to figure out who gets the 50+ scrapbooks when I’m gone. So this project will not be a “here’s what you were like at this time” thing. Nope, that’s what the family albums are for. This project is a journal to each boy. Time is flying and there’s so much to tell them both. Some things I would tell them both the same things – but then there are certain things I would only want to focus on with each boy. So I immediately thought of those “Open when…” letters or “Things I want my child to know before he turns…” that have shown up on my Pinterest feed. This will be similar but they don’t have to wait to open anything. This is me talking to them about the things we’ve instilled in them but it’s a piece of my creative heart that they can keep forever. Each boy will have a traveler’s notebook with photos of them, photos of us, old photos and room for future photos with some really important reminders about life and tips for when they’re stuck.

I scrolled Pinterest for a few lists that others have put together and found a couple that I really liked here and here. I put them together and also added my own topics below. My goal with these is to use small photos and quotes that represents the topic, add the verse and then journal briefly about the details I want them to know. For now, I’ve got a board on Pinterest where I’m storing any topics I want to include and then will print them in batches to work on.


The pins I linked above go into their own details for each topic so feel free to check it out for reference or gather your own ideals and thoughts just using the prompts below:

RESPECT AUTHORITY: Ephesians 6:1 / Hebrews 13:17
TRUST MOM & DAD: We don’t know everything but we know more than you think.
BE HONEST: Proverbs 12:22 / Proverbs 17:7
CHOOSE GOOD FRIENDS: 1 Corinthians 15:33
KEEP GOD CLOSE: 1 John 4:19 / Romans 6:11
BE KIND: Galatians 5:23
CHOOSE HAPPINESS: It’s not the end, it’s a journey and a choice Philippians 4:4
TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
FORGIVE: Ephesians 4:32 / Galatians 5:22
HANG IN THERE WHEN LIFE GETS DARK: It’s always darkest before the dawn

This list is just the start and I do plan to add on to it but wanted to share it with you so you can take from it what you need if you decide to make one of these for your kids.

Now that we have a list, let’s talk about the format. I figure that with a standard notebook there’s about 32 pages and I’d like to keep each topic to a page which will allow me 30-ish items in each book so the list above will grow and morph as they grow and morph into who God meant them to be. The notebooks I’ll be using are these pocket page notebooks by The Stamp Spot. They alternate between both white pages and half page pockets so I plan to tuck little things into these notebooks as well as make entries on the pages, obviously.


I bet at this point you’re thinking “okay, this is great but if you’re not doing this as a snapshot in time, when will you give it to them?”. Or maybe you’re not thinking that – but either way, here’s the answer as I am feeling right now. For Gibson, who is currently 15.5, I’d like to give it to him when he turns 18. While I do not really like the idea of having a long drawn out project – the end result and the joy I will get from creating it will be totally worth it. It’s very possible that I could just fly through this project if I get going and could give it to him on his 16th birthday. That’s actually possible!

So you can definitely expect to see more pages in my different TNs as well as more 12×12 and smaller pages within my family albums! BUt I may not be sharing the details of this project on instagram because GIbson follows me there and I don’t want him seeing it of course. Or do I? Hmmmm…something to think about.

Let me know if you plan to make a similar journal – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Talk to you soon!
Happy journaling,