week in the life 2015 // thoughts + photo wrap up (updated with video)

when the consideration to do this project became a commitment, i knew i was going to be working both sides of the week. meaning – we had very extraordinary plans on the 22nd and 23rd so i didn’t want to include them in the week’s details because they were their own ‘things’ and were going to be documented separately. so i technically started taking photos on the saturday and sunday before the week started but then still took some more normal photos at the end of the week.

i am still going to do the week in order of monday – sunday (i am pretty sure) but i am grouping typical saturday things together and any given sunday stuff together – if that makes any sense.

truth is – had we not had these other events happening, the photos i took the weekend before would have been dead on accurate so i can totally justify it. plus – it’s my book and i can do anything i want to! neener-neerer 🙂 LOL!

as i wait for the week’s photos to arrive from persnicketyprints.com i will share a majority of my photos and thoughts with you today.

UPDATE: the finished flip-thru video can be seen here >>> and the detailed photos are at the end of each day.


a screenshot of the weather for the week. i love weather summaries.

5:15am // my alarm goes off at this time monday thru friday.IMG_7320

6:30am // a little detail about sharing life with my guy.

6:35am // he gets me ice water every morning when i’m getting ready for work.

6:50am // my makeup drawer – of which i use about 6 things for my daily routine.

7:00am // my view when i come out to the kitchen to pack up food for the day. i want to remember that we fully use our countertops most of the time. 

7:25am // my goal was to take a “view” shot for each day that i could use for a title card. this is my view coming down the hill from dropping the boys off at school.


7:45am // desk shot with all my usual tools. to-do list, pen and highlighter, white out, my notepad and renewals.

1;50pm // and of course a selfie. IMG_7404

4:05pm // i haven’t pumped my own gas in over a year. matt usually makes sure i’m filled up but today it was so low and it made sense for me to get gas on my way home.

4:30pm // this kid loves his forts.
4:45pm // we recently moved his bed back up to the top of his bunk so he makes his space super cozy when he watches his favorite minecraft youtube videos.
8:00pm // getting a shot of the inside of the fridge was definitely on my shot list. it’s such a fun look into the details of what we ate, what the boys were obsessed with and how organized we can be.IMG_7408
8:50pm // this is something that was not in last year’s WITL. charlie is 7 months old now and i love having her as part of our everyday lives.

TUESDAY 8/18/2015
5:45am // morning snuggles. always.

7:05am // i had a little extra time before the boys were ready for school so charlie took advantage of an empty lap.

7:10am // a very typical day of food for me. my pre-made egg/potato scramble is at the bottom. for lunch it’s chicken + avocado, olives, carrots and a hard boiled egg. my snack was either a banana or apples + almond butter. i brought a cool mint clif bar because i was out of chocolate. i also brought a mason jar of raspberry lemon water for the afternoon. i usually bring more food than i need.

7:15am // i have a designated hook for his backpack and i ask him to keep his stuff there. but this is where he drops his stuff. right in the hub of a walkway. i pick my battles and rarely say anything because one day soon it won’t be here at all.

7:30am // the older boys (gibson and his best friend) aren’t too thrilled when i want to take pictures of them. so when they walked off i snapped this blurry photo – which wasn’t intentional but it ended up being a top 5 photo from the week.

8:15am // this is where i spend my days. always communicating, problem solving, using my brain and eating and drinking.  IMG_7508

9:40am // i cut my bangs this morning – on a whim – and i remembered how much a miss having bettie bangs.

11:00am // matt was so awesome – he took pictures throughout his day too. this is a typical lunch for him.

2:00pm // mr. minecraft.

3:58pm // on my way home i screenshot my lock screen.IMG_7509

4:00pm // everyday – this is my load to and from work. laptop , food and purse.


4:20pm // he can play the first few chords of come as you are by nirvana and free fallin’ by tom petty.

5:20pm // the second week of school brought homework. i am always happy to help guide him and keep him focused.
5:45pm // gibson thinks that homework means watching a youtube video, playing a game on his phone and eating while he knows he has something else more important to do.

6:00pm // power napping.

6:30pm // he asked me to buy him some balloons and he’s been blowing them up and having fun for days.
IMG_74116:45pm // my favorite dance from this week’s episode of SYTYCD.


7:10am // on wednesday the boys get out early so they have to ride their bikes home. it’s always funny to watch them get their bikes in and out of the truck.

7:50am // breakfast and a lot of boxes to check off. i was suuuuper productive today.

4:30pm // gibson scored a beta code for the not-yet-released black ops 3 so he used his after school screen time on the PS4.

4:45pm // with a dog who loves to be loved, i wash my hands more that i ever have.ali inspired me to capture this shot.

5:15pm // he struggles with the idea of reading. he’s extremely good at it but it’s just not entertaining enough for him. but today i asked him to handle his reading for the day so he got his sleeping bag and read with no complaints.

6:00pm // a few weeks worth of print came today so i’m trimming and organizing with a little snack.

7:15pm // marsh loves having the wii setup in his little fort. he doesn’t even complain that we have a password on it so he can only play it if he has permission.

8:15pm // bedtime smiles.
8:15pm // he still loves his fluffy dog.


4:15am // it’s. too. early. but i have a 7:30am meeting in napa and have to leave town at 5:40.

5:30am // this is what my office door looks like at 5:30 in the morning.

6:15am // being a passenger rocks when it’s early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

9:30am // we rocked that morning meeting and on our way back the sun is shining on my ring. it’s still my style and i love it so much – even after 15 years.

1:50pm // charlie and matt wait for marshall to come out of school.

4:30pm // best. gum. ever. it’s at target – get some!

5:45pm // picking up posters for the weekend festivities and also grabbing a rotisserie chicken because we’re starving and it’s getting late.

6:30pm // we may have just eaten it straight from the tub.IMG_7852

6:30pm // long day. heading to back to school night and i’m just running on the anticipation of sitting down tonight.

6:45pm // sitting at marshall’s 2nd grade desk for back to school night.

7:45pm // time to unwind.


7:15am // hazy morning because basically california is on fire.

10:43am // matt and i texting about fantasy football and the drawbacks of being an adult.

1:30pm // texted this to matt when he wasn’t feeling confident about getting into any film festivals.

3:30pm // matt texted back with his first acceptance notification!!

5:00pm // just hangin’ out in the men’s department.

7:30pm // my view as i tell marsh to hustle up in the shower.


7:30am // the light shining through my coke bottles is such a wonderful sight.

7:45am // cold brew tea and morning minecraft.

11:35am // a couple errands and a blue sky.

11:45am // library visit to see if we can get marsh a book he’ll enjoy.

12:00pm // wanted to capture the details of this car. i’m hoping that in a couple years it won’t belong to me anymore.IMG_7866

2:00pm // finally getting some scrap time and i’m struggling with this layout.

5:30pm // clean dishes.

5:35pm // it’s marshall’s day to put the dishes away.


8:45am // lazy mornings

10:15am // he has really taken to the checklist of chores.

6:20 // i literally wait until the end of sunday to fold the laundry. and this is my weekend t-shirt.

7:00pm // all small hangers for now. being prepared for monday makes the next week so easy.

what a week! so much has changed from last year’s project and I love being able to capture all the different details about our “right now”.

i’m so excited to start working on my pages this weekend! i sure hope you captured everything you wanted to!

until next time,
andrea =)


week in the life 2015 // i’m in

#WEEKintheLIFE is a project that is super close to my heart. but one that i do only when i feel connected, committed and completely confident that i can handle it. to date, i’ve only participated in two – 2011 and 2014.

it truly is a labor of love. it is an in-depth peek into the nuances of life and that encompasses detailed documentation and creative photographer – at least it does for me. because the story matters and i never want to do a project like this just half-ass.

so – this year – i’m committed again to take one week and really dig down. really capture the details. document the routines. record the craziness along with the mundane. it’s just 7 days.

as i looked back at my previous projects, i was reminded about each section of time and it was a glorious realization as to how valuable this project is. it also helped me to make a list of the things i don’t want to miss about this specific time in our lives.
here are a few:
– open fridge
– kid faves (shows/songs/food/games)
– meals/snacks
– routines
– homework
– school drop-off
– weather
– calendar
– house details (outside/counter tops/hot spots/rooms
– the boys’ perspectives (have them take photos during the day)
– inside closets/cabinets
– current songs/playlists/podcasts

at the end of this i want to have a keepsake of these moments – even if they are ugly or messy. i just want it to be real.

to help me along the way – here are the supplies i’ll be counting on:
– my iphone 5. it is my only camera and it takes great photos. i can shoot, edit and upload with one device and it’s glorious.
– these kits from one little bird at the lily pad. i picked up some journal cards + paper & elements bundles for several kits that had sentiments i could use and that all coordinated in some way. i need bright colors and lots of options so this is why i usually bundle my kits from different sources.
onelittlebird-busyweek-preview onelittlebird-busyweek-JC-preview _onelittlebird-oneforthealbum-preview _onelittlebird-oneforthealbum-JC-preview _onelittlebird-hopscotch-preview _onelittlebird-aroundhere-preview _onelittlebird-aroundhere-JC-preview

the pages will be part of my normal 12×12 family album and i will use the same approach as i do with my regular weekly spreads – i will just have several spreads for the week instead. it’s worked out to be a spread per day in the past – which allows me so much room for all the details i capture!

i’m also taking the pressure off and not trying to work on this project as it happens. photos for this week will be printed 2-4 weeks later and it simply gets in line like all the other weeks that i have photos for. as i write this – i have completed week 28!

and that about covers it! in a couple weeks you’ll see my instagram account sprinkled with #weekintheGRAYlife2015 photos and i promise not to flood your feed with all my family secrets! 😉

so – i’m in. how ’bout you?im in photo

happy documenting,
andrea 🙂

the week in the life project was created by the lovely ali edwards. to learn more about this project and to get a ton of tips on getting started – check out her blog.

week in the life 2014 pages are complete!

ali edwards  is such a smart chick. she comes up with amazing projects to help us document the little pieces of life that might otherwise be overlooked.

even though she had her week in the life scheduled for the end of october, my work and home schedule wouldn’t have allowed me to spend the time during that week so I did mine at the end of september instead. and it’s so weird that the weeks i end up picking, always have just off-the-wall events that are totally NOT our normal routines. but i like that.

for this project, i used the grateful and dwell kits by the amazing deena rutter.

Every Little Bit: Grateful Bundle   Every Little Bit: Dwell Bundle


and september’s storyteller kit by just jaimee:

the cover page for my 12×12 will just fit into my 2014 album. no special binder for this project, i’m just treating it like an extra long and full week.


when i design intro pages, i like to use as much of the colors from the kits i’m using as possible to give a full picture of the colors and items that will follow in the project. this way, it feels more like a separate project, but really isn’t. 🙂 does any of that even make sense? 🙂

aaaaanyhoo…here we go!

monday was a good intro to the week. the family was prepared to have the camera on them a bit more and i wanted to include the normal glimpses into our everyday like matt’s coffee and my office view.

i sneaked in a 6×8 page for extra spillover.




these kits weren’t meant to get together at all. but as my mama always said about fashion, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to go. and these colors and vibes just go together.




the technology at our fingertips is amazing. i love being able to screenshot things from my phone, like i did here with my calendar. also, we went to dinner so i saved the receipt and stapled it to a coordinating card. mostly to remind ourselves that eating dinner out is never worth it. 😉

IMG_2557 IMG_2558 IMG_2559 IMG_2560 IMG_2561 IMG_2562

this style of scrapbooking, (you know, the everyday stuff,) is so fun because when we look back on this week i will remember how many times i listened to all about that bass.

IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2565

one of my favorite parts of these pages is the little day of the week flags that i used to start off each day. it just set the tone for each page.

IMG_2566 IMG_2567

and a special bonus card that i threw in at the end is from the talented leslie ann harvey.


and there you have it. week in the life twenty fourteen is done!

hope you enjoyed! 🙂


flashback friday // a week in the life

oh how i adore looking back at this project.
such an enjoyable feat it was.
the design.
the words.
the editing.

this week, 2 years ago, i embarked on a week-long photo project that captured the bits and details of our everyday life.

with the time it took to shoot, edit and design this project, i just couldn’t do it the following year. but today, as i reminisce about how much i LOVED this project, i am feeling like it’s almost time to take it on again.

hopefully by september, which is when the next week in the life is locked in for, my camera and my creative eye will be ready.

but until then, let’s take a look back to 2011:


1-FRIDAY_morning_main 2-FRIDAY_morning_colage 3-FRIDAY_afternoon_main 4-FRIDAYafternoon_collage 5-FRIDAY_night_end 6-SATURDAYmorning_main 7-SATURDAYmorningafternoon_collage 8-SATURDAYevening_collage 9-SATURDAYnight_end 10-SUNDAY_morning_main 11-SUNDAY_morning_collage 12-SUNDAY_afternoon__collage 13-SUNDAY_evening_main 14-SUNDAYevening_collage 15-MONDAY_morning_main 16-MONDAY_morning_collage 17-MONDAY_afternoon_main 18-MONDAY_afternoon_collage 19-TUESDAY_morning_main 20-TUESDAY_morning_collage




24-WEDNESDAY_morning_collage26-WEDNESDAY_evening_main 27-WEDNESDAY_night_collage28-THURSDAY_morning_main







interested in capturing a week of your life? join us in september. we’ll be the crazy kids with cameras covering half of our faces.

andrea_signature copy

weekly wrap up 2013 // week 25

weekly wrapup_4x4

well hello there! how was your week? wanna peek into mine? come on, let’s go.

monday // june 17

found this on facebook and couldn’t help sharing. honestly, in a day, i can go from mac miller to 80’s pop to the bee gees and end the day with malt shop oldies. did you know that i like music? i wrote a post about it…

Photo: :) that would be a good description of my tunes. Lol

tuesday // june 18

just a little lunch and a little game of sorry with my little guy. and yes, we’re still in our pjs at 12:30. that’s how we roll when mama’s on vacation.

a little lunch and a little sorry with the boy. #pictapgo_app

then it was back to scrappin’ when he took his nap. and yes, our girls twilight layout got a full spread because it’s that important. hey, don’t judge, it was the final movie and the last time we’ll get this excited about a movie premiere.

Photo: why yes, nov 16 does get its own 2-page spread. because its our twi-hard moms day and theres alot to document. #donthate also, am I the only one who completely cleans my work surface when starting a new layout? #ocd #pictapgo_app

wednesday // june 19

took a little stroll to target and came home with a ball. gibson was nice enough to hold it for marshall so it didn’t go out into the street.


earning their keep.


prepping for a little family bbq. john dailies, beer and rum + coke for me. 🙂 happy wednesday!

Photo: Like you've never been driven to this by noon on a Wednesday.

yeah, i could get used to this.

hello wednesday. you seem like a perfectly acceptable day to drink and grill. #pictapgo_app

so grampa cannot throw a football into a tree to get down a stuck ball. noted.


just a little splashing with cousins.


it’s 1am and i’m trying to get to sleep. this is when the battle begins: the rum says ‘we’re very tired and its time for bed’ but the coke says ‘no no, we’re good. lets stay up and hang out’. —  feeling confused.

thursday // june 20

just hanging out on the patio.


this beats a mcflurry any day of the week.

better than a mcflurry any day. #reesesminisaresoyummy #pictapgo_app

friday // june 21

we took a stroll to the park as a family for some play time and basketball.


yay, a star!




he let me snap just one.


a little one on one.


nuthin’ but net.


this is the project life home stretch…week 51 is upon us.

#projectlife // week 51 // finally at the home stretch of 2012 // 2 more weeks to go! #pictapgo_app

gibson: mom, do i have to take a picture with him?




i normally don’t like getting wet but i had gibson spray my feet because it was super hot out!


awww, see….now that’s a cute picture!

boys. #summer #pictapgo_app

later we had s’mores to celebrate the first day of summer.





#firstdayofsummer #summerfun #photoshake #pictapgo_app

summer just isn't summer without one of these. #radioflyer

saturday // june 22

we watched my little nephew play soccer this morning and then went back to his house for some pool time. caleb is a fish, marsh is more like a sand crab. he likes to sit on the step and has not drifted into the pool yet, but that’s okay with us.

this felt soooo good ona  hot day.


OMG you guys! i found the most amazing iphone app this weekend…i’m sharing it on the blog this week!


i really thought that being home all week and having time to run and workout would be a good get-back-on-track time but i have failed. i kinda ate whatever and didn’t use my time to be active. so when my body craves fresh fruit, i’d better feed it.

you taste better than anything I've had all week. #eatingclean

as seen on facebook: they’re supposed to be cleaning but instead they are smelling each other’s feet. i better put a stop to this before they start sniffing each other’s butts. uhhh, too late.

it’s movie night and marshall picks the polar express. doesn’t this kid know it’s not december? — watching The Polar Express.

sunday // june 23

rain? what the what?


mama, i need a hug!


goodbye 2012. i am so done with you!

that's a wrap // 2012 #projectlife is complete // updates and details on the blog this week!

mmmmm, those were delicious.


half a face is better than no face.

because he runs from the camera, sometimes I only end up with half of his face. at least it's a cute half. #pictapgo_app

reason #547 that big brothers rock.




gibson: “i’m gonna major is tree climbing when i get older.”
me: “well son, its good to have goals.”


and that’s all she wrote. no literally. this is all i’m writing. until tomorrow! 🙂

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a week in our life – another update

WOW…i think i’m done. i’m freaking exhausted.

this is the point where i will read through everything looking for typos and errors. i think i’ll save that for this evening. it feels good let me tell you. so much journaling + photos + spacing + saving + uploading. but we’re almost there! the binder is ready with page protectors and baseball card sheets to put receipts and stuff into. going to make the binder cover out of a map like i did last year so they’ll look good together and i won’t have to change themes someday when i don’t like the style. maps are always cool right?

i’m sharing monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday + the opening and closing pages.

after last minutes edits, i’ll upload to scrapbookpictures.com for printing. they printed my photo pages last year and they turned out great.

so enjoy!

next update will be the whole book put together. i am so excited about that. feels like forever but i am still trying to finish this before  november ends.

hugs, andrea

a week in our life – update

july/august feels so far away. like it was a hundred years ago. but really, it wasn’t that long ago. only 3 months ago i was a crazy photo snappin’ fool for 7 whole days. you can see the week’s worth of photos here.

i needed some time away from it all after that. we all got burned out on pictures. the boys asked me not to take pics of them anymore. i didn’t even want to pick up the camera. i didn’t want to convert and upload one more file.

but something happened a couple weekends ago. i think it was a post on ali edwards’ facebook page, showing off the album of lynette at nettio designs. it was clean. it was simple. it screamed magazine layout and i was smitten. after spending, oh…about 5 minutes looking at her album, i knew it was the design i had to go with. the ones i came up with during the week process were going to be fine. but i was trying too hard. putting too much on it. adding too much unnecessary stuff and it just never felt right. this was it.

so that weekend i started fresh. using digital templates i purchased from cathy zielske, i started making friday’s layouts. i felt amazing and freer to just use pictures. the pictures i loved. that after 3 months of separation, remembered how much i adored what i captured during that week.

it’s a long process, to add the pictures and the journaling. but we’re getting there. i have friday, saturday, sunday and monday almost done. basically the layout and words and photos are in their correct spots, but i still have to go back to proofread and double check details.

but i really wanted to share them with ya. ya wanna see what i have so far?



great start right? i’ve had so much fun getting this project done. goal? finished by the end of november so my december daily can be easy without this project lingering.

when i get the rest done…i’ll post another update. and then i have to figure out how to bind it. sometimes options can be a pain. =)

happy wednesday to you!

WEEK in the LIFE: thursday birthday edition | day 7 [119 photos]

today is a special day. the gibernator turns 10. it’s a little weepy and a little exciting…all at the same time.

each year is a cool new adventure with gibson and it’s just another milestone for our oldest.

another reason it’s a special day is that it’s the last day of week in the life. i’m really ready to be done and kinda glad for the birthday celebrations to keep the camera going. the kids are sick of the snapping and so am i.

but this day gave us quite a few awesome photo ops and here are my very faves.

let me step back a few weeks: we’d bought gibson a few things in the last few weeks that we told him were for his birthday. and really, they wer,e but we had to get him some stuff to open on his birthday morning. so wednesday night while he was at practice the three of us headed to target for a couple gifts for him. (marshall, being 3, did tell him that we went to target and got him all kinds of things…but matt played it off pretty good.)
so as he relaxed on the couch watching cartoons we had marshall bring him the following things, one by one…from the bedroom to the family room…which was the most hilarious part because he thought he wasn’t getting anything.

king sized twix
hershey’s drops
big box of skittles
a transformers game for the wii
a new star wars lego set
a 3-pack of 5 gum
a big box of mike & ike’s
and a handmade card from marshall (they are reading it together in the pic below)

gibson’s breakfast request was my awesome (in our opinions) french toast. added scrambled eggs and maple sausage to make it even better.

our new tradition for the boys. thanks to my friend Dawn at Everyday Memories with Project Life for the idea. i worked on this after he was asleep and very very quietly hung it to his door so he’d see it when he woke up.

just markers and craft paper =)

i can see the pictures in the future…as he grows next to each poster every year.

he likes it.

another surprise for the gibber…a secret trip to Toys R Us to pick out a new bike. this isn’t the one he ended up getting, but the shot came out awesome!

then we took him to lunch at the always yummy Buffalo Wild Wings. I could literally eat ther everyday and still want to try something new. plus all the tvs playing sports just makes me smile =D

finally home and poor percy needs repairing.

marshall got away from the toy store with a new train, Arthur, who he refers to as “erfer”. hehehe

marshall gives the absolute best hugs

gibson requested a chocolate cake. with chocolate frosting. and chocolate sprinkles. okay then.

after practice giberoni agreed to a photo shoot with his new bike. love that it’s the same color as his favorite shoes.

he really is just so handsome.

first bike with hand brakes.

and after a shower we had cake and cookie dough ice cream. this kid has an excellent day!

WEEK in the LIFE: wednesday | day 6 [68 photos]

what a day. another lazy one. feeling a little worn out with all the picture taking…and the kids are definately sick of it. marshall, who loves having his picture taken, is fiercely holding up his hand and telling me “no. more. pictures.” it’s okay…i’m still getting some memorable shots of our daily stuff.

a quick ride to target to pick up coffee for dad and a couple binders for me (for witl). marshall grabbed the camera and snapped a great one of gibson!

…and a good one of what he sees from his trailer.

i’ve been passing by this sign since March as i enter my neighborhood. BECAUSE THEY’RE BUILDING A FREAKING JOANN’S LESS THAN A MILE FROM MY HOUSE. OHH. EEM. GEE!

at first, the sign said SUMMER 2011. then it changed to FALL 2011. (enter sad face here). but now it says STORE OPENS OCTOBER 7 and that date is permanently on my calendar now. and since it is occupying the old Mervyn’s building, i will stand at the door with my face and fingers to the glass saying, “open, open, open.” oh yes…i most certainly will.

gibson is very proud of his war wounds.

marshall and gibson play fight. well…really gibson plays dead, marshall laughs and then gibson roars up and scares the *bleep* outta marshall.

dropping gibson off at practice.

driving out of our town for an errand. we have a lot of pretty things to look at in town. this road leads to downtown and over the river. i just liked the view.

dropping off rent. ugh.

back home to make tacos. yum.

bathtime and marshall is eating his hands. maybe i didn’t feed him enough dinner.

but this kid can dress himself and i am thankful for that.

after practice the boys really wanted Carl’s Jr. so we ran over for a couple meals. marshall was getting sick of the pictures.

when we’re sure gibson is sound asleep, i start to work on a new birthday tradition…

WEEK in the LIFE: tuesday | day 5 [80 photos]

the feeling of randomness is what comes over me when i look through the pictures from today. i’m really beginning to {heart} randomness in my life. trying to embrace it with a smile. loving the imperfections and being happy with what God puts in front of me. allowing life to happen and not planning too much or setting things up. but something feels weird.

maybe because this is a public place, and my feelings are more private than this blog, that i am not feeling as deep and detailed about the days and the happenings. is it because i edit them too soon after? could it be that i’m not engaged enough, just trying to shoot what happens? am i in the moments i captured or just behind the lens? i think it’s too late at night to be thinking about all this but it’s been on my mind since it’s a different feeling than i had last year.  it could be nothing at all. i bet that when i begin to really throw this  thing together the words and feelings will come to the front of the line and stand proud. because i really have captured some awesomeness this week. feeling thankful to be home, witnessing and interacting all day.

and the awesomeness will continue since tomorrow my big dude turns ten! double-freaking-digits! we have a fun day planned and i started a new tradition, partly inspired by a scrapbook page i saw in the July/August Creating Keepsakes, but mostly by my bloggy friend Dawn, from Everyday Memories with Project Life. she is the kind of mom i want to be, no matter how much eye rolling i get from the kids. can’t wait to share the new tradition with you!

and now…leaving the pity party…and on to the photos from tuesday!

our first real pictures of the day were at target. matt had a job to film so me and the boys headed out to buy gibson a few pairs of shorts for school and marshall decided he wanted to have a dressing room of his own. of course the trip was for gibson, but he refused to let me take pics so here’s marshall…incase you haven’t met him already.

i’m a lucky gal and my hubby usually fills up my tank (one of my biggest fears is running out of gas so he makes sure i’m never too empty). but i’m a handy chick and i don’t mind getting gas for myself…plus i LOOOOOVE the smell. i think this is a pic we will look back on in even 10 years and wish things were back to being this good. and i continue to pray for this country to get it’s head out of it’s own arse. =)

school starts in one week. holy freaking summer batman. maybe it feels like summer just fly by because it pretty much rained the entire month of june. daddy is looking forward to school and we’re all looking forward to fall.

i love school and office supplies so i couldn’t resist a colorful pic of the perfection and possibilities.

of course we had to get popcorn. and of course marshall did his absolute best to take a picture of the bag.

decided to give marshall the camera in winco. i think he did a good job overall!

from my perspective.

and from his when he was in “the big part”.

nap time meant scrap time! finally getting to make something cute. i got 3 pages done!

once the back gets shady, we head outside. not sure why marshall is wearing that long sleeved shirt but he’s doing great at the watering.

speaking of watering…i always neglect my garden around this time. it gets too hot and i forget to go out there and tend to it. then this happens and it makes me sad.

he’s building a rock wall so the water can’t come passed a certain point. i just really love how he sits when he’s working.

oh happy joy! i have issues and family circle is one of them.

found the top plays on my iPod to be very interesting. not surprising at all but just amazed at the technology we have available to us. yes i love fleetwood mac and vampire weekend. i am excellent at becoming very addicted to music that i really enjoy most. but don’t fret…there’s much more variety down there that we just can’t see. hello dean martin and marilyn manson!

hope you’re all having a good week whether you’re involved in WITL or not. maybe you’ll pick up your camera more often or just write things down before they fly away. either way, thanks for stopping by!