RETROHIPMAMA: let’s see. i’m just me. andrea. wife. mama. jesus follower. documenter. crafter. snacker. youtuber. instagrammer. podcaster. homegrown california girl. music consumer. football watcher. lister & hand letterer. creative team member for Elle’s Studio, Felicity Jane & The Reset Girl. 🙂


STYLE: i am a modern gal who loves vintage and retro style. retrohipmama. get it?

SHE’S CRAFTY: i’m an all things crafty girl. not sure when I ever bought curtains. most of the decor in  my home is hand-made. scrapbooking is my no. 1 and photography ranks no. 2 in my world. i can fruit, make homemade strawberry jam and applesauce. fabric is my friend and so are glue sticks, my staple gun, hammer and  my sewing machine.

INSPIRATION: it comes in many forms. i am inspired by visually stimulating things: typography, nature, architecture, my boys, color combinations. creating makes me…well…me. making something with my hands brings joy to my life and happiness to my heart. my goal is not to simply share my creations, but to inspire others to create as well.

thanks for stopping by. i hope to have inspired you along the way to create something new. even if it’s a simple memory. come back soon!


13 thoughts on “retrohipmama”

  1. The photo suits you from what I read in your bio! Very nice! I loved scrapbooking for a few years… I just don’t make the time anymore. 😦

  2. Girlfriend, you never cease to amaze me! Everything you have done here is FABULOUS!!!!! I’m so lucky because I actually get to see things in person. You are truly an inspiration!!!!!! Love you!

  3. Hi Retro Hip Mama-

    Enjoyed some of your posts and I have to agree with the first comment – you are very pretty and so photogenic. Thanks for leaving me the nice comment about the Clothespin Starburst mirror I made. I truly appreciate it.

    My best- Diane

  4. Hi Retro Hip Mama-

    It was nice running into you and your friends at GT some time ago. Love your blog and photos! I Hope to see you guys again at one of our upcoming crops… maybe at our next one June 18th?? …


  5. I’m loving your blog…. I think your one of my new favorites to stalk…… * creeper much*… haha I know But I have been inspired by all of your creativeness so Thankyou for sharing!

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