olw: 2012

en·joy [en-joi]


1. to experience with joy; take pleasure in
2. to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of
3. to find or experience pleasure
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i need this word. i need to feel this word so much more than i have been. seeing the bright side of life has always been easy for me. but lately, i don’t feel like i’m really enjoying my blessings and struggles. i might say ‘yeah, we’ll gt through it’ or ‘hey, we’re better off today than we were yesterday.’ it’s true. all of these things are true. i don’t have a mansion or gees, even a clean house most of the time. we still have to count our pennies and we just might have to do that until the day we die, who knows. well, God knows and i think he’s got great things planned for us. but i cannot concern myself with that so much as i need to enjoy my right now. it’s only now, like, right now…oop, there it went! did i enjoy that? hell yes i did! and i’m going to enjoy it all.
i’m going to enjoy using lysol wipes to clean toddler poop from the bathroom wall. no seriously, if i don’t enjoy that then i’d be crying that i have a primate for a son.
i’m going to enjoy the crumbs on the floor and the piece of lego that’s been in the hallway for a week that everyone just walks right past. because like everyone says, ‘one day they won’t be there and you’ll miss it’. well that may be true but i damn sure bet i’ll enjoy it when they’re gone too…i’m just not exactly ready for that chapter in my life.
so for now, i will enjoy my life and all that is placed in front of me. enjoy the blessings and the struggles. i know there will be both.
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1 thought on “olw: 2012”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I’m a momma of 3 busy bees and this little word has such great power. I definately need to focus more energy on the enjoyment of the moment and less on the dried up playdo on the sofa. Thanks for the reminder.

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