welcome to my workshops!

want to learn something cool? fun? exciting?
join a self-paced class, taught and hosted by retrohipmama

my story by the decade


cost: $20

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registration opens: may 25, 2015
class begins: june 15, 2015
hosted by andrea gray and kristy taylor
meet the team

a workshop to get your photos out of their dusty boxes and paired with the memories that tell the story of YOU!
your class purchase includes exclusive materials to help guide and inspire you through the decades you’ll be documenting.

need a little push to get going? how about some sneaks of the kind of fun you can make?

IMG_1826 IMG_1816 IMG_2049 IMG_2069

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*please allow 12 hours
to receive your welcome
email which will contain
login info to the private
classroom. check your
spam folders if no email
is received within 12 hours.
~thank you


HOW-TO: improve your handwriting

IMG_1762[1]cost: $2.99
available beginning november 15, 2014
taught by retrohipmama

this 3-part video series is designed to help you improve your handwriting.
do you avoid your own handwriting in your scrapbooking layouts? would you rather type your journaling? practicing the shapes of letters and the movements your hand makes when lettering takes time and patience.

you will receive access to three 5-minute instructional videos to assist you in practicing lowercase, uppercase and scripted lettering. supplies needed are: 1) paper 2) pencil 3) eraser

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