december daily // f-l

hello friends!

i’m back with some more letter pages that are photo ready in my december daily album. wanna take a peek?

F will have a couple 6×6 family photos and possibly one about football. and let’s not forget about the best part of A Christmas Story, the fra-gee-lay leg lamp!

IMG_3968 IMG_3901
G is for the grays, game time, homemade granola and gifts.
the little recipe card can be pulled out of the envelope and it reveals the recipe.

i have been using a lot of pop dots to layer and stack embellishments. it’s fun to add some dimension!
H is for hot chocolate, happy, holy, ho ho ho and honey baked ham.

i’ve given myself space for a small photo or some journaling. if i don’t have anything to put there, it still looks cool.

there is hardly any words that start with I so i found a great photo of icicles and i will have it printed as a 6×8.5 and slip it in. done.
the opposite side is J and will be this graphic that i’m giving you for free. just right click on this photo and save image as. you’re welcome!


a full layout for J will include jingle bells, joy, jack frost, jolly and joyful memories.
IMG_3973 IMG_3984 IMG_3982 IMG_3985 IMG_3983

K was also limited on words so i picked kisses and kings.hopefully i can snap a pic of matt and i under the mistletoe. ;)

IMG_3974 IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3981
i thought it would be nice to add the story of the 3 kings that came to visit Jesus.

L is for lights and laughter. i plan to print a cool bokeh shot of our tree as 6×6 for that corner. then some fun 3x3s of good times we’ve had so far this month.
IMG_3976 IMG_3977


i have to tell you, i am so super pleased with this structure. it’s half way through the month and i’m almost halfway through the alphabet. woohoo!

much still left to do but i’ve got a christmas vacation coming up that’s gonna be full of scrappiness!

so…how are you holding up with your december daily?


december daily // c+d+e

the best part about doing my december daily in alpha order is that i can photograph things with intention. and i feel like i can breathe knowing i don’t have to have something planned each day just to grab a photo.

and now that my evenings aren’t spent in a post-work zombie-like state, i have been able to creep over to my desk and work on little bits and pieces each night.

which leads to semi-completed and photo ready pages!

here is C (left side) for cold, cheers, cookies, candy canes and christmas lists.


and the right side. loved the little mice with their cookies and candy canes. i honestly didn’t know if i’d ever use this paper, but when i started looking through my kit and searching for items with the letter c, it just jumped out at me. and aren’t they just adorable? anyhoo, i found these perfect 3×3 pocket pages from october afternoon and have plenty of room for a bunch of photos!



next up is D for decorating and deck the halls. it’s the back side of C so i get to use smaller photos again, which means lots of room! if it works out, i’d love to do a 6×6 of a really good photo and split it up to it fit in 4 pockets! crossing fingers!



here is a closeup of the title insert. i used my silhouette to cut the entire alphabet in white and it’s the capital letter here. i really like the flexibility of using it or not and had fun adding the different lowercase letter for some dimension.



E has been my favorite so far. i was really in a groove when i was working on all of these inserts.



Es are extremely sacred but i made a sacrifice to use what i had left because when you have a vision you just go with it! and it complete paid off!


one word for E is enjoy. and although when i began working on this spread, i didn’t have a specific photo in mind, i knew i wanted the word (which is a former one little word of mine) to stand out.




once i began to think of what kind of photo i would want here, it dawned on me that i had taken a pretty enjoyable photo a few nights prior. so i printed it and made this layout around it. i found an inspiring layout on instagram by paddymack7777 and scraplifted some elements from her design, like the stripes at the bottom and using a paper lunch bag.




and one of my favorite inserts ever, is this one to commemorate our love for the movie elf. it was hard to pick just one quote from the movie but with this one i knew i could go nuts with the alphas so I went for it! i found a clean image online and printed it on photo paper then trimmed it out and glued it to the white background i wanted. then just added words and prayed i’d have enough room at the end. :)





and there is C, D and E!

this weekend i got through F and G but then got a little burnt out so i cleaned up and finished a spread from week 41 using a ton of new scraptastic club goodies i bought on black friday! which made me cancel my studio calico sub within minutes of opening the life noted kit! for reals!

anyhoo, that’s a whole other topic.

for now, enjoy your monday and your week and may your days be merry and bright. see you next week with some more letter layouts!

xo andrea




december daily // a new spin and a vintage vibe

december is here and this means the beginning of my most favorite month of the year! the lights, the magic, the cold and the decorations are among the highlights of this season. it also happens to be my birthday month, which is super rad.

and i’m not the only one who feels this way, which is why so many scrapbookers and documenters are embarking on december daily. in case you aren’t familiar with the concept of december daily, check out ali edwards’ blog for more info. she came up with the concept and i’ve been grateful to document december in a more detailed way.

about a month ago, i decided on a vintage and kind of kitschy theme for this years’ album. i wanted to buy a couple collections with paper and embellishments that had a 40’s and 50’s feel. as i browsed, i decided on 3 and they all happened to be by october afternoon. silent night, eggnog and make it merry all have different feels but in my eyes, they were meant to go together! in addition, i snagged deena rutter’s december kit with digi printables for some extra cards and embellishments.

 Product # PP-1291Product # DC-192


Every Little Bit: Cheers Bundle

since my december daily goes into my regular PL album, most of my pages will be 12×12 but i reserve the right to toss in a few 6×8 pages when i feel like it. :)

as an intro to the december daily part of my album, i made this 6×8 page with some favorite pieces from my self made kit. the opposite side will be a typed opening with words to express the importance of december.

then i made a 12×12 page with all 4×4 pockets for another opening. honestly i was just having too much fun with all my goodies!

but here’s where it gets super fun! thanks to leslie ann harvey, my whole approach to this project changed. i was ready to do what i did last year and just go day by day, like my normal project life, and document chronologically. i would print 2 groups of photos, one mid-december and another after the first of the year. and the plan was to work on the days as I could.

but sunday morning, while scrolling around on facebook, she posted a wonderful idea that inspired her. i have to give credit to her for inspiring me and to her inspiration, which i will do later in this post.

the idea is to do an alphabet style december daily. yes, like A-B-C alphabet. think about it, there are so many “things” we want to document in december and they all start with a letter, right? when i saw a helpful list on lisa moorefield’s blog, (which is the awesome chick who inspired leslie) i knew this was totally do-able. although i must admit, i felt a few twinges on anxiety when i considered this approach. so i settled in with both blog posts and started formulating my own list of items i didn’t want to forget.

i’m happy to share it with you!

A – around town, advent
B – books, baking
C – candy canes, calendar, christmas lists
D – decorating, deck the halls
E – elf, enjoy
F – football, friends, family
G – games, gifts, granola, giving, gibson
H – hot chocolate, honey bakes ham
I – ice skating, instagram
J – jesus, jingle bells, jolly
K – kids, kisses
L – letters to santa, lights, laughter
M – moose, movies, music, matt, marshall
N – neighborhood lights, naughty or nice
O – ornaments, opening presents, oh holy night
P – polar express, peppermint, presents
Q – quiet nights, quilts
R – reading, reindeer, relaxing
S – snow, starbucks, school program, stockings, shopping, santa
T – train, tree, traditions, toys, thankschristmas
U – under the tree, us
V – village, vacation
W – warping, weather, warmth
X – xmas morning/day
Y – you and me
Z – zzzz (kids sleeping or everyone is jammies)

i plan to use a few from each letter if i can snag the photos but i might just use one from the list. it depends and i’m leaving that open.

but i started with A and B so far and am ready to get some photos in those pockets!

IMG_3180 IMG_3183 IMG_3182


what i think i’ll get from this process is more intentional photos instead of just capturing what happens and printing pics that don’t get used. i can take photos out of order and not worry about making sure i know the exact day. maybe another way to think of this style is like a summary of all the wonderful and magical things about december.

no matter how you document, just do it. you don’t need the perfect kit, use your stash. take photos and enjoy the times with loved ones.

i hope to post my progress as i make some. and don’t forget to follow me on instagram where most of my shares end up! see you back here soon!

andrea :)

week in the life 2014 pages are complete!

ali edwards  is such a smart chick. she comes up with amazing projects to help us document the little pieces of life that might otherwise be overlooked.

even though she had her week in the life scheduled for the end of october, my work and home schedule wouldn’t have allowed me to spend the time during that week so I did mine at the end of september instead. and it’s so weird that the weeks i end up picking, always have just off-the-wall events that are totally NOT our normal routines. but i like that.

for this project, i used the grateful and dwell kits by the amazing deena rutter.

Every Little Bit: Grateful Bundle   Every Little Bit: Dwell Bundle


and september’s storyteller kit by just jaimee:

the cover page for my 12×12 will just fit into my 2014 album. no special binder for this project, i’m just treating it like an extra long and full week.


when i design intro pages, i like to use as much of the colors from the kits i’m using as possible to give a full picture of the colors and items that will follow in the project. this way, it feels more like a separate project, but really isn’t. :) does any of that even make sense? :)

aaaaanyhoo…here we go!

monday was a good intro to the week. the family was prepared to have the camera on them a bit more and i wanted to include the normal glimpses into our everyday like matt’s coffee and my office view.

i sneaked in a 6×8 page for extra spillover.




these kits weren’t meant to get together at all. but as my mama always said about fashion, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to go. and these colors and vibes just go together.




the technology at our fingertips is amazing. i love being able to screenshot things from my phone, like i did here with my calendar. also, we went to dinner so i saved the receipt and stapled it to a coordinating card. mostly to remind ourselves that eating dinner out is never worth it. ;)

IMG_2557 IMG_2558 IMG_2559 IMG_2560 IMG_2561 IMG_2562

this style of scrapbooking, (you know, the everyday stuff,) is so fun because when we look back on this week i will remember how many times i listened to all about that bass.

IMG_2563 IMG_2564 IMG_2565

one of my favorite parts of these pages is the little day of the week flags that i used to start off each day. it just set the tone for each page.

IMG_2566 IMG_2567

and a special bonus card that i threw in at the end is from the talented leslie ann harvey.


and there you have it. week in the life twenty fourteen is done!

hope you enjoyed! :)



gratitude documented // relationships

signing up for shanna noel‘s gratitude documented class at studio calico was SUCH a good idea!!!

she is taking us through several way to document all the things we can be grateful for in our lives and it’s really allowed me to dig deep to get those things down. i’m taking a different approach to my album than shanna’s 4×6 ring album and this allows me to have space for journaling and showing off some of my favorite photos.

i will be using a 6×8 mini album by becky higgins and the other supplies will be linked below.

here is how the album is coming along so far:

the cut file with a grateful heart is part of the class downloads. it’s originally a 3×4 but i made it larger for use on this full 6×8 page.
also included are tags from target, letters from lilybee and stephanie adams designs. the alpha paper is actually from a christmas set i just picked up for my december daily.



the reverse side is a bunch of layers and some other goodies from the kit i made for this project.




i wanted to be sure to remember that i am grateful everyday, even during times of struggle and exhaustion.





at this point, i go into detail about each one of my important relationships. 







the rest of her class is going to be so good! with more topics coming our way, i have some serious reflection to do. :)

oh, you can still sign up for the class until the end of november!

xo -andrea


grace alone printable:
count your blessings kit:
gratitude documented class materials:


december daily 2013 flip-thru

hi and hello!

last year when i worked on my december daily album, i posted the details here on my blog, but i wasn’t doing videos back then.

and since we’re all gearing up to start our 2014 december daily albums, i thought a little flip-thru of last year’s was appropriate.

making my own dd kit was so much fun and i have done the same thing this year! items i used to create my kit will be linked below the video.

hope you enjoy and find some christmas inspiration!

xo -andrea



2013 calendar:

daily journal cards (4×6):

dashing through cards (3×4):

heidi swapp believe paper pack:

photo/word collage tutorial: