A Life Pages spread – with photo alternatives

Hey crafty babes! Today over at the Gossamer Blue blog I am bringing you a Life Pages spread with a fun twist. 

Some weeks (or months) we just lack photos. Maybe you forget to pull out your phone for a few days or maybe you’re feeling blah about capturing the little moments. I have a fun solution that may help – photo alternatives!

Come on over to the Gossamer Blue blog today to see all kinds of fun things you can add to your pages!

Thanks for joining me!
Happy scrapping, Andrea

Say HELLO to the February Gossamer Blue Kits


Hey crafty babes! It’s the first of the month and if you’re a GB fan then you know this means KIT REVEAL DAY!!

You can head over to the Gossamer Blue store to see what’s going on for the month of February. This month’s kits are so incredible – as always! Here are some sneaks of projects you’ll see from me this month.

AndreaGray_Feb_7IMG_3757 IMG_3770 IMG_3905

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illustrated faith // not made to fit in

Hey friends!!! Mondays are typically not my favorite days of the week. I mean, come on – back to work and wearing actual pants. Am I right?

BUT, Mondays are made better because at Illustrated Faith’s YouTube channel there is a new video – and sometimes TWO!!!

Today, I have a fun page to share with you! Head over to the blog for closeups and the whole story behind the process – and you can check out the video while you’re there or below!

I hope you do something today that makes you stand out!!

Happy creating,
Andrea :)

one little word // foundation & setup video

hey crafty babes! if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek of my olw album. oh, and in case you missed my olw intro here, check out my prior post here. okay, so now that you’re caught up on how i got to this point, let’s take a look inside the album i’ve started!

i filmed a quick flip-thru for you guys – check it out here – and then you can see some detailed photos below!

IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3446 IMG_3447

thanks for staying! happy scrapping!
andrea xo


Illustrated Faith – Catching Up

Hi friends!

It dawned on me that I hadn’t posted my recent Illustrated Faith videos for you guys to check out. In case you didn’t know – I am on the Design Team and I make 2 videos every month of different ways I illustrate my faith. Sometimes it’s in my bible, sometimes it’s in a pocket page and sometimes it’s part of a devotional. You can see my posts along with the amazing other girls on the team by visiting illustratedfaith.com. You can also keep updated on all of the IF videos by subscribing to the YouTube channel!

In the meantime, below are the last two that I’ve published. I hope to see you on the IF blog or the YouTube channel!

Make It Count Devotional

Isaiah 40:8

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Andrea xo

Gossamer Blue // January Blog Hop

Welcome to the first Blog Hop of 2016!

Each month, the DT girls bring you inspiration as your kits arrive. We hope to show you fun and exciting ways to use the kits.

January is typically the time when we flush out the old and bring in the new! But what if the old is still awesome? What then? Well, I’ll tell ya!

You use the new stuff WITH the old stuff! Mix ’em up! Photo Jan 02, 10 48 15 AM

If you’re a current subscriber – chances are you have gobs of leftovers from previous kits. There’s no rule that says you have to ONLY use the January supplies together. One of my favorite parts of being a kit subscriber is mixing kits to see what new color combinations I can develop.

Photo Jan 02, 10 48 26 AM

Photo Jan 02, 10 48 45 AM

So go ahead – you have permission to mix those kits! Find colors and sentiments that work together for the photos you have! And have fun!

And now you can head over to the other girls’ blogs to see what creative things they’ve done this month:

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Sian Fair

december memories 2015 // the completed album

saying goodbye to the year also means saying goodbye to December. it’s always a bit sad to take down the tree and transition decor from Christmas to Winter. especially after all the glee and excitement of putting it all out.
but when it’s time – it’s time.
and i knew that when i completed my December Memories album – i was done with Christmas. it was a fun month! lots of activities and lessons and regular life. complete with magic and the questioning of mr. claus.

during the month, i filmed flip-thru videos as i completed chunks of my album. it turned out to be 3 total videos and i have put them all here for easy viewing if you hadn’t come across them already on my youtube channel.

once i have some good light around here – i will take photos of each page and update this post.

for now – i sure hope you enjoy seeing my album!

thanks for watching!
andrea xo

one little word 2016 // quality

hi again and welcome to 2016!!

it’s that time of year for fresh starts, clear ideas and a new ONE LITTLE WORD. this project was created by ali edwards. click here to find out more about it.

i have chosen many words over the years and unlike my previous words – this word didn’t come easily. i actually had two other words chosen. then i had one FOR SURE. i even did an entire 2-page layout introducing my word for 2016. but i began to feel like it was empty and not really something that had any possibility of changing me. that word was HAPPY – and my layout ROCKS by the way.
the other word i was pulled to was OPEN. but it wasn’t inspiring and not very action-y. although i had made a pinterest board and was preparing myself for the change from HAPPY to OPEN, something just didn’t sit right. this feeling was very overwhelming as i lay awake at 3am a few nights ago.

when i was browsing ideas and inspiration for OPEN, i ran into an amazingly creative crafter who had the word QUALITY the previous year. i stopped for a moment and within 2 seconds i had already come up with a list of things i could improve upon with this word.

that was it. QUALITY is my word for 2016. seriously. i’m not changing it. no really. for sure!


1. producing or providing products or services of high quality or merit
i feel like this one gives me the possibility of improvement in many areas:
these are the categories i will focus on with some high-level action items. i have deeper goals within each of these that will make them more attainable throughout the year.
TIME: use my time wisely with the people who need me the most. unplug more often.
HEALTH: eat clean foods and maintain good eating habits. workout with purpose and goals.
STUFF: maintain only physical items that bring joy to my life. complete a whole house purge of unnecessary junk.
ART: create art with passion and purpose. create for me but inspire others.
WORDS: speak with truth and positivity. learn new words. less cursing (let’s be honest, that’s never going to go away completely)  
i have some habits to kick and some mental blocks to jump over but what i love about this project is that it’s not just about what you want to change – it’s an opportunity for an action plan.
so here’s to another year of trying to be better than we were. let’s just do our best and not beat ourselves up when we fall. let’s go for progress – not perfection.
andrea xo

Gossamer Blue // a new year. a new word. and new kits!

Hello and happy twenty-sixteen! Today and I have a bright and HAPPY layout to share with you over on the Gossamer Blue blog!


AND – it’s the 1st which means that NEW KITS ARE HERE!!
Photo Dec 14, 8 04 14 PM
I think I say this every single month – but this month’s kits are so divine!
Photo Dec 19, 11 31 56 AM
and it’s got so many things that are perfect for all your memories.
Photo Dec 31, 4 30 47 PM

or just document the normal everyday stuff!
Photo Dec 19, 9 29 00 AM
The kits are live and add-ons are available NOW – run! Seriously – the good ones always sell out and you don’t want to miss them!

Come by to see all the fun details of my layout and get yourself some new goodies!!

Happy shopping AND happy scrapping!