project life process video // week 35

hey crafty babes! week 35 came with some challenges. i only ended up with one 4×6, a bunch of 2x2s and one landscape 3×4. how in the world am i gonna make this work? so – i did a little process video to show you how it all came out! watch it here:

and as always, the detailed photos are below if you need to see more.

IMG_9954 IMG_9948 IMG_9949 IMG_9950 IMG_9951 IMG_9952

thanks for watching, pinning, subscribing and commenting!
happy scrapping!
xo  andrea

how will you document your december memories?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And the December Memories kit from Gossamer Blue is the perfect kit to document the month and all the festivities! You can purchase yours here!

Photo Sep 28, 6 35 34 PM

This box of goodies is bursting with sophisticated colors with a traditional feel. Photo Sep 30, 3 36 52 PM
Exclusively designed chipboard, labels, flags and word stickers will keep your spirits bright as you complete your album. Yes – you WILL complete your album this year! ;)Photo Sep 30, 3 37 05 PM
If you would like a special peek inside the ENTIRE kit, check out my What’s in the Box video:

Now – how are we going to stay motivated and excited and crafty while we’re in the thick of snow and shopping and school programs? You register for the 2-month class that is lead by the fabulous Beshka Kueser and friends!

For 8 weeks, you will be inspired and prepared to work on and complete your entire album! Hope to see you there starting November 1st!

So grab that gigantic December Memories kit and begin putting those December wheels in motion!

Happy scrappin’!
Andrea =)

say HELLO to the october gossamer blue kits


the october kits and add-ons are available TODAY beginning at 10am! head to the Gossamer Blue store to see the gorgeous kits and add-ons!

these are my FAVES from all the kits i received this month. those cork alphas! the cards! that floral pattern!

there are sooooo many gorgeous kits to snatch up this month! head over to the gossamer blue store now before they are wiped clean! these kits sell out super quick!

to get you even more excited about it – check out some peeks at what i’ve made with these kits so far!

IMG_8796 IMG_8795 IMG_8785   IMG_8791

what kits will you score this month?!?!

happy scrapping,

gossamer blue // september kit wrap-up

september is coming to an end, friends! what in the world happened to this month and how is it already almost october? here in northern california, we are still experiencing 90* days and i am soooo ready for the fall weather that most of you are already enjoying.

to send summer off, i’m sharing a wrap-up of the pages i made using the gossamer blue september kits.

featured kits: main scrapbook kit (sold out) / life pages kit (available) / bits & pieces add-on (available) / life pages themed add-on (available)

IMG_7871 IMG_7805


in case you missed the process video i did for this layout – check it out here:
IMG_7840 IMG_8878 IMG_8879 IMG_8880 IMG_8881

IMG_8882 IMG_8883 IMG_8884

if you haven’t grabbed the add-ons or kits that are still available – get them before they are gone for good.

and be on the lookout for some super exciting things coming up this month:
— new projects and sneaks from the brand new october kits
— sneaks and more info about the december memories kit for 2015
— a special surprise that i don’t know if i can talk about yet…

happy scrapping!

saying hello to bullet journaling

if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i’m kinda into lists. you can see some of my listing projects here.

and lists are how i keep my to-dos from being forgotten. i learned as a young student that i would be more likely to remember stuff if i wrote it down. so making lists has become a very normal thing for me – both in my work life and my home life.

and i think we all know about the planner craze that has swept over us crafty babes. i promised myself that i wouldn’t get into that. my own personal reason is because i have a tendency to over-plan and then under-do because i’ve worn myself out during the planning process. so i ignore the planner stuff and grab my composition book to jot down tasks and goals and doodles.

still in need of something better than post-it notes and different list formats, pinterest introduced me to what is called bullet journaling. it’s basically an analog version of planning but in a super stripped down, handwritten, listing kind of way. it. was. enlightening. so i quickly pinned everything i could possibly find – you can follow my planner-ish pinterest board here.

my first thought was just to use what i had – i’m always down for NOT spending money. i had an old spiral graph notebook that i pulled from a dusty shelf. i also figured that i needed something that could fit in my purse so i knew i wasn’t going to use the spiral notebook. so i grabbed my heidi swapp journal planner that was already gutted for another attempt at some kind of planner situation. (i found this beauty half-off at michael’s but it’s still available on amazon)


my first page setup was essentially how i would continue with my template but i added some flair when i was sure this was what i wanted to do.

i cut some graph paper to the size of the planner tabbed dividers and toted that around for a week. i realized that i was sort of ignoring it. so i picked up a couple graph composition books and liked the larger size but there was no place for my ruler or pens. so after a week with that format, i decided to go back to the binder format so that i could keep things together and could have loose pages that would allow me to move things around and have different pages for different lists/goals.

and this is what i settled on:

i will stick with this template and those things will be in black, allowing me to add color for the items that will change each week.

i created a dashboard with simple items like post-its, and some colorful flags. i mounted them with double sided foam tape. this is all on a cardboard type page that is paper-clipped to the monthly divider tab. this way i can move it to the next month when that time comes.
i have placed a 6-in ruler, my two pens and an extra paperclip in the tiered pockets of the binder cover.

my bullet journal template includes the month, year, week number along with the days of the week and the weather.
i will add a different quote each week too.
my tasks are broken into 3 sections: home + family, blog + brand and design team.
i also am keeping track of my health habits. i will either put a check mark or a dash in the columns for lifting weights, cardio, eating clean and will draw a face for my overall feeling for the day. i will also be listing my food to be prepped/bought for a week of clean eating.
and that’s it, friends!
oh! i did a video about it too that you can watch right here.

here are the basic supplies i am using:
Heidi Swapp Memory Planner:
Sharpie Fine marker – black:
Tab punch:

happy listing!
xo andrea

2015 pocket pages // weeks 22-29

howdy friends! i have another flip-thru share video up on youtube and the detailed photos are below. you can watch the video right here!

august gossamer blue life pages kit

IMG_8860 IMG_8861
august gossamer blue: various kits

august gossamer blue: various kits

august gossamer blue life pages kit + process video

august gossamer blue: various kits

IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8867
august gossamer blue: various kits

IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8870
july gossamer blue: various kits

IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8873 IMG_8874 IMG_8875
august gossamer blue: various kits

big quiet designs

IMG_8877 IMG_8878
september gossamer blue: life pages + various kits

september gossamer blue: bits & pieces kit

IMG_8880 IMG_8881 IMG_8882
september gossamer blue: life pages

IMG_8883 IMG_8884
sure hope you’ve enjoyed this round of pages and that you have some time to get your scrap on this weekend!

happy scrapping,
andrea xo

Gossamer Blue // September Inspiration Blog Hop



We know that you’re all getting your kits about now and the Design Team is here to give you that extra bit of inspiration you might need to use those supplies and make some amazing projects. The supplies I am using in this layout are from the following kits:
bits & pieces / main kit (which is unfortunately sold out) / life pages kit / digital kit files

Today I hope to inspire you to change up your pocket formats, have fun with color and GO PHOTOLESS (well – sorta)!


Technically – this is a photoless layout. But I have drawn color inspiration and basically the entire theme of the layout from this enlarged photo which will lay opposite in my album. So we’ll start with the layout: the BE IN THIS MOMENT card is a 4×6 and I really wanted it to be the main focus of the page – but i was working on a page that didn’t have a 4×6 slot.

AH-HA! The two middle 3×4 pockets obviously make a 4×6 and splitting this card in half wouldn’t take away from the design – so I went for it! Putting this main card in the center allowed me to work in all the colors in the surrounding pockets.

Speaking of color, this wood veneer was – well, wood – and NOT colorful. So I ran a teal-ish stamp pad lightly over it (hint: I tested it on the back side first) and was happy with the washed effect it gave.
IMG_7270 IMG_7276  IMG_7271

I broke the rules again and trimmed this 3×4 card into a 3×3 card so that it could be centered in this 4×4 slot.

To keep it simple – and instead of adding too many embellishments – I wrote marshall’s name ON the big letter in a contrasting color.

So go for the color! Mix things up! And don’t forget to hop by all the Design Team members’ blogs who are participating:
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Andrea Gray <<< YOU ARE HERE
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Say HELLO to the September Gossamer Blue Kits (+ a process video)

Hi crafty babes! Are your kiddos back at school yet? Mine are – and I got to spend some time off work to get them prepared and off so I got some killer photos! We now have a 2nd grader and a Freshman!

Over at the Gossamer Blue blog, I am sharing a back-to-school spread! As a little bonus, I filmed a process video too! And since it’s also the 1st of the month it means that September kits are AVAILABLE to purchase! Check out the kits and add-ons – they are so gorgeous and fun!

Even though I am only sharing this first layout at Gossamer Blue – I am sharing all of my back-to-school layouts for you here!

Here is the first full layout that is bright and full of all the back to school feelings.IMG_7813
If you’re into watching process videos – check out mine here.

The next two pages use so much of the kits I got this month. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little share and that it’s inspired you to document and use your kits and supplies to the fullest!

Happy scrapping,

week in the life 2015 // thoughts + photo wrap up (updated with video)

when the consideration to do this project became a commitment, i knew i was going to be working both sides of the week. meaning – we had very extraordinary plans on the 22nd and 23rd so i didn’t want to include them in the week’s details because they were their own ‘things’ and were going to be documented separately. so i technically started taking photos on the saturday and sunday before the week started but then still took some more normal photos at the end of the week.

i am still going to do the week in order of monday – sunday (i am pretty sure) but i am grouping typical saturday things together and any given sunday stuff together – if that makes any sense.

truth is – had we not had these other events happening, the photos i took the weekend before would have been dead on accurate so i can totally justify it. plus – it’s my book and i can do anything i want to! neener-neerer :) LOL!

as i wait for the week’s photos to arrive from i will share a majority of my photos and thoughts with you today.

UPDATE: the finished flip-thru video can be seen here >>> and the detailed photos are at the end of each day.


a screenshot of the weather for the week. i love weather summaries.

5:15am // my alarm goes off at this time monday thru friday.IMG_7320

6:30am // a little detail about sharing life with my guy.

6:35am // he gets me ice water every morning when i’m getting ready for work.

6:50am // my makeup drawer – of which i use about 6 things for my daily routine.

7:00am // my view when i come out to the kitchen to pack up food for the day. i want to remember that we fully use our countertops most of the time. 

7:25am // my goal was to take a “view” shot for each day that i could use for a title card. this is my view coming down the hill from dropping the boys off at school.


7:45am // desk shot with all my usual tools. to-do list, pen and highlighter, white out, my notepad and renewals.

1;50pm // and of course a selfie. IMG_7404

4:05pm // i haven’t pumped my own gas in over a year. matt usually makes sure i’m filled up but today it was so low and it made sense for me to get gas on my way home.

4:30pm // this kid loves his forts.
4:45pm // we recently moved his bed back up to the top of his bunk so he makes his space super cozy when he watches his favorite minecraft youtube videos.
8:00pm // getting a shot of the inside of the fridge was definitely on my shot list. it’s such a fun look into the details of what we ate, what the boys were obsessed with and how organized we can be.IMG_7408
8:50pm // this is something that was not in last year’s WITL. charlie is 7 months old now and i love having her as part of our everyday lives.

TUESDAY 8/18/2015
5:45am // morning snuggles. always.

7:05am // i had a little extra time before the boys were ready for school so charlie took advantage of an empty lap.

7:10am // a very typical day of food for me. my pre-made egg/potato scramble is at the bottom. for lunch it’s chicken + avocado, olives, carrots and a hard boiled egg. my snack was either a banana or apples + almond butter. i brought a cool mint clif bar because i was out of chocolate. i also brought a mason jar of raspberry lemon water for the afternoon. i usually bring more food than i need.

7:15am // i have a designated hook for his backpack and i ask him to keep his stuff there. but this is where he drops his stuff. right in the hub of a walkway. i pick my battles and rarely say anything because one day soon it won’t be here at all.

7:30am // the older boys (gibson and his best friend) aren’t too thrilled when i want to take pictures of them. so when they walked off i snapped this blurry photo – which wasn’t intentional but it ended up being a top 5 photo from the week.

8:15am // this is where i spend my days. always communicating, problem solving, using my brain and eating and drinking.  IMG_7508

9:40am // i cut my bangs this morning – on a whim – and i remembered how much a miss having bettie bangs.

11:00am // matt was so awesome – he took pictures throughout his day too. this is a typical lunch for him.

2:00pm // mr. minecraft.

3:58pm // on my way home i screenshot my lock screen.IMG_7509

4:00pm // everyday – this is my load to and from work. laptop , food and purse.


4:20pm // he can play the first few chords of come as you are by nirvana and free fallin’ by tom petty.

5:20pm // the second week of school brought homework. i am always happy to help guide him and keep him focused.
5:45pm // gibson thinks that homework means watching a youtube video, playing a game on his phone and eating while he knows he has something else more important to do.

6:00pm // power napping.

6:30pm // he asked me to buy him some balloons and he’s been blowing them up and having fun for days.
IMG_74116:45pm // my favorite dance from this week’s episode of SYTYCD.


7:10am // on wednesday the boys get out early so they have to ride their bikes home. it’s always funny to watch them get their bikes in and out of the truck.

7:50am // breakfast and a lot of boxes to check off. i was suuuuper productive today.

4:30pm // gibson scored a beta code for the not-yet-released black ops 3 so he used his after school screen time on the PS4.

4:45pm // with a dog who loves to be loved, i wash my hands more that i ever have.ali inspired me to capture this shot.

5:15pm // he struggles with the idea of reading. he’s extremely good at it but it’s just not entertaining enough for him. but today i asked him to handle his reading for the day so he got his sleeping bag and read with no complaints.

6:00pm // a few weeks worth of print came today so i’m trimming and organizing with a little snack.

7:15pm // marsh loves having the wii setup in his little fort. he doesn’t even complain that we have a password on it so he can only play it if he has permission.

8:15pm // bedtime smiles.
8:15pm // he still loves his fluffy dog.


4:15am // it’s. too. early. but i have a 7:30am meeting in napa and have to leave town at 5:40.

5:30am // this is what my office door looks like at 5:30 in the morning.

6:15am // being a passenger rocks when it’s early and the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

9:30am // we rocked that morning meeting and on our way back the sun is shining on my ring. it’s still my style and i love it so much – even after 15 years.

1:50pm // charlie and matt wait for marshall to come out of school.

4:30pm // best. gum. ever. it’s at target – get some!

5:45pm // picking up posters for the weekend festivities and also grabbing a rotisserie chicken because we’re starving and it’s getting late.

6:30pm // we may have just eaten it straight from the tub.IMG_7852

6:30pm // long day. heading to back to school night and i’m just running on the anticipation of sitting down tonight.

6:45pm // sitting at marshall’s 2nd grade desk for back to school night.

7:45pm // time to unwind.


7:15am // hazy morning because basically california is on fire.

10:43am // matt and i texting about fantasy football and the drawbacks of being an adult.

1:30pm // texted this to matt when he wasn’t feeling confident about getting into any film festivals.

3:30pm // matt texted back with his first acceptance notification!!

5:00pm // just hangin’ out in the men’s department.

7:30pm // my view as i tell marsh to hustle up in the shower.


7:30am // the light shining through my coke bottles is such a wonderful sight.

7:45am // cold brew tea and morning minecraft.

11:35am // a couple errands and a blue sky.

11:45am // library visit to see if we can get marsh a book he’ll enjoy.

12:00pm // wanted to capture the details of this car. i’m hoping that in a couple years it won’t belong to me anymore.IMG_7866

2:00pm // finally getting some scrap time and i’m struggling with this layout.

5:30pm // clean dishes.

5:35pm // it’s marshall’s day to put the dishes away.


8:45am // lazy mornings

10:15am // he has really taken to the checklist of chores.

6:20 // i literally wait until the end of sunday to fold the laundry. and this is my weekend t-shirt.

7:00pm // all small hangers for now. being prepared for monday makes the next week so easy.

what a week! so much has changed from last year’s project and I love being able to capture all the different details about our “right now”.

i’m so excited to start working on my pages this weekend! i sure hope you captured everything you wanted to!

until next time,
andrea =)