friday feature at the pocket source

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have you become a member at the pocket source yet? seriously guys, this is your best resource for trends, inspiration and community for EVERYTHING related to pocket scrapbooking! membership is free and you’ll love what this place does for you.

i was counting down the days until the site went live and now it’s flourishing with people who love and adore this style of memory keeping.

including me! today i’m being featured on the blog! [insert freak out mode!]

so will you come by and visit? look around and see the other amazing artists and what they are contributing!

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and i do see another process video in the future…who’s excited!?!?




sweet stamp shop // april release #2

hello there sweet friends!

it’s time for another set of new releases from sweet stamp shop! this release is full of adorable cuteness, once again!!

let’s look at the sets that are available today:

owl be genius hedgehog kiss busy octopus artsy fartsy



for this release, i’ll be showing off owl be genius, hedgehog kiss and mr. octopus. all can be found in the sweet stamp shop.

okay, seriously…all of these stamps are super cute and have so many uses. here are a few ways i used them in my project life layouts.

marshall was given a whole long stand of stickers at trader joe’s, probably by using his charm and gorgeous eyes. but i thought this owl set was the perfect way to document it.



this set has no particular use yet, but i got new supplies that have a woodsy homey feel and i wanted to use them with these adorable little heggies.



mr. octopus was the perfect set to document the digital life my 12 year old lives in. he loves his iPod touch and loves to text and chat and game.




just a few ideas here to get you thinking….stamps definitely have a place in your project life world!

if you need more convincing, head on over to the sweet stamp shop blog to see other ways our design team has used these adorable stamps! and then you can use discount code AR10 for 10% off the new release today only!

and let me know which ones you decided on…they’re all so cute!

happy scrapping!


how stamps are perfect for pocket scrapbooking // a video

hey guys! today i’m over at sweet stamp shop today for my semi-monthly post. and you’ll want to go check it out because i’ve got a new process video to share!

or you can stay here and watch it, but i’d love for you to hop over there and say hi! plus, the close up detail photos are on my post over there, so definitely stop by.

so this is my completed week 9 layout….



…and here’s the video to see how it all came together and how awesome stamps have enhanced and livened my layouts!


*** and as a special bonus, use coupon code AS15 for 15% off your WHOLE (regular priced) stamp purchase today only!

hope you enjoyed that, please let me know what you thought and what other videos you’d like to see me cover. :)

happy scrapping!


project life 2014 // weeks 6 + 7 + 8

projectlife_header copy


weekend of week 5

sweet stamp shop (TODAY, i’m feeling, love and marriage stamps)
dear lizzy (lovely cloud circle, cards and jar with straws that i made by cutting out a few different things from neapolitan)
studio calico (snapshot card and arrow clip, green label, fact no. stamp)
silhouette cameo (thirteen and mix it up)



week 6

persnickety prints (hello 4×4)
studio calico (february calendar card and scallop card)
sweet stamp shop (THIS IS stamp and all the words on the bottom card from feeling today and emotions)
5th and frolic (the 3 cards on the right side)
authentique (torn paper at bottom of road trip card)

IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9179


continuation of week 6 (to see this layout completed in a process video, you can watch it here.)

kiwi, plus one, authentique paper and stickers, sweet stamp shop, studio calico, simple stories, teen boy theme pack

IMG_9180 IMG_9181 IMG_9182


week 7 (i can only show you the left side because the right side includes a super secret new stamp set from sweet stamp shop that has not been released yet…get excited folks!)

teen boy theme kit
studio calico (corkboard circle)
silhouette cameo (week)
paper issues swag bag (green button, arrow and star banner)
sweet stamp shop (seven and you’ve got style)



end of week 7 (specifically thursday, friday and saturday)

studio calico (pie chart card, captured wood die cut)
thickers (BOYS stickers)
cards from azure
deena rutter / coral edition (good morning)
silhouette cameo (hello weekend and saturday snuggles)
authentique (paper and stickers/cut outs)
we r memory keepers (this weekend checklist)

IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9186


sunday of week 7 (yes, my week 7 ended up being 3 spreads long. hey, if it’s important, i want it documented.) :-)

studio calico (super card, enjoy today card, do your little perfectly card, play all day card and so very lucky card, green label)
deena rutter / coral edition (a day in the life, better together card)
we r memory keepers (currently card)
azure edition (@ card)
dear lizzy (pink lined card)
paper issues (&)

IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9189


week 8 

left side
paper issues (8 wood cut out, star banner)
amy tangerine / plus one
simple stories / the daily grind (all other cards and stickers)

right side
all simple stories / diy line

IMG_9190 IMG_9191 IMG_9192


and tomorrow i have another surprise for ya! i’ve done another process video exclusively for sweet stamp shop but i will be sure to link it here so you all can see it. i gotta say, it’s better this time. used a normal video camera and a superb mic to do the voiceover.

so let me know if you enjoy it!

but i sure hope you enjoyed these last few weeks of project life. :-)

see ya tomorrow for week 9!



5 things I still have from high school

hi friends!

do you remember your high school years? i do, and i don’t particularly like going back there in my memory. you couldn’t pay me to do that over again. well, maybe a LARGE amount of money, but probably not even then.

anyhoo – i haven’t done a 5 things list in a while and had thought to myself the other day, ‘oh my goodness, i’ve had this since high school.’

so here are 5 thing i still have in my life that i acquired while in my high school years:

my dual alarm clock //  i need two alarms and i use them both. my current clock is the same one that used to wake me up for school. i might be devastated if it ever dies.

a bath towel // okay, this may sound gross, but i have held onto one bath towel from when i lived at my parent’s house. over the years it has thinned down to practically nothing but it’s perfect for wrapping my hair after a shower. since it’s so thin, it’s not super heavy on my head and it wraps up perfectly.

d’angelo’s brown sugar album on cd // it was the very first cd i purchased for myself to play on my brand new cd player in 1995. wow.

an armoire // my parent’s bought me brand new bedroom furniture when i entered high school and after it’s debut in my room, it’s come along with me to each and every house i’ve lived in since. it’s made an appearance in both of the boys’ rooms, been painted over several times and now serves out it’s time in the garage as storage for many cherished items.

drafting supplies // i spent every single semester of high school in mr. turini’s drafting/architecture classes. it was my favorite elective and i felt so comfortable there with all of my super sharp pencils and t-square and erasers and drafting brush. i have hung on to several tools from that era of my life because i still use them today (and they’re super expensive).


so, what gems from high school are you hangin’ on to?



sweet stamp shop // april release #1

hello sweet friends!

hello april


april brings us so many new things. blossoms, green grass and the feeling of fresh. don’t you love the newness that spring brings?

you know what else april brings? NEW STAMPS!!!
that’s right, the sweet stamp shop is at it again with 8 new designs! 4 of which will be released today and 4 more in 2 weeks!
two that i’m going to show off today are emotions and feeling today. both are available now but you’d better check out the sweet stamp shop facebook event first to catch a sweet discount code. or go there now and use coupon code NRA15 for 15% off the new stuff!

emotions feeling today

for our 13th anniversary, i made a layout that described how i felt that day, and in our relationship in general. :)



used both main pieces from feeling today along with a little anatomy of love down at the bottom…because it just felt like it belonged there.



this layout includes a card i made to document a particularly difficult day for me. using as many pieces from the emotions set that described that day was actually quite therapeutic. i thought that the words i picked would end up all being negative but when i really thought about how i handled the situation, i realized that some positive emotions were definitely present. yay!



and with a stamp set like this one, the possibilities of expression in your pocket layouts are endless.



these two stamps will be making plenty of appearances in my albums because there’s a million ways to use them.
so head over to the shop to grab your own before they’re sold out…which has happens every time we release new set!



hello monday

hellomonday_header copy


hello, monday. (said in the voice of jerry seinfeld when he’s greets newman.)
i’m not sure how we keep meeting but i would love if you would stop showing up.
someday, my life will be a perpetual saturday and then i’ll show you.

but until then, here’s what i’ll be saying hello to:

hello rain and sunshine // the first half of the week will be rainy and then thursday will bring abundant sunshine and temps in the high seventies. bring it!

hello hard work // gibson serves at church three times this week to ear money for his mission trip. kid’s gonna SWEAT!

hello april // today marks the last day of march, which is kinda scary to think that we’re in the 2nd quarter of 2014 already.

hello pictures and supplies // i have some delicious march pictures from and new simple stories supplies arriving from so ready for some more project life this weekend.

hello april release // at sweet stamp shop, we’re releasing a ton of cute new stamps on wednesday. you’ve got to join the facebook event to get hooked up with some sweet discounts!


happy monday everyone!