documenting disneyland // tips + a flip-thru video

show of hands: who takes over 1000 photos when they go to disneyland? i can officially say that i did. and i’m not even a disney “lover”.

my 4 experiences at disneyland in my 35 years have been 1) when i was 4 and only remember thinking i was brave enough to put my hands in the air on big thunder mountain and then quickly clenched the shirt of my mother like i would have died if i hadn’t; 2) as a teenager when my sister and i were allowed to explore the park on our own. we explored for boys; 3) on our honeymoon at 21 years old when i was a little bit pregnant; and 4) june of this year when i was invited by my mother-in-law and took the kids without matt.

it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship. i love the idea of the magic and photos and joy, but hate the reality of sore feet, crowds of people and not sleeping in my own bed. am i right?

but the MAGIC! it really was sweet to see how my kids took it all in. and that’s what i want to remember about our trip. but i also don’t want sugar coat it. you see, my oldest isn’t a roller coaster person. and my youngest doesn’t enjoy things that are unknown and out of his control. so i documented the magical stuff and the reality that we dealt with. but it’s all good. that was OUR trip and i never expected anything different. if marsh didn’t want to ride on space mountain, we adjusted and another adult took him on something he was comfortable with. we made it work and we had FUN!

okay okay – so enough about that – let’s talk about getting it scrapped and not getting overwhelmed!

not only will i take you through my completed album in the flip thru video below, but i will share tips on how to come home with less than a thousand pictures. let’s get to it, shall we?



to make this task tremendously easier, i edited my photos DURING my trip. my iPhone is my primary – well, the only – camera i use now. like, exclusively. having it in my pocket for quick shots is so easy – i will never lug around a DSLR camera again. :)

with a 7 year old and a teenager, we could not do all-day outings at the parks. my kids are not used to that amount of standing, walking, and it’s seriously draining. so we took at least 1 break during the day. when they were tired, we walked back to the hotel and rested.

i used this time to go through the photos i took and edited the keepers. i also did the same thing at night as we chilled before bed. by the time i got home, all my photos were edited and ready to be uploaded to the printing method i decided on was to assemble my 3x4s and 4x6s and larger prints onto 12×12 canvases and print/cut them to size. it took a little time up front, but i saved a TON of money doing it this way.




contemplating how i wanted to lay out my album was quick and easy. it simply HAD to be by “land”. there just wasn’t a logical way to assemble it chronologically; we hit too many different things during each day. so when i got my photos back, i cut them to size and used a full 12×12 page protector to temporarily store each grouping by land (tomorrowland, frontierland, etc.). and within each land, i had smaller groupings by ride or event and i put those in smaller baggies.


the other reason i decided to go by land was so that i could maintain a common theme for my pages. i couldn’t even think about mixing a picture of star tours on a page with the indiana jones ride! NO WAY!

i also decided to keep this vacation in a completely separate album. first of all, i didn’t know how many pages it would end up being and i didn’t want to take up too much space in my family albums. so i decided on the PL red and white polka dot album that was on clearance at michaels. it’s not overly disney but it reminds me of minnie mouse – and it’s red. and polka dots. it’s perfect!




the cards/kit i chose is from the project mouse collection (click on the photos for more info).

i wanted generic cards that could document our days at the park but that weren’t overly disney. the skies while we were there were a perfect blue and these cards matched wonderfully with the landscape and overall theme.

we also didn’t do any character stuff so i really didn’t need those items. but this collection has A TON of different themes. these are just the ones that worked for our trip.

Project Mouse:  BUNDLE No. 4 A Day in the Park

Project Mouse (No.2): Journal Cards


since tomorrowland was our favorite land and the one that has the least disney feel, i purchased the separate tomorrowland cards.

Project Mouse (Tomorrow): Journal Cards

i also used some goodies from the June and July Gossamer Blue kits. the travel theme of the kits were perfect for those parts of our vacation! check them out here and here. and the June Life Pages kit can be found here.

and now – the video flip-thru and detailed photos below. hope you enjoy and are inspired to approach your disneyland album (or ANY large event) with confidence and a little preparation!



IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4303 IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4308 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4311 IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4314 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4322 IMG_4320 IMG_4324 IMG_4321 IMG_4323 IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329  IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4454 IMG_4455 IMG_4456 IMG_4457 IMG_4458 IMG_4459 IMG_4460 IMG_4461 IMG_4462 IMG_4463


oh hey – did you want to know how to cut up a large print to fit in pockets? i have a video for that! INSERT VIDEO CODE

happy scrapping!




Gossamer Blue // Say HELLO to the July Kits

Have you looked at the calendar??? IT’S JULY! Guys, the year is officially half over! Whaaaaat?

But the start of a new month means that we get to shout about the new Gossamer Blue kits for the month!



Have you seen these tidbits? These were my #gbkitfaves from the 4 kits I got to play with. Of course I ended up with WAAAY more favorites than just this.


And I happen to be on the Gossamer Blue blog today with my very first post! Please come by and take a gander at this pocket spread I did using the Life Pages Kit. Oh, and there’s a video too – I walk through the kit contents and then you can see how I put it all together in a process video. :)

Here’s a little sneak at the layout!

9 11


Seriously, you gotta check out this kit and all the add-ons this month – they are all so fab!

Happy scrapping,


there’s a new design team member in town!

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this post from last week.



well, gossamer blue really did make my dreams come true. and whether or not this post was a cryptic glimpse into my secret, the good news is here and i’m BEYOND EXCITED!


do you see all those amazing scrapbookers? one of them IS ME!!! whaaaaaat?

being on a team of this caliber is both frightening and inspiring. basically, i do my own thing. and apparently people like that. which is awesome! but sometimes we can get caught up in all those stupid thoughts about not being as good as someone else or being too nervous to put your work out there.

i’m here to squash those crazy thoughts and tell you that if you want something – go for it! let people see how awesome YOU are. if you get a “no” then try somewhere else. but the answer is always no if you don’t try. and that right there is some truth. plus, scrappy folks are always super nice and are in the business of lifting up others.

follow your dreams. make stuff happen. be yourself. do the things that bring you joy.

so for the next year, you’ll be stuck seeing me gush over the delicious kits from gossamer blue as a life pages design team member! i will be sharing sneaks and peeks and projects galore. but it’s all out of my sheer and utter love for their products and the gorgeous kits they assemble. and i think that you’ll fall in love too. but if you don’t, we can still be friends!

so as a scrappy dream is taking shape and my mind races with ideas as i work on projects for july, i leave you with the kind and generously sarcastic words of my hilarious teenage son when i showed him this announcement – “wow mom, congratulations for having your face on a thing.”

to dreams. to making stuff happen. and to downright happy scrappiness. :)

xo, andrea


MY STORY by the decade // registration is now open

in case you missed the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT , check out this quick video!

you heard right! i’m hosting a new class this summer! better yet, it’s online and self-paced so you can work on your story anytime you want! but we’ll be together for 6 days and you can keep up or check in as we go. click here to register.



we all have that big box of old photos from our childhood. you know, that box your mother handed to you which houses you ever received and every photo of you in front of your birthday cake. it’s full of memories and my goal is to help you get those memories out of the box and into a scrapbook – pocket style! so call your mom and ask for that box, or pull it out of the closet and get ready to take a trip down memory lane.



1 // a week of ideas and inspiration from 5 talented and passionate memory keepers. meet the team here.
2 // all of these printable cards! the idea is to go decade by decade with the help of exclusively designed pocket cards. there will be a set of cards for each decade, bonus cards and statistical cards.
3 // a beautiful album about YOU and your story. how cool is that?

IMG_1775 IMG_1777 IMG_1779 IMG_1781 IMG_1783 IMG_1785 IMG_2035


THE DETAILS: our 6-day adventure will take you from boxes of photos to a complete album

monday may 25 // registration is open now // get excited! share with your friends! dust off that box of photos! once you register, you will have access to the private welcome page and class materials and login info for each day’s class content.
monday june 15 // class begins // we’ll jump right in with getting organized. kristy and i share our tips on photo selection and project planning.
tuesday june 16 – saturday june 20 // kristy, myself and our 3 lovely contributors will share our different approaches and projects.

you will have access to new content each day of the week and you’ll see different plans and pages from all of us to get you pumped and keep you motivated!

registration is open now!

cost: $20
registration opens: may 25, 2015
class begins: june 15, 2015
hosted by andrea gray and kristy taylor

sign up button
*please allow 12 hours
to receive your welcome
email. please email me
if you have not received
a welcome email by
this time. 
~thank you



MEET THE TEAM // my story by the decade

this crafty community is home to so much talent and inspiration. i have met and become friends with girls who i have never met in real life but consider them to be much more than just acquaintances. our love of storytelling and recording our lives brings us together like a beautifully patched quilt. everyone just ‘gets’ the craziness we all enjoy so much!

but this means i got to hand pick the girls who i knew would take this project on how it was meant to be. these women are nuts for preserving family memories so i knew they would be up for the challenge of going back to preserve their own stories.

i am so happy to announce 4 friends who will contribute to the #mystorybythedecade project!



team announcement_official

i have partnered up with the super talented (and super rad friend of mine) kristy taylor of kristymakes. she has a warm and witty IG feed and is an awesome project lifer. her love for nostalgia and family documenting made her the perfect buddy for a workshop like this. plus, all the cards included in this class are designed by her after some fun collaboration of our ideas. and we are so excited to offer this class together!


we have also lined up 3 amazing pocket scrapbookers who will be contributing to the workshop. they will provide you with a real-world look at how these albums can come together. not only do they make spectacular layouts, they are amazing women! please help me welcome them and then go follow their blogs and feeds and get to know them:

jessica upton // color cast designs

jessica is a wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend, memory keeper and 4 Wheel loving owner of Color Cast Designs. and so much more than that! she is passionate about preserving her family history in a fun and creative way. she feels so blessed to be contributing to such an awesome hobby.
instagram: @colorcastdesigns

kelli rich // forever and a day

kelli is a wife & mom who is passionate about photos, memory keeping & creating with paper. she loves life & is creating memories and preserving them to last forever and a day.
instagram: @foreverandaday_create

cynthia blair sorci // black sheep betsy


cynthia is an artistic, detail oriented, color loving wife and mother of 3 humans, ages 30, 20 and 16.  she has been scrapbooking for 16 years and has been crazy about family photographs and family history from an early age. cynthia has made over 200 albums for family and friends as well as custom albums for others!
instagram: @rx4cyn
blog: black sheep betsy

as we get closer to opening up registration for the workshop, you’ll get more sneak peeks at products and projects the girls and i are working on. make sure you subscribe to the blog here and follow me on instagram so you don’t miss a thing.