how will my garden grow // week 1-2

week 1:

just planted a row of green beans and a row of romaine lettuce.

little baby tomato plants. one grape tomato and one early girl.

only about a third of my strawberries came back this year. but look what they did!

week 2:

strawberries are -a- bloomin

do i see a green bean sproutlet? yip yip.

are they growing? not really sure yet.

little itty bitty lettuce sprouts. i guess i’ll have to thin them out. hmmm, might need to call my mom on this one.

sorry i’m not home right now, i’m walking into spiderwebs…

5 thoughts on “how will my garden grow // week 1-2”

  1. WOW you planted already. We just our garden cleaned up and ready but won’t plant for a couple weeks yet since it’s still pretty cold, frost, rain, rain. Way to go on all your goodies.

  2. I have a gardening friend that grows her herbs in cinder blocks like you have your strawberries. Will have to share this with her. I know she grows blueberries too but blueberries grow on a bush don’t they? Don’t like blueberries myself so don’t know how they grow. Somebody gave her the cinder blocks; she can make use out of anything for her garden or yard that anybody gives her. She can just look at a plant and it will grow!

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