helloMONDAY, life


hello reality // it’s back to work. the end of the month is drawing near and i have a ton of renewals to prepare for. no time for messing around this week.

hello slower metabolism // in other words, i’ve put on 7 pounds in the last 2 months and all the snacking and pumpkin pie isn’t helping matters. i will be glad to get the pies finished and the mashed potatoes eaten and get back to running and eating healthy.Untitled

hello christmas decorations // i couldn’t be more pleased with how my christmas decorations came out. i will enjoy relaxing in the family room with all lights twinkling while i sip hot chocolate and watch all the traditional christmas shows.

hello busy week ahead // Marshall’s DDS appt, neighborhood clean up and pajama day

hello navy blue nail polish // oh yes. i said it. navy blue polish is my new fave. it looks black but when the light hits it, the dark blue really shines.

what are you looking forward to this week?



1 thought on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Happy Monday! Wishing you a good day back to work, I know it’s tough after a long break. My kids and hubby were not ready at all, me and the dog miss them already. Here’s my list…

    1. hello last turkey sandwich and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, sigh
    2. hello to more exercising and moving!!!
    3. hello to getting my December Daily ready, EXCITED and EEK!!
    4. hello to more handmade cards to get ready
    5. goodbye to all the little pumpkins Rich grew for me, will miss you!
    6. hello Christmas in the village this weekend
    7. hello to bball practice tonight, Sam needs to RUN!
    8. hello to 4 loads of laundry to wash and fold

    Your tree looks so pretty, makes me want to get mine out. Enjoy your runs again, CHEERING FOR YOU!! Take care!

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