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pocket starts by tickled pink studio // EXPLORE

EXPLORE. what a perfect action word! do you like to explore and see new places?

i’m a creature of habit and tend to not stray too far from my comfort zone. but last month, i took my 13 year old son on a trip from california to arizona to visit my parents. we had a super fun time riding ATVs in the desert and visiting cool towns and seeing all kinds of different scenery. along with that came a hundred and one photos that needed to be scrapped.

i pondered how to approach the week in my album and then Tickled Pink Studio announced to use on the DT the next theme of the Pocket Starts series was going to be EXPLORE and i was convinced she designed this kit specifically for my trip. LOL! she didn’t, obviously, but it was just so perfect.

Pocket Starts: Explore Edition Complete Collection by Tickled Pink Studio

the new kit released on friday and i’m here to show you my finished projects. and guess what? i did a quick flip-thru of the final pages. please excuse my rushed flow, i had a puppy staring at me from the door and my little dude was on his way home from a fun day with grama.

but please enjoy the following video and see detailed photos below. you know the drill.









IMG_9705 IMG_9706



IMG_0242 IMG_0241






thanks for reading and watching!

hope you find something to explore and that you get it in your album! 🙂



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