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Faith Planner >> Scripture Writing Challenge + Video

Hey friends!

One thing I have never hidden from you is that I am not very experienced in the scriptures. I find myself lost sometimes and do not have the knowledge of verses that I would like to. I never considered a scripture writing challenge as a way to teach myself but it makes so much sense now. My learning style is definitely NOT reading or listening and writing is the best way I remember things.

Check out the video too where I walk through it a bit more!

As if I need another project to do – but I came across a scripture writing challenge that seemed completely perfect. Sweet Blessings does a themed scripture challenge each month and I decided that I wanted to give it a try.

The next decision I had to make was where I was going to write all the verses. I have so many notebooks but one stood out to me because it’s gorgeous, already dated with lines for each day and was just sitting on my shelf waiting to be loved.

I chose my Illustrated Faith Agenda Planner.

Illustrated Faith – For Such a Time as This – 2018 18-Month Agenda Planner – $29.99

from: DaySpring Cards Inc

It’s an 18-month planner so I skipped July 2017 and thankfully I only lost one month of pages since I am starting this project on August 1st.


To make this project super simple, I decided to only use a few washi tapes and a pen. Seriously nothing fancy. I didn’t want to get bogged down with too much decorating. I just wanted to focus on the words and make it kinda pretty!


I’m writing the verse (book and chapter) next to the date and then using the lines for the scripture. Consistency helps make this super simple and easy! I don’t have to think or worry about design, I just get to focus on the words.


Each month, the color and design on the pages change so I picked some new supplies when I flipped to August. (the first few days of August were in the July tab so this is the first full week of August and a new design – in case you were curious).


Honestly, once I got a week into the August challenge, I was finding it to be kind of repetitive so I found another one of her challenges from last year that had a theme I really wanted to focus on and filled in the whole week’s worth of scripture in about 30 minutes! IMG_5468

The best part about doing a verse each day is that it totally inspires new bible entries and allows me to focus on certain messages that I would have never come across or learned by reading alone.

I think I found my tool! Now, let’s see if I can keep this up all month. The bigger goal would be to fill this baby up but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself just yet. One day at a time, or a few days at a time if I can’t get to it every day. I’m flexible and thankfully so is God!

Happy writing!

1 thought on “Faith Planner >> Scripture Writing Challenge + Video”

  1. Love this! I just started using my IF planner for scripture writing, too. I LOVE the days of the week washi tape on your pages. Where did you get it?

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