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handmade gift exchange is complete! + free template

i’ve been dying to get this post published! but since we’ve been sworn to secrecy until our gift has been received it has had to wait. but were done with the waiting because i mailed it off last week and it was received on friday!


they say it is better to give than to receive. i agree. especially when you are giving something as special as a handmade gift for a new friend.

thanks to Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous, Kristan and I got hooked up as exchange partners in this season of

so i made her this:

after checking out her really awesome etsy store, devouring her Pinterest photos and checking out her personal photos on facebook, i felt like i could pull from so many different things. let’s just say i was completely inspired. enter photoshop, brusheezy and shutterstock.

honestly, as a graphic design and typography girl, the design process was amazingly fulfilling. pulling different elements and selecting colors and making it all work together…mmm…i love this stuff.

and since this is an original design, i thought i’d share the template with you if you wanted to make one for yourself.

alright alright…i’ll get on with it…if you’re a first timer, here’s is my non professional tutorial


embroidery hoop
embroidery floss
embroidery needle

pick your color theme and cut fabric to fit about 2 inches larger than the hoop size.

tape it up securely to a sunny well lit window and get your trace on.

secure into your hoop and tighten the screw.

i used a simple back stitch for everything.
3 strands for the text
all 6 strands for the thick parts of the branch, and progressing to less strands as the branches got smaller.

remove finished piece from the hoop and cut a piece of batting the size of the fabric and re-attach to the hoop. trim along the back so no batting or fabric sticks out.

ya dig? cool, then grab your free download by clicking on the image below, then saving the image to your computer and printing it to the size you want.

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19 thoughts on “handmade gift exchange is complete! + free template”

    1. Thanks Kristy! this was sooo much fun to do. I like your idea of doing an exchange between us. I have so many ideas for you! Let’s ponder on that… =)

  1. Andrea you are totally on a roll with all your embroidery!! She is one lucky girl- I would’ve loved to receive something like this. Have you ever printed your design directly onto fabric? That’s my very favoritest thing to do. Makes it even easier!

    1. Oh Mique, I MUST try to print on fabric! I think I’ve seen someone just lightly glue it to a piece of copy paper. Is that the best way? Boy would I love for my hand to stop falling asleep while I’m drawing on the window!!! =)

  2. love it! Glad to see embroidery making a come back, I remember my mom and grandma doing these years ago and then they became sort of a lost art. So beautiful! Just stopping by from the gift exchange linky to check out everyone’s goodies! 🙂

  3. Hey girl! Ok, I’m totally jealous of your partner! What a lovely embroidery! I’ll be featuring this gift on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for linking up to the Handmade Gift Exchange linky party! I love seeing what everyone made. The next Handmade Gift Exchange starts the first week of November, so mark your calendar! 🙂
    happy crafting,

  4. This is so cute! I love the colors you picked, and I love that it’s an original design! So cool! I’ve been wanting to learn embroidery but don’t even really know where to start. Your tutorial helps and it’s got me motivated to learn soon!!

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