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weekend in the sun: day camping

Day 2 of our weekend in the sun was hosted by my folks and their gorgeous new 5th wheel. They camped for a week about 45 minutes from us, right along the American River. We’ve been here before and it’s absolutely beautiful!

And the best thing is that we can spend the whole day and just hop, skip and jump home. Well okay…we didn’t skip or hop home.

Another great thing about being up here was the lack of cell service. I was out of touch with facebook and the blog and texting and emails and I was very okay with it.

We left hubby at home since he had a project to work on and he really hates the outdoors and the sun so me and the boys spent our day like this:

sitting on rocks, dipping our feet.

skipping rocks
(this is my awesome mommy who is the BEST rock skipper ever. this rock she threw skipped more than 1o times!)

finding very cool rocks. this one had some colored swirls on it.

rock jumping.

now don’t worry about his safety here, this part of the river is very shallow. out to that little bush is only up to Gibson’s knees. the currants are very strong in the river so we hang at the shallow beaches to stay safe.

me and my daddy-o. i love this man. he’s the best dad and can fix anything.

i adore this photo so much. marshall and abuelo (my dad) went walking ahead and i could hear them talking a chatting. made my heart melt.

another heart melter. the park put on fun games for the little kids and after marshall was done with the bean bag toss, gibson came to stand with him and tell him what a good job he did. =)

gibson and abuelo, enjoying the yummy (and free) burgers straight from the grill.

so gibson thought an energy drink was the best thing to pick from the ice chest at the BBQ but he didn’t like the taste at all so instead, he asked me to take this picture. pretty cool huh?

marshall fell in love with Rainbow the Clown. she was very sweet to him during all the games.

after lunch we hung out at the pool but marshall was a bit worried about getting in. so this was my view for the first half hour. finally my dad just picked him up and handed him to my mom who was already in. he loved it after that but still wanted to be held on to.

gibson got major air on one of his jumps. so i had to do a little fun editing!

the obligatory picture of us in the pool.

zerberts with nonni

marshall just being cute and silly after dinner.

me and my handsome boy

marshall loves his nonni

gibson is always ready for a crazy picture. he does make life interesting. =)


it’s marshall’s first roast. and he is ready.

he pretty much took one bite and then ate almost all the hershey’s we had left.

yummy s’mores.

and then a little more time at the beach to watch the rushing river and to play with new friends we met.

4 thoughts on “weekend in the sun: day camping”

  1. These are gorgeous photos and handsome boys you have. So glad you got to get out and enjoy and relax over the weekend. How fun all of you had. We love camping too and hope to go soon.

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