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WEEK in the LIFE: sunday | day 3 [94 photos]

It’s day 3 and I’m trying to capture more of the real and the stories and trying less to sugar coat and clean up before shooting. Our day was pretty sweet…gosh…why the heck am I at such a loss for words right now?

Just gonna get on with the pics:

the morning starts off with putting the dishes away to prepare for all the cooking we will do this evening.

matt always leaves his coffee puch on the counter. he likes sugar in his coffee.

check out the hair…wow…that needs to be tamed. i’m making suntea.

breakfast is everything bagels and cream cheese.

what’s a girl to do? florence + the machine? fleetwood mac? foghat? all on the same screen….tough decisions had to be made.

i got a little time on my beloved pinterest to browse while marshall played with trains in his room.

when marshall decided to play out back…i thought it’d be a good time to hang up my paint chip banner.

gibson trying to avoid the camera, but i got him. this shot cost me a buck! he’s charging me now…can you believe that?

also while we were outside, i made this shirt. a tutorial post will come soon.

these shoes. these shoes caused a huge fight today and in the end i gave gibson a Just Do It pep talk to help him understand the lesson we were trying to teach him. we cried. we laughed. we got over it.

i’m free. marshall went down for a nap and i jetted to my favorite scrapbook store for a little shopping time. the whole time was fabulous!

this is the lake in our town that we pass by on our way to rocklin. it’s beautiful when it’s blue!

i always have my ice water with me.

just a display that caught my eye. loving the colors..making me desperate to scrap!

on my way back i got the sweetest facebook message from a special friend that made me smile!

the bike trailer i have been eyeing at walmart was back in stock! $88 and it folds up! now we can drive somewhere with our bikes nad not just toodle around our neighborhood. =)

marshall wakes up from his nap with one sock on and one sock off. he said it was because he couldn’t find another one that patched perfectly. my kid is crazy OCD.

prepping kabobs for dinner tonight. matt’s sister and family are coming over tonight. we love them!

marshall plays with trains while he waits for his cousin to show up!

slathering the teryiaki chicken with the river marinade. we put these babies into toasted buns, with fresh grilled pineapple and cheese. so juicy and tender.

marshall and caleb. i failed to get any other pictures of the family when they were here. EPIC FAIL.

4 thoughts on “WEEK in the LIFE: sunday | day 3 [94 photos]”

  1. What a happy day 3 you had. So glad your Sunday went better then mine. Ok I have to come and eat at your house, the food looks sooo yummy!! I wish we had sidewalks nearby to use for biking. If we ever move I told Rich we have to be near stores/food joints/ library so we can all ride our bikes there. Your Marshall is so cute with his socks & trains. Hope your enjoying your Monday at HOME AND NOT AT WORK!!! By the way I can barely see your hair and am trying to see the new color of it, will have to show us a picture and I love love the shirt you made. I would want one too, this might sound weird but it looks like wide rule paper, the loose leaf kind, is that right or am I crazy.
    hugs, dawn

    1. Hey Dawn, day 3 was fun!!! SOrry about your sunday…i’m not quite caught up on your blog yet. trying to make time for blogs but i am just enjoying pictures and scrapping right now!! =)
      When you’re in California, we will make you guys a fabulous dinner!
      It’s really awesome to be so close to everything in town. We can ride to target in 4 minutes and they are putting a new Joann’s right next door this fall…TROUBLE!!!
      Marshall is a hoot, always up to something crazy. SO yeah, the hair is not much different in color. It’s a tad bit lighter but mostly i need to cover the grey. i’ve been going grey for almost 6 years and i mean like it aint just a few strands here and there…it’s ALOT and all over so I have to keep up on the color…which i actually love. i think my what i wore post i just did mught show it a bit better…i like it but i need a hair cut…i cut my own last time and it really only works curly. oh month maybe.
      YEs, the shirt is a knock-off of a shirt i saw on pinterest. it’s wide ruled paper! the tutorial wil be up next week after WITL is over.
      I’m feeling a biut overwhelmed by it…really glad i chose a week off to do this. Getting so much more!
      Hope to catch up on your pics that finsihed out your week. I am staying up late tonight to work on pics from yesterday (Monday). I have already designed my page layouts and am excited to use new digi stuff i haven’t used yet. i swore i would do paper this time…but digital is just wasier for me with this many photos.
      talk soon!

  2. Thanks for the reply and glad your having fun scrapping. Now I am jealous that you have a Target and new Joann’s coming so close to you. Mine are about 40 mts away so I don’t go often. I would never have known about the gray, you hide it well. The new hair color looks good. I actually did my hair different on Sunday and liked it. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and thanks for posting the pictures of your day for us.

    p.s. glad you are doing a digital version, would have liked your ideas for a paper one too though. I’m doing a paper one and still not sure if it should be different then last years.
    hugs, dawn

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