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WEEK in the LIFE: monday | day 4 [100 photos]

day 4: really enjoying not being at work even though i had to deal with some things this morning because my office buddy had a family emergency. it’s okay, i’m not at work and in my leggings so life is good. we had a very lazy day and enjoyed it. here’s how today went down:

we’ve let marshall keep his GeoTrax setup in the kitchen all week so when we’re in here, he is too. he starts everyday with his trains.

laundry is never ending. i usually do not fold in here as the bending kills my sensitive back, but there wasn’t alot and i like the light in here. it makes me feel good. my hubby likes the drapes drawn and so sometimes i just have to come in here to have some good natural light on me.

have i mentioned that marshall likes trains? yeah, this is another set of trains that he hooks up to be super looooong and chuggs them all over the kitchen floor. i had to straddle these just to make breakfast.

speaking of breakfast…made scrambled eggs and ham.

the boys also had toast with my homemade strawberry jam…

i put my eggs in a burrito with cheese. i am awesome at folding burritos!

after breakfast we all hang out, doing our own things…seperate but together. marshall…you’ll never guess…plays with trains and then eventually wants to lay down and watch cartoons in my bed. matt plays a baseball game in his PS3 and Gibson plays on his DS and watches old episodes of Thundercats and G.I. Joe. i get digi with it and work on my layouts and ellements i plan to use for this WITL project.

this is marshall’s GeoTrax in it’s current state. he decided not to put up any of his stations or buildings…they get in the way sometimes.

marshall wants me to figure out which hand has “the blue fing” (fing = thing). i pick but there’s no blue thing in either hand…he finds that hilarious!

before we know it…it’s noon! when i say lazy…that’s what i mean. but i was productive!

marshall gets bored and heads outside to get wet.

marshall at the table. salami sandwich for lunch.

it’s finally nap time and he pretends to be asleep so i can take pictures.

he always sleeps with his fan on.

gibson and i end up in my room. he plays a cool game where he can create different explosions and then set them off. the graphics are pretty cool.

his eyes are beautiful but his freckles are standing out so much more and he let me get in close for the detail.

i organize my pictures and paper to prepare my layouts.

a simple restart allows gibson to play a computer game that was giving him trouble earlier.

this is my second favorite candy bar. every bite was devine.

marshall’s up from his nap and he comes to sit next to me. his little hands and feet are adorable.

with one word of heading to the field, he jumps off the bed and fills his backpack to the brim with trains. but then we tell him we aren’t leaving for another 2 hours. he decides to stay in his backpack.

i’m a little ashamed but these are the prints from last year’s week in the life. i did all the pages and even uploaded them to i just never had an opportunity to print them. so i finally ordered them on thursday and they arrived on monday!

looky-looky what else came in the mail today! Cry-Baby from NetFlix. Gona watch it while i scrap during marshall’s nap on wednesday.

finally back at practice aftger gibson was injured all last week. i think he’s in this picture somewhere in that pile.

this is pretty much what marshall looks like at the field. if he’s not playing with buddies or his trains on the sidewalk behind me “on the big mountain”, he’s running.

after practice we ran up the hill to visit matt’s 97 year old grama for her birthday. she’s very proud of matt for all his accomplishments and she said he was famous after she read the newspaper article about the football series he just finished.

i’m bummed the pics are blurry, the light was poor and even with my iso up to 1250, they just didn’t come out. i didn’t want to use the flash and bother the nice conversation they were having.

4 thoughts on “WEEK in the LIFE: monday | day 4 [100 photos]”

  1. awww, you’re so good at this! hahaha, and I LOVE Take 5! My favorite candy bar! Seriously! Chocolate covered pretzels are next! And I like the ‘blue fing’ too…Joseph has trouble with his ‘th’ sometimes, and I’m constantly repeating words correctly after him. It’s hilarious! Awesome photos girl!

  2. Looks like a great day at home just hanging with your cute boys. I’m so happy your taking this time with them and no big plans. To me this is the best like a staycation at home. My favorite photo besides the boys is your husband and grandma, that is so sweet and special. Even if the picture isn’t perfect the love and the story is still there. Keep on having fun.

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