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EPIC thanksgiving festivities

i think we laughed most of the day. our dear friend (and darn near our brother) came to enjoy grub and football and we just love to bring up old movies and tv shows and music and crack each other up! we stuffed ourselves, then we had dinner. the giddy food coma was in full effect as we listened to cat sing christmas carols and watched gibson roll around on the ground like a crazy person.  loved having mike with us. this thanksgiving was EPIC.

but let me back up a bit. the day prior to thanksgiving was filled with baking and prepping the food.

i made my first apple pies. they were so delicious thanks to little bit funky’s mini apple pie recipe. super cheap and quick. oh and don’t forget the vanilla ice cream!

salami and cream cheese rollups are a standard appetizer in our house. originally made by matt’s late mother for my first baby shower, it was love at first bite. all you need is a package of salami and a tub of whipped cream cheese.  spread a knife of cream cheese onto one slice of salami and roll into thirds.

don’t they look yummy? just keep them refrigerated until it’s time to place them on the table.

we also had ruffles and onion dip (way yummy) but i didn’t feel it warranted a picture.

there hasn’t been cookies baked in this house in months. a little sad but we’ve all appreciated the lack of addicting sugary snacks. but today i had an excuse. so i whipped up 5 dozen soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. and of course the boys enjoyed licking the beaters. i mean who doesn’t really? i know you do!

such a beautiful mountain of baked goodness. if you want to make your own, i use a martha stewart recipe that’s been my go-to cookie recipe for years. only the best and she does it right! oh, i added some oats to the last couple batches.

the camera was MIA from the cookies until after dinner. you’ve seen thanksgiving fixin’s a hundred times so i figured i’d spare you from having to see my gorgeous herb roasted turkey and garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes. your welcome. gibson took off to play games, marshall sitting very prim and proper while playing a train track game on matt’s phone. matt and mike were told to act natural but i got a scold and a smirk instead. hehe

seriously with the leg crossed? are we sure he doesn’t need a glass of white wine and some loafers?

he did help clean up afterwards. and yep, he’s sportin’ the sweeper slippers.

after dinner, gibson decided he would tackle the turkey leg. was he man enough?

in the battle between boy and leg, LEG WON. after like 4 bites he decided he couldn’t finish it. but he tried so big.

truly and honestly, this crew is what i’m most thankful for. everyday. they make me crazy and they make me laugh. god i love my boys. and hello christmas card photo!

i’m super excited about my upcoming posts! i’m showing you my christmas decorations!

get your jingle bells on, we’re going to a sleigh ride!


2 thoughts on “EPIC thanksgiving festivities”

  1. awwww Andrea your family is sooo cute. You are such a cutie and gorgeous smile, that first one of you shows true happiness and love. What a great Christmas photo of all of you, love it. Gibson and the turkey leg had me cracking up, what a great photo, all the food looks yummy. We are making cookies tomorrow, gotta finish the pies first. So glad you had a wonderful day and shared it with us. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THOSE DECORATIONS !!

    Hope your Friday and weekend go just good as this did. hugs for all of you.

  2. such a pretty family! looks like you had a great holiday! the salami and cream cheese is yum! I use really thing salami with an herbed cream cheese wrapped around a pretzel rod! cant wait to see your christmas decor!

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