weekly wrap up

week 6 wrap up

monday | feb 6

there’s nothing wrong with a little rum & coke after work…

there may be a little rum in my coke

a little facebook status update

the #febphotoaday was DINNER. we have fun at our table.

tuesday | feb 7

one of my favorite buttons to push. but today was my day to quit the coke. so i won’t be pushing that button again…but it means a lot to me.

tonight was the beginning of a big change for our family. i attended Gibson’s middle school orientation. yikes! he’ll be in 6th grade a week after he turns 11. big changes. big steps. big responsibilities. we are so ready for this!

wednesday | feb 8

#febphotoaday today is sun. i drive to work everyday with the set rising behind me. it’s always beautiful and i’m so happy to have captured it today.

thanks to my girl Tawnya, the only outfit i snapped all week and it was my FAVORITE!

me and tawnya. fast and furious friends. love this girl. lunch at panera today…once we found it. LOL!

my sista from anotha mista LOL

thursday | feb 9

my front door is brown and ugly. i also don’t own it so it’s nothing special. but on the inside, above the door, are four letters. these four letters are a statement of my attitude that it’s not the walls that make the home, it’s the love and the people inside that makes it a home.

a trip to the park…and of course he brings fluffy dog.

this is our view from our little park on the hill. dang i love this california weather!

another huge milestone that could alter our lives…today i submitted registration paperwork for marshall to attend junior kindergarten in august. he’s ready so if there’s enough space for him, he’ll be heading off to school in six months. what a year this will be.

while i was reading to marshall before bed…matt wrote this on my wall. seriously still makes me cry.

friday | feb 10

self portrait day. i think i like this one. makes me want to redesign my blog in my traditional 50’s-diner-loving style.

after work snuggles in bed with marshall. i missed him all day! he just wanted me to lay with him while he watched Mike the Knight. how could i say no to this face?

and lookie what came in the mail! WOOT!

saturday | feb 11

i swear i gave birth to monkeys.

all four of us walked to target for some treats and essentials. i was lucky enough to capture them both (mostly) still at the same time. family walks make me happy #febphotoaday

day 11: family walks make me happy #febphotoaday #photoaday

waiting for my girls to swoop me up for a movie night, marshall decided he wants to wear my shoes.

ah yes…margaritas…after a rum & coke.

this is the spread for our Breaking Dawn viewing party!

these are my favorite gal pals! there is never enough time with them, but always plenty of laughs!

Breaking Dawn on blu-ray with my girls!

sunday | feb 12

i dropped off my marsh-man with my folks for a couple days and took advantage of the alone time. went straight to the salon for a mani/pedi. then a let my feet soak in the sun while we waited for matt do film some things.

my first time getting the gel coat. i’ll let you know how it holds up. so far…loving it!

#febphotoaday is inside my closet. here’s my converted front entry closet. it’s my space.

day 12: inside my closet [i made a little workspace in my front closet] #photoaday #febphotoaday

working on project life and jammin’ to tunes, this little diddy came on and it was so perfect because gibson has just came in from throwing out the trash and was excited that it was raining. such a great and quiet night. matt and i got a bit more caught up on IDOL after gibson went to bed. i miss marshall like crazy but will enjoy the break for sure.

perfect timing while it's pouring outside.

hope everyone had a good week and weekend! week 7 is upon us…what are your plans.


2 thoughts on “week 6 wrap up”

  1. I am loving your plateware for the bd viewing party!!! I havent gotten my dvd yet! Tomorrow hopefully, fingers crossed 🙂 Looks like you had a great week! Loved the photos!

  2. love these photos and so glad your sharing more of these this year. WOW MIDDLE SCHOOL AND JR.KINDERGARTEN why oh why do they have to grow up. Look at that closet it’s AMAZING AND MORE AWESOME THEN EVER!! What a great job you did on it. This is what I want but don’t want to give up the only closet we have…. where did you put everything that was in there??? ooohh it’s so pretty, you will have so much fun doing project life in your space.

    cute outfit, love the skirt!! hooray for nights out with girls!! I love seeing my sunsets/rises each day also, it never gets old. Good for you not pushing that COKE button, you can do it girl, keep up the good work!!

    By the way Pretty Woman has been on almost everyday these last two weeks, love it just as much as the first time I saw it.
    Happy weekend!

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