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week 12 wrap up

sunday | march 18: 

if we pick up where we left off last week, last saturday night we had a girls’ night out. it involved alcohol. and as much fun as i had…i also had a bit of the hangover on sunday. when i say ‘a bit’ i actually mean that i wasn’t able to get vertical without my head spinning until about 10am. thank goodness the kids were quiet and sweet to me, letting me relax. starting a new embroidery project helped me do that too.

once i drank about 10 glasses of water and ate, i was feeling better and ready to get the boys out of the house. play time at the bounce house was the answer. the boys ran around like crazy and me and tawnya chatted about our drunken saturday night. then dinner at chicago fire pizza. we fed two adults and 3 kids for $20 each. and soooooo good!

the boys killed the greek fries! even started picking at the garlic crumbs.

honestly, greyson is in love with the camera and i’m not sure why marshall’s looking like that.

monday | march 19: 

our monday night comedy line-up. 2 broke girls, two and a half men and mike and molly.

day 19: funny (monday night comedies) #photoaday #marchphotoaday

tuesday | march 20:

after work i was CRAVING chif-fil-a so matt stayed home to have some kid-free quiet time and me and the boys hopped in the car. tuesday nights are kids night and they have face painting and a balloon man. marshall’s special request was a helicopter. it’s upside down in this pic but it really did look like it!

day 20: before & after (thanks to the balloon man at chik-fil-a) #marchphotoaday #photoaday

the clouds hovered over us on the way home, only allowing a glimpse of the setting sun. kinda perfect timing.

wednesday | march 21:

my new obsession for day 21 of #marchphotoaday.

we’ve been seriously blessed with gorgeous skies lately. i know i take tons of sky and cloud and sun pics but honestly, they all take my breath away.

thursday | march 22:

i had a client meeting 3.5 hours away so i had to leave the house at 6am. luckily both boys woke up before i left so i got to say goodbye for the day. matt sent me this pic of the boys before gibson went to school.

a few errands in the evening and marshall swiped gibson’s hat.

he’s such a crazy one.

friday | march 23:

one of our favorite books is kitten’s first full moon. sweet little book about a kitten who thinks the moon is a bowl of milk. she gets herself into a little pickle after deciding to chase it.

day 23: kitten's first full moon #marchphotoaday #photoaday

another favorite is a fun spin on the little engine that could.

saturday | march 24: 

marshall and the fluffster.

day 24: marshall's stuffed animal fluffster #photoaday #marchphotoaday

sunday | march 25:

a new pair of shoes just begs to do some puddle stompin’. instead of getting irritated…i took pictures. i’m a mom of boys…you can’t stop this behavior so why try. sure made up both smile!

my parents came to pick up their 5th wheel (which they park at our house) and offered to take marshall on a get-this-kid-prepared-for-a-summer-camping-trip camping trip about 30 minutes from their house. we packed him up in a matter of ten minutes and they were gone. whooooosh! it’s been nice having some quiet. i miss him like crazy. but sunday, gibson and i got to take off and get supplies for his state report float and i swung over to old navy for some more new threads. ohmigod i got some cute stuff…showing it off in next weeks’ retrohipmama style.

since he was such a sweet boy by holding my clothes as i shopped and didn’t complain about how long i stayed at the clearance rack, i bought him a frozen strawberry lemonade.

he’s a sweet kid. =)

And in today already walks tomorrow.  ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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