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week 22 wrap up

OHMIGOOODNESS i love the warm weather. mainly so the boys can play in the water and i can relax out in the back with them.

so here’s how we spent last week:

monday | may 28:

mostly shirtless boys.


a kid who found this empty corona box and used it all week to carry around his “supplies”.


tuesday | may 29:

STOP! hammock time! (lol, i crack myself up!)
STOP! ...... Hammock Time!

my april prints came! yeah!

April photos are here!!!! Love me some #persnicketyprints !!!!

i’m such a super hero nerd that i grabbed this tumbler at home goods with not one ounce of shame. POW!


marshall wouldn’t go in the pool unless i “dipped my toes in too.” it felt so good!


then he was cool with going it alone. in his undies of course.



wednesday | may 30:

#photoadayMAY for today is your personality. i took this picture the prior week for my style post and added text using the phonto app. it’s kinda perfect.

may 30: my personality

this old martha stewart recipe is still one of my faves. i can’t seem to find the recipe online but it’s super easy and fun for summer picnics.

personal watermelon (seedless)
english cucumber (seedless and peeled)
lime juice (3-4 tbsp)
salt and pepper to taste

chill in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight. or heck, just eat it right then and there. but if you let it sit overnight, all the juices co-mingle and soak into the melon and cuke. enjoy!


picking up strawberries for homemade jam. i used my last jar this week.


gibson’s 5th grade promotion ceremony was today. he’s officially a middle school dude!

school's...out...for summer!

thursday | may 31:

squashin’ berries. this is kinda my favorite part of the process.Making strawberry jam takes some effort but is soooo worth it!

and the result is a dozen pints of freezer jam.


gibson’s last day of school and of course, grade came home. never been concerned about this box down near the bottom, but today it has so much significance. and just to brag a bit, because he worked really hard, he pulled in the following grades which earned him his ps3 and tv back into his room and friend privileges:

math: A+
reading: B
science: B+
social studies: B
spelling: A
writing: B-


friday | june 1:

it’s a new month of photoaday pics from fatmumslim.

having to be at work at 7am, the road is usually pretty bare.
june 1: morning (love that most mornings my 5 minute commute doesn't include a lot of other cars. #photoadayjune #photoaday #phonto #camera+

my dear hubby posted this picture to my facebook timeline. we have a date people! time to request the day off…


marshall’s making faces at himself as we wait for gibson to finish up comedy class.


saturday | june 2:

marshall has been reading green eggs and ham on the iPad. it’s interactive, of course, with words you can touch and a read to me feature. he’s been reading it for a couple weeks now and today he picked up his actual book and ready it out loud…word for word! i was amazed. not that i should be, he’s almost 5 and he’s pretty smart. but i just hadn’t heard him read the whole entire thing! i usually ask him to say the last lines of sentences when we read. it’s just another sign that he’s ready for school!


my friend kristy at kristymakes started an instagram tag called #lunchis where we can post our daily lunches. this was my first post. my cold chicken pasta and the recipe is here.

#lunchis cold chicken pasta (rotini, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, parm, evoo, lemon juice, pepper and garlic salt

after lunch i hung out with marsh in the pool while gibson hung out at a friend’s house. i literally just dipped my toes in and it was perfect.


he likes to splash.


and tell me funny secrets.


#photoadayjune for today is empty. i had been thinking about it during the day but it wasn’t until the evening that i knew the picture i wanted to take. gibson ended up sleeping over at his buddy’s so his bed was empty for the night. 😦   but he had a blast with his friend who is moving across the country at the end of the summer. more sad faces.

june 2: empty (missing the eldest while he's at a buddy's house) #photoaday #photoadayjune #phonto

so i didn’t tell you that some of that smashed strawberry from the jam didn’t quite make it in the batch. so of course, saving it was the only option. and this my friends is my version of cold stone’s strawberry blonde. slow churned vanilla bean ice cream (1/2 the fat or something like that), a couple spoonfuls of smashed strawberries (no sugar added), and crumbled graham crackers. it’s literally heaven in a bowl. heaven i tell you.


and that was my week. full of fun and food. two things i need to live and smile.

hope you had an equally awesome week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “week 22 wrap up”

  1. LOVE LOVE your photos, you always have such fun ones and I love reading your captions for each one. Now I’m hungry though and there’s no fun food in my house like you have.
    WAY TO GO GIBSON!! That is an awesome report card, love that math is an A+ how cool is that. They don’t give out report cards anymore to save paper so we just see ours online , I miss the paper kind so much!! I didn’t know you took away things for a less then best report card, good he worked hard to get his toys back. So how do you base this on?? My girls didn’t do so hot this year and I was tempted many times to take their cells away from them but didn’t because they are so glued to them and couldn’t think of anything else to take away or ground from.

    Marshall is a funny boy this week. We have cold temps again today for our last day of school. Sunshine is coming next Monday we hear. Let’s hope it happenings.


    1. We definitely reward for good grades and behaviors (like getting him a ps3 and tv and 3ds for Christmas.) and the next semester when his grades tanked… He got them yanked from his room until the next report card. He was forewarned tho. Many times. That these things were contingent on maintaining good grades. He has spent the last 2.5 months with no electronics and no friends so he could focus on his one main responsibility. And he did it! We do not accept average grades because he is not an average kid. He didn’t play a sport this year so he only had this one thing to do. In our eyes, and at this age…it’s the most important thing. Now that I’ve rambled on about my opinion on study habits…thanks for always leaving me such sweet and personal comments, I know that it’s so you and that’s what I adore about you! Hugs!

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

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