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weekly wrap up 2013 // week 14+15

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hey there,do you have your coffee? good, because it’s a catch up post which means a double shot of pictures.


monday | april 1:

marshall finally hopped on his scooter and was brave enough to work it out.


tuesday | april 2:

moving and paint planning have begun.

and so it begins.....



marshall became good friends with the chick-fil-a cow. he had a lot of questions for mr. cow, like what he eats and why he stands on only two feet. the cow gave marshall a lot of high-fives!


thursday | april 4:

if i don’t plan this move around all of the other things we have going on this month, i will never keep it straight. my goal is to do something moving related each day that. this month will be over soon, so i have to make this time work for me.




#throwbackthursday on instagram. this was marshall’s first day home and gibson was so careful with him.

#throwbackthursday // Marshall was just a day new and Gibson was so careful with him.



this came in the mail….i finally own one of my faves!


friday | april 5:

don’t judge. these cheez-its sit in the vending machine outside of my office and holler at me. they say eat me with apples so you feel less guilty. 😉




today’s arm candy.



saturday | april 6:

stuff is really happening. i’ve packed several boxes, started a jar for pins/nails/screws that come off the walls, and our property management co has acknowledged our request to vacate. YEA!!

because I'm not a wait-until-the-last-minute kind of girl... #thegraymoveof2013 #wipesboxesarethebestboxes



working on the garage with my mama today and i ran into a treasure box with these things in it. i adored these shoes on gibson and i even saved a newborn sized diaper to remember how small he was. but i was in purging so i used the technology that was placed at my fingertips and snapped this pic and tossed these in the trash.




this little note was also in there, and for good reason. right after gibson was born, we received this note with a $150 money order in it from an anonymous sender. we had been short on money that month and this was an enormous blessing. to this day, i do not know who sent it, but that’s how they wanted it. i have thanked them quietly ever since.

uncovered // received this a couple days after we brought gibson home. it wasn't signed, had no return address and included a check for $150. at that moment, it was like gold and was a huge blessing. to this day, I have no idea who it was from. ☝



we also had a chance to run over to our new house while our friends were moving out so we measured and snapped a million pics.




this is why my mom rocks. this is just the beginning of the packing.



sunday | april 7:

with measurements in hand, i went to sketching out each room’s layout. oh how graph paper makes me happy.

yesterday I got pictures and measurements of the new house! which means that today's tools are graph paper, a pencil, a ruler and a measuring tape. #thegraymoveof2013 #planningmakesmehappy



this afternoon is the very first read thru of SHIFT. all the kids will be here, and so will pizza.




as the on-staff photographer, i was tasked with taking pics of the kids for props. they played their characters very well!




and marshall needed a break.







i snapped a pic of this car and texted it to gibson. he knew exactly what it was and told me a bunch of little factoids.



monday | april 8:


tuesday | april 9:

as seen on facebook:
scored 10 apple boxes from a local grocery store last night. fruit boxes are THE best boxes for moving….and they’re FREE! 3 more boxes are locked and loaded and the walls are looking bare. =)

wednesday | april 10:

as seen on facebook:
Nothing good ever comes from sticking up for an insect. I just got finished telling Matt how the mosquito eaters are the good guys even tho we both HATE them and he flips on the light to look for something and a giant unguided gangly mosquito eater is bouncing around the opposite wall. Hiding out in my dimly lit room, waiting to strike while i slept no doubt. Well I showed him who was boss. Sorry babe, couldn’t wait for you to grab the swatter…kinda freaked out and used a magazine. Now I can’t turn the light off.

thursday | april 11:

soon sweatheart. soon you will have a home inside our new home. you only have 16 more days in the garage and i promise never to let you out of my sight again.

soon sweatheart. soon you will have a home inside our new home. you only have 16  more days in the garage and I promise never to let you out of my sight again.

friday | april 12:

after my uncle passed away, my mom dropped these beauties off at my house. i am literally without speech. i even have a record player to listen to them on. SCORE!

I am literally without speech. My mom found some of my uncle's old records. The Let It Be album was tucked in the pile along with The Doors, Stevie Wonder, The Monkees and some Jan and Dean. Holy vintage score Batman! Now i hope the record player works.



tonight we tested props for the movie and took some test footage. want a fun movie secret? this “meteorite” is a large hamster ball, filled with clear packing bags and green glow sticks, covered in tin foil, spray painted black. we will cut slits in the foil so the green glows out of the holes. pretty cool huh?

dry ice + glow sticks + a battery operated fan = movie magic #shifthappens #behindthescenes

saturday | april 13:

as seen on facebook: 
it is so like this house to be a complete jerk. for the seven years we’ve been here, we’ve never had to replace the huge fluorescent lights in the garage. but today, 2 weeks before we move out of this dump, one goes out. soooooo not replacing it. this house is so annoying! 🙂 13 more days!

sunday | april 14:

i’m ready for another day of filming.

this morning. before I was burnt to a crisp. those were happy times. #latergram #sunburnssuck



just feeding lines to the actors.

fed lines to the kids all day. sore and burnt. but hey, #shifthappens #makingmoviesisalotofwork



we shot the friday night meteor scene and matt’s checking out the footage already!

lights. camera. action. #shifthappens #moviemagic @minifantic



that’s about it folks. looking back on these weeks doesn’t really show how crazy and busy we were but man alive i can feel it. thankfully we are at the halfway point.

matt and i both knew that a lot of pressure would be put upon us for the month of april but we made sure to slow down and remain loving and helpful to each other. times of stress can cause us to get short and snippy and i asked God early on to help my heart remain a helpful and positive one. so far, we all succeeded!

what makes your life crazy? how do you and your family handle the stress or avoid it?

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