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weekly wrap up 2013 // weeks 29+30

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monday // july 15

…i am greeted by a gorgeous sunrise.


…i get crazy with my nails.


…he gives fluffy dog piggyback rides.


tuesday // july 16

…this special girl has a birthday and i treat her to our special place…panera.


friday // july 19

…this kid gets to come to work with me and eat donuts for breakfast.

someone is excited about hanging with mom at work. or maybe it's the donuts.

…he thinks he’s handy smurf.


…i get an order for 12 custom tote bags.

ahhhh, just finished up 12 custom monogram totes for a girl who will be giving them as gifts at a bachelorette party. each attending girl got her initial in a different color. so fun! i sell these on etsy if you're curious. #retrohipmama #monogramtotes #e

…i laugh at myself when i see cartoons like this.


saturday // july 20

…greens are beautiful and striking and i want a closet full of it.


…paralysis sets in when i get project life stuff in the mail.

i can't rip these open fast enough!!!!!! @tastone they're heeerrrreeee!!!!

…us girls get a super fun night out.

drinks and girls!


 these are a few of my favorite things. #ladiesnight #friendstiltheend

another hottie i am blessed to call a friend. this chick rocks. #rhonnadesigns_app

sunday // july 21

…i can’t get enough of this kid.

I can't get enough of this kid!

…they play quietly together. no bickering. no shoving. no arguements.


…he makes new friends.


…they bond over a rick astley dance.

marshall + joseph rocked the house with their sweet dance moves. #justdance4 #rhonnadesigns #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app @janamelinda

monday // july 22

…a good hair/makeup/outfit day just needs to be documented.

today was a good hair/makeup/outfit day.

tuesday // july 23

…marshall expresses himself through art.

just a little something marshall drew for gibson // with explanation #definitelynotalovenote #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app

wednesday // july 24

…he wants to dress the part before he boxes on the wii fit.


…it’s just a jump, jive and wail kind of day.

it's been a #rockabilly kind of week. (my second favorite genre.) what are you listening to? #pictapgo_app #spotify

…i have on the right dress to get a shot i’ve been wanting to get since i brought this beauty into my life. gram would have loved this.


thursday // july 25

…he will actually eat his cereal with milk and a spoon.


friday // july 26

…i  get sad when my girl is still on vacation.

it's been a long week without my @tastone but I know she's enjoyed her vacation.  #rhonnadesigns #heyrhonna #rhonnadesigns_app

saturday // july 27

…gibson let’s marshall play minecraft in his room.


…these two get to see a movie together.

Marshall's first movie with his best bud. #lordpleasemakehimsitstill #turbo #pictapgo_app

sunday // july 28

…i don’t take any pictures all day and just scrap my heart away.


sometimes there are more ups than downs. sometimes there are more yells than smiles. sometimes there are more hugs than tantrums. sometimes we don’t know what the heck we’re doing but we’re laughing anyways.

may your weeks be filled with some times that will last forever. now go capture them. 🙂

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    1. Oh my goodness kellie! Thank you so much!!! I’m loving that you’ve enjoyed being here an that you’ve taken the time to comment. I’m so excited to get to use your stamps soon too!!!

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