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project life update // weeks 17+18+19+20


hi again! what’s this? two project life updates in one week? that’s right, i just had too much to share!

here’s 4 more weeks:

week 17 // full spreadIMG_263852
week 17 // left side


week 17 // right side

week 18 // full spread


week 18 // left side
IMG_265266 IMG_265367 IMG_265468 IMG_265569 IMG_265771 IMG_265670
week 18 // right side
IMG_265872 IMG_265973 IMG_266074 IMG_266175 IMG_266276 IMG_266377 IMG_266478

week 19 // full spreadIMG_266579

week 19 // left side


week 19 // right sideIMG_267387IMG_267488IMG_267589IMG_267690IMG_267791IMG_267892IMG_267993

week 20 // full spreadIMG_268094

week 20 // left sideIMG_268195IMG_268296IMG_268397IMG_268498IMG_268599IMG_2686100IMG_2687101

week 20 // right side

as i type this, i have officially finished week 22. looking forward to printing june and july photos this week. i have so much fun product and would love to get through summer before we get into december.

are you behind? up to date? weigh in on what week you’re on in your project life.



2 thoughts on “project life update // weeks 17+18+19+20”

  1. WOW WOW WOW!! I’m amazed at all you put into each pocket, WOW!! Every page and pocket is beautiful and fun and COLORFUL, just like YOU!! I love reading this and remembering the stories. Way to go on getting so much done, keep it up!

  2. Look out this girl is on a ROLL, baby! These look absolutely amazing as always Andrea, I loved slowly scrolling down, looking at each and every detail with my morning cuppa before the girls wake and all the chaos starts.

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