drea lately // with intentions


listening to: pretty much only christmas music when i’m at home. i have a giant playlist here! recently i discovered a singer named lucy woodward. she’s got this jazzy italian swing style that i adore. check out her newest album, hooked!!

inention // i want to discover new music. i want to enjoy some new stuff by new artists.

watching: just finished up the voice and by far it’s the best singing competition show around. the sing-off is back and i’m LOVING it! i’m so behind on new girl, biggest loser and S.H.I.E.L.D. but we’ve got time. 🙂 i also am trying to finish killing kennedy, the bonnie & clyde mini-series and white christmas. i just discovered that i can connect my laptop to the tv through HDMI and can rent or buy movies from iTunes and watch them on the big screen. SCORE!!

intention // to introduce gibson to a few of our favorite movies. field of dreams, BIG and the princess bride. revenge of the nerds and spaceballs might be on that list but we’ll have to be sure about it first.

playing: with my new studio calico project life kits! i’m a new subscriber and so far have received two kits. i love the variety and all the goodies! it’s totally worth the $20/month.

intention // to keep up the creative streak i’ve had for the past few months. i have a big vacation coming up, 13 days off work and i plan to catch up. by the end of my vacay i should be done with september and december, with only october and november ready to be printed. being 6 months behind isn’t ideal, but 2-3 is just right.

looking forward to: christmas! we’ve got 5 more days. 5 sleeps people, 5 sleeps!! the kids have no idea what’s in any of those boxes and we’ve giddy for them to rip and tear. i want christmas morning to last all day.

intnetion // i simply want to enjoy the moments.

eating: like complete crap. this is a rough time at work, and this year especially with health care reform, and all the carriers and vendors bring in goodies and boxes of toffee and chocolate. we’ve had so many client meetings which means lunch out and i am so off track. i can see it in my face and i HATE it.

intention // i won’t wait until jan 1 to get myself back on the right path. i’m starting right after christmas. this way i will have plenty of time (during my vacation) to workout and build up the good habits. once i get back to work on the 6th, the habits of working out and eating well will be easier to keep up with. this will happen people!

drinking: peppermint hot chocolate from starbucks. period. hense the previous item.

intention // cut the treat drinks down to special occasions and

wearing: new birthday clothes! levis, chucks, sweaters, gloves and tube socks. i’m a wuss in the cold.

intention // i bought some sweater tights and toghts with cute designs in order to wear my summer dresses and skirts this winter. my goal is still to shop in my own closet to find new ways to wear what i have.

noticing: marshall is so good at remembering things and is doing so well with reading. gibson is growing a mustache and is taller than me now. 

intention // getting marshall some new books that will keep him interested in the story and getting gibson a razor. jk 😉

and that’s it folks…that’s me lately. what have you been ______ lately?



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