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project life organization // 3×4 card storage

hey there, ho there!

when i first showed you my scrap space, i showed you a few boxes full of 3×4 cards. they were not organized. just in there, willy nilly. i swore that was cool with me. but in fact, it was not.

it used to be. it used to be easy to keep track of what i had and where i last saw it.

but that notion no longer remains.

so during the extremely boring super bowl, i made some tabbed dividers with my silhouette and organized the heck outta my 3×4 cards. here’s what i came up with….and i made a video about it!

how do you organize your supplies? i find that when the types of supplies change, i will morph my organization style slightly. so since i have way more cards than i used to, i needed to expand. and that’s okay. 🙂 a little change is good for the soul.

have fun out there!



4 thoughts on “project life organization // 3×4 card storage”

  1. What a nice surprise this was to see!! I love your videos!! I thought for sure you’d be sitting there watching the game even though your team wasn’t in it. Did you watch the half time show? It was awesome! The commercials were awful though! Horrible game, I don’t like it when it’s an easy win like that, I like to see some action and close score at the end.

    Anyhow, back to your amazing card organization!! I love it, so easy for you to find the perfect cards now and they all fit in nice and pretty, YAY!!! I see lots of cards I love and didn’t know came in a kit??!!! Those days of the week cards, the bigger ones and the currently and favorite meal of the week??? Where did you get those, I would love those?? I am trying not to buy any more kits since I have 3 right now. So hard when I want them all, should we tell Becky to hold off for a year, lol.

    Thanks so much for this video, love when you do them and it was clear and I could hear you perfectly. Oh and HELLO MARSHALL!!!

    Take care, HUGS!

    1. thank you dawn!!!! i should script them first because i fumble over my words sometimes but it’s all good. i finally learned how to do some stuff in iMovie on my iPhone so this video is actually 3 videos and a photo all edited together!! i don’t know how my hubby does that for a living, it’s sooo tedious! the game certainly was awful…what a waste of good football day. oh well, bruno and RHCP were great, really enjoyed them both!

      girlfriend, i gotta get you on pinterest! there are so many free printables available…like seriously, i hardly ever buy cards! we shall chat about this. 🙂

      marshall says hi back to you!!!!! 🙂


      andrea gray// retrohipmama


  2. Andrea~
    THIS IS SOOO AWESOME! TY! I found your blog via the PLer’s FB group. I have SO MANY cards. Right now they are in a CTMH med bin, 3 to be exact! I have them grouped in kits now. I have been wanting to organize by color for a while. . TODAY is THE DAY. I made tabs on my Cricut and I am off to make a mess on my desk! 🙂

    1. oh i am so happy to have inspired you!!! did you get it done? you should post pics to the PL FB page!!! i’d love to see! thanks so much for checking out the video!! 🙂

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