2017 Creative Plans and Stuff

Oh January. You have a way of making everything seem possible. Like, all the things.
There are lots of goals and steps to make all swirling in my creative soul happen. And reality has to play a part.

Some things have to stay and some things have to go. So after thinking and praying and assessing my goals, aspirations and my commitments – here’s what 2017 will look like in the retrohipmama crafty world.

I’ve talked about it all in this video or you can read about it below!

So excited that I’ll be staying with Gossamer Blue for another year! The variety of products and exclusive cards make this team so fun!

I have moved into a different role with Illustrated Faith and am creating more product based promotional videos. I’m loving this challenge and having fun with new ideas and concepts for the quick videos we’ve been putting out.

I’m also adding a new team this year that I’ve been excited about for over a year! Elle’s Studio will be a fun and very natural fit for me as I was already creating with their products and looooving it! I actually contributed to a Sketch class for them and also guest blogged for them in August so that was a blast!

I love teaching classes. I love bringing my experience and solutions to others who love to learn and gather. This community is nuts for all the knowledge and I am so inspired by those who want to soak up new skills and apply them to their crafty lives.

Which leads me to my goals for teaching more this year.

First, this month – on January 16th to be exact – my first class goes live at Big Picture Classes and it’s all about Pockets! I’ve been working on the class content for months and seeing the date on the calendar is super cool. So be sure to check it out and sign up!

The next class I’m working on is again, about pockets but I want to bring in a different perspective. I’ll be hosting a class with the fabulous Mrs. Alyssa Duncan called Memory Keeping for New & Experienced Crafters. This will be part of a bigger overall theme called 2 Crafty Babes that I would love to branch out into lots of different crafty things that all involve myself and another crafty babe – see what I did there? Dare I say more classes or possibly a podcast? Lots of ideas here so nothing’s concrete but I’m excited!

This class will be coming out sometime late spring-ish and of course, I’ll bombard you with sneaks and reminders and all the details along the way.

Another class on the horizon for the fall will be embroidery art. You’ve probably seen some of my pieces where I create a design and stitch it out to make art I decorate my home with. Well I want to teach you how to make them too! More details to come on this too!

Oh boy, This is a tough one but it’s an area where I have to make a change. It may be temporary, but for this season of my life, I’m finding that the same ol’ same ol’ just ain’t gonna cut it.

Printing and developing process: I’ll be printing from home exclusively. I’m seriously torn up about it because I’ve developed a great system with printing from a lab. But I’ve realized that A) I over print which is a time waste and money waste. B) The saddest part is coming up. My kids are growing up and I’m not taking as many photos anymore. I’ve probably decreased my actual number of developable photos by 25% in the last several months. Now, many factors could be at play here but I’m leaning toward being more selective about what gets printed and this means less photos and I can print small batches on-demand on my new Pixma printer. I’m gonna have to make that work for now and I’m okay with it! The quality is fairly close to perfect. I have some more testing to do to crisp up the black in my photos but overall it will work.

Personal album: You may have seen some recent posts from me on Instagram using Traveler’s Notebooks.

I am obviously fashionably late the this party but have absolutely fell in love with this format of documenting. So from here on out, my personal album will no longer be in pocket albums as I will exclusively use TN for my personal photos, OLW pages and lists. I’m super pumped! I also saw a fun project on the Felicity Jane blog to make a TN magazine-style file for them and I am soooooo making that!

I love creating videos and content for you here but – as you can imagine – it’s very time consuming. Videos are a lot of work and there are lots of steps involved. So, my channel will remain the home for all videos I create. Someday I would love to have a more regimented schedule with weekly episodes but for now it’s going to remain kinda willy-nilly and sporadic as you’ve come to expect from my random uploads.

My place. I adore IG and never plan to leave or post less. I adore this community we’ve built there. It’s pretty and people are sweet and generous with their love and support and I have met THE MOST wonderful people there. I will continue to inspire and encourage and be real and awkward and comfortable. Because you’re my people. My Jesus loving, pocket stuffing, food struggling, bible drawing, glitter sweating, messy desk, living with 3-day hair mamas. That’s where I love to share so I’m definitely hanging around.

Well, that’s what’s up.

Talk soon!


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