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my time away…from the blog

I’ve mentioned this event over the past few weeks as we ramped up to the date! It’s my hubby’s very first movie premiere as a director. A couple years ago, he had an idea, brought it up to the subject he wanted to document and it grew from there. Time passed and it was just going to end up being something substantial on his resume.

Until one of the band members lined up a gig at a downtown theatre that would play the movie, then allow the band to play a show after. Months of planning and preparing and (free) radio advertisement, we sold out within 2 weeks. The week leading up to Saturday was IN.SANE. Still trying to finish BULLDOGS: the series while both boys got sick, then matt got sick too and was miserable during the event but plowed through.

The crowd was great and with all our friends there to help out, we had a blast. The 3 rum and cokes helped too!

Here are my favorite pics of the night.

Our beautiful movie poster and DVDs for merch. Both of which are designed by your’s truly. =)

Joe Getty & The Dead Flowers: The band who we made the documentary about.

We sold out with 6 days to go before the event!

Yeah, we had red carpet and velvet rope. Made it feel so special!

Me and my hubby the Director!

 The boys

Me and Cheri

That’s it. Now it’s over and life is somewhat back to normal. Until the next showing in San Francisco…hopefully!


2 thoughts on “my time away…from the blog”

  1. Great job on everything. So happy for you both that it was a success, too bad being sick though. How did either of you find the time with work and crafting and kids, both of you rock. Andrea I love love the pink jacket, much more fun then a black one. Hope your weekend is going well.

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