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oy vey. holy cow. omg. wow!

picture it. nearly 9 o’clock. hubs and i are ready to get to our monday night shows and i flip open the laptop to just check a couple things while he settles in. i noticed i had a couple new likes on my facebook page and several new pinterest followers during the day. i just wanted to peek in and see what had sparked all the activity.

you can imagine me rubbing my eyes, doin’ a double-take, hitting refresh to be sure…when i saw this statistical data last night. i mean check out that blue bar on the right shooting straight up to heaven! what in the world were people looking at to get over 1800 views on my blog yesterday? 1883 to be exact!ย 

this picture.
this picture of strawberry plants. in cinder blocks.
this idea that i got from a friend.
pinned over 400 times, just from one pinner alone.

see how many times i’ve been pinned

and this sketch.
the post i did on this sketchย of my summer garden had 1139 views yesterday…and 397 already today and it’s just barely 8am.

what in the world? not my fabric button rings tutorial? not my scrapbook pages that i put hours into? or even a post on my mad sewing skills? haha, nope. a picture of pants in concrete. i find it so cool and funny!

and thanks goodness people are clicking around too! some of my other posts are getting high view counts as well, but for some reason, this one’s taken the cake. i’m just in awe, really, so i had to share.

you guys (well, gals really) are amazing friends, readers and commenters. i never knew what this blog would be like when i started it less than a year ago. i never really wanted fame or popularity, but just to meet great people, with great ideas who would love my ideas in return. i’ve gotten that, ten fold. regardless of that for a couple days i might see a spike in views and that next week i’ll go back to a daily average somewhere under 100, you are all still right there. and i’m grateful.

thanks. hugs. smiles.



14 thoughts on “oy vey. holy cow. omg. wow!”

    1. they do spread and some do die off. they’ll do that no matter what you plant them in. what i did was trained the runners to go into the empty spaces at the next season so they would grow again. i’d say that each year you will have to replace some of the plants and trim some back. they will get too big for the small spaces of the cinder blocks. good luck if you do them!

      1. hi there, i actually haven’t planted any more since this post was made. and i’m no expert on gardening but i believe that spring is the best time to plant. you should definitely consult someone who’s more knowledgeable in the field. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for stopping by!

  1. I had the same thing happen over a t-shirt scarf- one that was definitely not my favorite, either! It was and continues to be a huge draw for my puny little blog. I guess the extra time invested in the things we love make it feel like a snub when something so simple is so popular. I came for the strawberry picture, too, though.

  2. Does the soil in the concrete dry out faster? Do you have to water more often? (Sorry, strawberries were my favorite too! I do like the summer activities banner but the strawberries drew me in. Gardening and kids appeal to a much larger audience than most crafting.)

    1. Hi Kari, thanks for leaving a comment on your way around! =)
      I did feel like the concrete dried out the soil, but i’m no expert at strawberry growing so i’m not sure if how much i watered was normal or not. we have very hot california summers here! i originally loved the idea, it was inexpensive and sort of kept the kiddos out of the inside of the garden while giving them a way to be involved with it from the outside.
      if you try it, good luck to you…i will be planting more again this year!

  3. Pretty sure it was the “simply Frugal” email that included your strawberry idea in it. that was what brought me here. It is neat

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