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take twelve | july

woohoo, another reason to take pictures all day…take 12.
12 pictures. one every hour for 12 hours. on the 12th of the month.

some of you have maybe seen these on instagram or facebook already but here you’ll find a bit more detail about each shot.

only a slight change from my normal, “taking pictures of what i’m doing at the top of each hour” method. this month i decided to do a theme. details. let’s see how i did.

7am: yummy breakfast burrito from it’s a grind.


8am: my trackball mouse. i almost don’t know how to use a regular mouse anymore.


9am: i couldn’t survive without my post it flags.


10am: paperclips make me happy


11am: don’t judge me.


12pm: packing up files to work at home for the rest of the day.


1pm: mailing out bills


2pm: again…don’t judge me. they were sooo delicious.


3pm: a little late but still cute.


4pm: the floor at the barbershop. got the kids’ mops chopped.


5pm: marshall (and mario) being patient while we wait for the barber to finish gibson’s hair.


6pm: pretty flowers at the park where i ran tonight. it was warm, still in the upper 90’s, but the trail is lined with big trees so i stayed shaded most of my mile.


take twelve is such a fun project. it allows me to develop my eye for the everyday details of a pretty regular life. helps me ENJOY all the little stuff.

did you take twelve? if you didn’t, join in the fun next month. it’s a blast!




3 thoughts on “take twelve | july”

  1. Great pictures, love the details for yours. How fun that you got a good mix of work/home life for the day. I posted mine on my blog too if you want to see. I’m thinking of what themes to do next month, it is a fun way to take pictures. Mine are printed in a collage format and ready for PL.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week!

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