how i’m going to become more…with less.


i remember our first days together like it was yesterday. the magic that happened between my thumbs was the stuff of modern day miracles. these rectangular devices changed my life. you know what i’m talking about…

and we’re BFFs. we chat, we skype, we facebook, we instagram and tweet together. we edit photos and add filters and upload them for sharing and safe-keeping. they always know what time it is and we watch all our favorite shows together. we talk about the weather and they can always tell me who that actor is in that one movie. they’ve taken thousands of pictures and videos of my kids, motivated me through runs and they always know my favorite music. we shop together and use coupons and can set the dvr to record something when we’re out. we send money to friends, read god’s word and check up on homework assignments. and they’re always bright and chipper, even when they’re not feeling 100%. what more could a girl want in a friend, right?

well, sometimes they talk too much. always letting me know when i have a facebook notification, when someone comments on my blog or if i’m mentioned in a tweet. i mean, we’re always together and they always know what’s going on. and even though they always have my back by never letting me forget an appointment or to give my kid his medicine twice a day for ten days, sometimes we all just need a break from each other.

so, for the next 5 days (starting saturday morning and continuing through wednesday night) i will be doing a digital detox. a social sabbatical. call it what you want…i’m going off the grid…and avoiding and deleting the following apps from both devices:

// pinterest
// facebook
// instagram
// photo-editing
// twitter
// hootsuite
// blogging
// safari
// work emails

my hope is to be more present for my family. more connected to them. to stare at their faces instead of a screen. to walk and run. to play and have fun. to share the daily joys with them, face-to-face. i don’t want to be a slave to my devices. the modern conveniences they provide are priceless, useful and helpful but not as priceless as spending quantity time with my family.

but since we live in a digital world, and i am a digital girl, i reserve the right to continue the use of the following features:
// yahoo fantasy football (because…come on, i’m not dead…and football is on)
// powerschool app (because i still have to keep the boy’s grades in check)
// bookshelf, newsstand and bible (because it’s how i read before bed, don’t take that from me)
// personal email and texting (because sometimes, people still need to get a hold of me)
// photostream and camera (because aerosmith said it best, i don’t wanna miss a thing)
// spotify (because i live and breathe)
// endomondo (because i still plan to track my runs)

so as much as i love you guys, and i really do, i have to be focused more on what’s going on inside of my four little walls. five days isn’t that long, really. you’ll go on about your lives and i’ll be figuring out my priorities for the future. while i’m hanging out in the stone age, i will be doing some, if not all, of these things:
// building legos
// riding bikes
// project life
// playing board games
// breathing the air
// cleaning up
// airing out
// organizing
// crafting
// journaling my experience
// making lists
// raking leaves
// documenting life
// throwing out junk

i’m sure i won’t stay away for good, but i will be more intentional about my use. i won’t just have the screen in my face for no reason at all, mindlessly scrolling into oblivion. i want to experience the freedom of not compulsively checking in or seeing what’s happening online.

i’m both scared and excited for this time. please pray for me. i’m gonna need the strength to get through (which is much more sad now that i’ve typed that out). see ya on the other side…..with a renewed perspective.


6 thoughts on “how i’m going to become more…with less.”

  1. Wow! Brave girl! I’m with you on this, though! I don’t have a smart phone or an ipad, but we just shut down our cable in an effort to acheive the same things you mentioned! It certainly takes an adjustment. I imagine the first day will be kind of hard, but after that you will fee l so free & liberated! Looking forward to hearing how your experience goes!

  2. i am so proud of you sweet friend. the best thing i did was take a break and remove apps from my phone — it took me WEEKS to add them back on! taking this short break will stick with you friend! miss you on the social circuit but excited to see what happens in the coming weeks! 🙂

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