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hello gorgeous food // you know you’ve packed a good lunch and snacks when everything goes in the fridge, and nothing goes in the drawer.

hello old music // this week i want to explore older stuff. and not just the same ole stuff i listen to on a daily. i want some older country, some older bluegrass, some older jazz and some older rock ‘n’ roll.

hello office clean up // my fellow office mates and I are preparing to do a bit of early spring cleaning on friday afternoon. i gotta tell ya, i’m super excited about it. 🙂

hello new outfits // this week my goal is to wear things in ways i haven’t yet. an old top with a new pair of pants or that new top that i haven’t tried with anything yet. this is that week. wish me luck.

hello limited screen time // i’m not going on a full-on social sabbatical again, but i am going to save my fun screen time for later in the evening and after the boys are in bed. i want to see them. i want to be with them.

hello sun // the weather this week looks like we’ll see some sun and that makes this girl happy. we’ve had a bit of the cabin fever lately and it’s nice for the boys to get out and play.

hello anniversary weekend // matt and i will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. we have plans to see a play that our dear friend is in and hopefully eat some yummy food, sans children. we’ve never gotten “away” for our anniversary so we’re thinking that we can plan that for next month. maybe. just maybe. 😉

hoping you have a fabulous week!




2 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. Happy Monday, all these sound pretty good and fun to me! Happy Anniversary to you and Matt! How nice to have a date night out, ENJOY IT!!

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