hello last week of school // the kids are on christmas break after this week. this is when being a working mama really makes me sad. i used to have a job that allowed me to be off between christmas and new years and i cherished that time at home. those days are long gone now and i am getting only a few sporadic days off in between. but still very grateful for a job and all that it provides.

hello present-wrapping binge nights // this is the final stretch. presents are all bought and hidden away but now they must be wrapped. which means some late nights over tv and hot chocolate. no complaints here.

hello rainy runs // the rain won’t stop me this week. it will not. it will not. it will not. i vow to run at least 2 times this workweek. and if i wasn’t typing, i’d pinky promise myself.

hello 8 days left // december moves so slowly until my birthday hits. then all of a sudden there’s only 10 days left! it happens every year. i am going to attempt to do something christmasy each night to get super ready! i want the boys to enjoy the build up and the love and the spirit.

hello post-birthday weekend // what a weekend! a gals night in (which was awesome)! a surprise dinner with friends (they totally got me)! and an impromptu song with my favorite live band (which was EPIC)! it’s hard to come down from that kind of high. but here i am, ready for a great and productive week.

happy monday to you!!




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