hello big box of pictures // a new order of project life photos will arrive at my doorstep today! i will have all week to organize them and sort them by week so that come saturday morning, i can scrap like crazy!

hello sun // we’re looking at low to mid 70s this week which means flip flops and backyard time. i pulled out the cushions for the patio furniture this weekend and we’ll be out there until the rain visits again.

hello pay raise // we paid off one of our vehicles this month and with one less car payment, it’s like a little pay raise. here’s to a little buffer and not blowing it all in one place. šŸ˜‰

hello endless laundry // i swear, laundry is going to kill me…because obviously i can’t kill it. it’s always around. always needing my attention. always screaming at me. always being hunted for by children.

hello full moon // i will blame it on the moon if hubby and i seem irritated this evening. it certainly won’t be the junk food detox we’ll both be going through this week. wink-wink (we both took too much freedom with eating over the last 2 weeks and we need to get back on track.)

hello march // how did you get here so fast mr. march? you’re going to be here at the end of the week and i’m totally excited for your arrival. everything’s ready and waiting: i’m ready to transfer all of february’s photos to my hard drive. i’m ready to get my dad’s birthday card ready to mail. i’m ready for a bit more spring cleaning. i’m ready to start deciding what we’ll do with the backyard this year. i’m ready to flip my elvis calendar to a new photo.




what are you saying hello to?




4 thoughts on “helloMONDAY”

  1. uuugg I just accidently deleted my comment. HELLO and HAPPY MONDAY!! Will come back to comment, little ones here and need me. HUGS!

  2. I’m back again, hope your Monday was a good one! Mine was filled with cute little ones, Colt is talking so good now and says THANK YOU for everything in the cutest little voice. The sun came out and temps almost 40 which is good for us. I feel the same way about the laundry, even have a picture of it to scrap.

    Have fun with your new pictures and wearing flip flops! I love these Monday posts of yours!

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