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sweet stamp shop // april release #1

hello sweet friends!

hello april


april brings us so many new things. blossoms, green grass and the feeling of fresh. don’t you love the newness that spring brings?

you know what else april brings? NEW STAMPS!!!
that’s right, the sweet stamp shop is at it again with 8 new designs! 4 of which will be released today and 4 more in 2 weeks!
two that i’m going to show off today are emotions and feeling today. both are available now but you’d better check out the sweet stamp shop facebook event first to catch a sweet discount code. or go there now and use coupon code NRA15 for 15% off the new stuff!

emotions feeling today

for our 13th anniversary, i made a layout that described how i felt that day, and in our relationship in general. 🙂



used both main pieces from feeling today along with a little anatomy of love down at the bottom…because it just felt like it belonged there.



this layout includes a card i made to document a particularly difficult day for me. using as many pieces from the emotions set that described that day was actually quite therapeutic. i thought that the words i picked would end up all being negative but when i really thought about how i handled the situation, i realized that some positive emotions were definitely present. yay!



and with a stamp set like this one, the possibilities of expression in your pocket layouts are endless.



these two stamps will be making plenty of appearances in my albums because there’s a million ways to use them.
so head over to the shop to grab your own before they’re sold out…which has happens every time we release new set!




1 thought on “sweet stamp shop // april release #1”

  1. aw!!! happy anniversary! what a wonderful spread here!! i LOOOVE the colors and the way you were able to express your feelings with that awesome feeling today stamp set! so amazing! this is totally inspiring!!

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