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have hoop, will travel

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

and since i was in need of something i could hold my embroidery stuff in and tote around with me, i invented this:

what i love about embroidery is that it travels well. if i wanted to work on a project outside while the boys played i would turn the hoop upside down and toss my scissors and thread in and i would pin my needle into the edge and head wherever. i can embroider in any room in the house, in the car (if i’m not driving)…anywhere.


i have a very curious marshall.

he likes scissors and actually pulled my needle out while i was pulling weeds and tossed it on the grass. so obviously i haven’t found it and that kinda scares me. basically i just couldn’t have that stuff laying around.

as i’m preparing this tutorial + pattern + this post i’m thinking, you really could have just bought a cute makeup bag or something as used that. but that’s not me. that would have cost money. and this didn’t since i used all supplies i have in my stash. just making do…

it started out as a sketch, as most of my ideas do. if i don’t get the thought out of my head and onto paper, it’s gone. poof.

[insert pic of sketches]

then i thought that maybe i’d work on an actual pattern to share with all you lovelies! but it’s taking me a while to write it out and i’m way too excited to keep it in anymore!

are you ready?


i can put my scissors, threads and needles in here, fold it up and off i go!

and since i like you guys so much, i’m gonna give you a little sneak at a detail before i release the tutorial and pattern.

i folded up some quilting batting and wrapped the fabric around it to hold the needles safely.

this is kinda the coolest thing i’ve come up with myself as usually i am inspired by something someone else does.

i hope you’re as excited about this as i am!

so i’m all linked up here.

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8 thoughts on “have hoop, will travel”

  1. i’m so lame. as i haven’t been blogging.. i haven’t been commenting. but trust.. i’ve seen ’em all. LOVED your ‘slow ride’ stitch up & of course your ‘coke’ outfit. & this is just waaaaaaay cool. i keep thinking i need to come up with a mobile embroidery solution.. but as somehow i’ve taken over the role of driving when we travel as a family… i don’t feel the rush.. 🙂 but when i do.. i’ll have your pattern 🙂 ya! 🙂

  2. you are simply amazing and clever. i love this idea and the color too, so pretty and the way you stitched the names on it too. this would be great for anyone traveling or to use while waiting at appts. and practices, etc. i can tell how excited you are and you should be.

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